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Live Aid1) Live Aid raised $69 million in its effort.
2) Live Aid was about people losing their lives.
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administer aid1) O'Dell was injured by shrapnel while administering first aid .
2) Guides are trained and well practiced in administering first aid .
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aid1) They often forget father was beyond human aid .
2) How does computer aided design help computer aided manufacture?
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aid administrator1) Contact your financial aid administrator or your state agency.
2) Talk to the financial aid administrator at your college.
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aid agency1) aid agencies are having difficulties delivering food because of insecurity.
2) aid agencies are warning they should not become permanent fixtures.
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aid an investigation1) Even if a perpetrator is not identified through the database, crimes may be linked to each other, thereby aiding an investigation.
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aid attendant1) What level of first aid attendant is needed?
2) This includes information for out of province first aid attendants .
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aid budget1) It is found that crises affect development aid budgets and their trend.
2) It has to come from the overseas aid budgets of governments.
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aid charity1) But aid charities warned diverting money was potentially a major backward step .
2) Some 2000 stewards are organised by the aid charity Oxfam.
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aid circulation1) Leaving the cellar door ajar may aid circulation .
2) The art of body brushing will stimulate the skin, sloughing off cells and aid circulation .
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aid climbing1) Originally, Class 6 was used to grade aid climbing .
2) Commonly used for abseiling or aid climbing .
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aid convoy1) Earlier today near women and children robbed another aid convoy .
2) The IRCS faces military attacks on its aid convoys and facilities.
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aid diagnosis1) A severity score is used to aid diagnosis in children.
2) Location of pain is the most important historical factor in aiding diagnosis .
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aid digestion1) Maybe Basil does aid digestion .
2) The chewing motion will stimulate gastric juice secretion and aid digestion .
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aid distribution1) Many benefitted from a recent aid distribution .
2) But aid distribution has been slow and inequitable.
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aid donor1) aid donors estimate that 5,000 schools were destroyed.
2) Haiti's main aid donors threatened to cut off aid.
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aid effectiveness1) A donor dilemma: aid effectiveness in fragile states.
2) The DAC also works on emerging issues in aid effectiveness .
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aid effort1) The various economic aid efforts have had mixed results .
2) Australia's aid effort has wiped out polio from the Pacific.
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aid eligibility1) They are used solely for calculating financial aid eligibility .
2) However, income does factor into financial aid eligibility .
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aid fitting1) All products had a volume control and frequency response consistent with the most common hearing aid fittings .
2) Do steps performed during the hearing aid fitting have an additive or multiplicative impact on real-world success?
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aid flows1) Donors commit to disclosing regular and timely information on their aid flows .
2) The aid effectiveness literature also discusses two other possible outcomes of aid flows .
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aid fund1) The scholarship and financial aid fund disbursement process takes several weeks.
2) Norway has promised to contribute NOK 300 million in aid funds .
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aid growth1) aids growth and repair of body tissue.
2) Improved transportation facilities aided growth .
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aid identification1) Each plate is accompanied by an explanatory page to aid identification .
2) Super script appeared on the rear fenders aided identification .
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aid in1) This bit aids in duplicate address detection.
2) Can retired military receive free legal aid in pa?
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aid kit1) First aid kits are available on site.
2) They are often included in first aid kits .
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aid memory1) Musical training has been shown to aid memory .
2) Picture writing helped aid memory and communicate ideas.
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aid money1) Should aid money be used for defence projects ?
2) The privatisation scheme was facilitated by British aid money .
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aid officials1) Western aid officials criticized this program as too ambitious.
2) aid officials and provisional government spokespersons appealed for urgent medical and food aid.
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aid organization1) It is now an independent legal aid organization .
2) aid organizations are sure to protest the extra administrative burden.
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aid package1) Look carefully at financial aid packages before making a transfer decision.
2) aid packages have also apparently been auctioned online .
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aid program1) An unemployed aid program could help millions.
2) Cooperative education is among our most substantial financial aid programs .
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aid programme1) A shrewd aid programme does us a favour.
2) West Germany has already begun its aid programme .
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aid provision1) Hunger is addressed by a mix of public and private food aid provision .
2) The government also altered its student aid provisions , eliminating student grants while enhancing loan remission.
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aid recipient1) Financial aid recipients will receive a letter explaining this information.
2) Kerry says 11 of America 's top trading partners are former aid recipients .
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aid recovery1) I thought these were suppose to aid recovery .
2) Children need full assessment and follow up care to aid recovery .
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aid research1) What's the of computer aided research .
2) It also has an on-site supercomputer to aid research .
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aid shipment1) The seaport and airport were both damaged, limiting aid shipments .
2) The functioning of the port allows increased aid shipments arriving in-country.
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aid station1) The battalion aid station reported treating 130 casualties.
2) To throw bottles outside aid stations is not allowed.
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aid the economy1) Song abolition of trade restrictions greatly aided the economy .
2) It will neither aid the economy , nor reduce dependence on the current oil suppliers.
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aid the enemy1) And I was thus clearly aiding the enemy .
2) the military prohibited this as aiding the enemy .
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aid the search1) Google shops could also aid the search giant build on its momentum for Chromebooks .
2) Don't lose this great opportunity to expand and aid the search for your ancestors!
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aid to1) We sell hearing aids to help others.
2) A further aid to preventing software piracy.
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aid understanding1) It generally aids understanding to use short rather than long words.
2) Humility is a virtue that will aid understanding .
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aid with1) To aid with obstacle clearance, ground crews include wing walkers.
2) Green tea can aid with relieving influenza or diarrhea.
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aid worker1) It has expelled aid workers who said more was needed.
2) Five foreign aid workers were murdered and others came under fire.
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aided1) How does computer aided design help computer aided manufacture?
2) How does computer aided design help computer aided manufacture?
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aiding1) But aiding individual companies and individual investments is expensive.
2) Vitamin is needed for aiding calcium absorption.
more aiding sentences
appeal for aid1) Israeli military doctors treat wounded rebels who appeal for aid .
2) In Tajikistan, the United Nations appealed for aid to avert disaster.
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audio visual aid1) But nowadays there are many opportunities for livening up your presentation with audio visual aids .
2) Knowledge development guided by an Instructor in our air-conditioned classrooms equipped with modern audio visual aids .
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buoyancy aid1) Early scuba divers dived without any buoyancy aid .
2) I got a very good deal on the buoyancy aid .
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call for aid1) Shore stations answered call for aid , and arranged relief vessels.
1) The Viennese revolution committee called for aid from the Hungarian Government.
2) So far, the call for aid has fallen on mainly deaf ears.
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cash aid1) Companies are another source of cash aid .
2) They also received cash aid of $ 762.
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classroom aid1) These images are not simply classroom aids now, but resources for scholarship.
2) Unlike traditional classrooms, the outdoor classroom aided by technology lacks physical and mental boundaries.
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come to my aid1) But at length reflection came to my aid .
2) Please, let the relevant authorities come to my aid .
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cut aid1) Norway retaliated by cutting aid to Ethiopia.
2) Was cutting aid the right thing to do ?
more cut aid sentences
cut off aid1) Haiti's main aid donors threatened to cut off aid .
2) Moscow cut off aid in retaliation.
more cut off aid sentences
deliver aid1) Many nations here are supporting disaster recovery and delivering humanitarian aid .
2) The group had been delivering medical aid to Homs.
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depend on aid1) A further 260,000 people depended on aid brought by road or river.
2) Every year , millions depend on aid (pdf) for their survival.
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development aid1) Real development aid should go through other channels.
2) For donor nations, development aid also has strategic value.
more development aid sentences
distribute aid1) They worked with the local Red Cross to distribute aid .
2) And that the fund can now legally begin to distribute aid .
more distribute aid sentences
economic aid1) The various economic aid efforts have had mixed results .
2) The government channeled large amounts of economic aid to organized farmers.
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effective aid1) Music can also be used as an effective aid to evangelism.
2) The TFG should make areas it controls a model of effective aid delivery.
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electronic aid1) It's made by electronic aids .
2) It featured advanced electronic aids such as four-wheel steering (4WS).
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emergency aid1) The UK is providing £ 6m in emergency humanitarian aid .
2) Luckily we were able to set up emergency aid immediately.
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enlist aid1) Whenever possible, enlist the aid of victim service providers.
2) Or you can enlist the aid of friends.
more enlist aid sentences
essential aid1) However, it would be unacceptable to provide these funds at the expense of essential aid from other foreign affairs programs.
2) There would be general agreement that maps of County Sligo and County Galway are essential aids to the study of Yeats.
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extend aid1) As the system expanded, radicals in local government extended aid .
2) He extended aid to famine-stricken Soviet Russia in 1921.
2) The Catholic Church meanwhile is cooperating fully with the civil authorities and is also extending aid on its own initiative.
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federal aid1) The vast majority of those students receive federal financial aid .
2) In 1964 federal student aid totaled about $ 231 million.
more federal aid sentences
financial aid1) Is financial aid automatically renewed each year?
2) Awards of financial aid are highly competitive.
more financial aid sentences
first aid1) first aid for epilepsy is basically very simple.
2) first aid you provide may save lives.
more first aid sentences
first aid kit1) first aid kits are available on site.
2) They are often included in first aid kits .
more first aid kit sentences
food aid1) U.S. food aid is still having devastating effects.
2) Some food aid is already going in.
more food aid sentences
foreign aid1) foreign aid is supposed to buy obedience?
2) foreign aid must always include persons with disabilities.
more foreign aid sentences
get aid1) Gaza has to get aid though a foreign country .
2) Are they competing if they've got aids ?
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give aid1) But he is opposed to giving aid without proof.
2) The poor are actually giving aid to the rich.
more give aid sentences
government aid1) Chinese schools began receiving government aids while other schools were neglected .
2) These are largely due to high levels of government aid .
more government aid sentences
grant aid1) Thus all arms procured during this period straight under grant aid .
2) It does not currently receive any grant aid towards running costs.
more grant aid sentences
grant in aid1) grants in aid - They have been made more flexible.
2) The college has 100 sanctioned posts under grant in aid scheme out of which 83 are filled.
more grant in aid sentences
hearing aid1) Recent hearing aids include wireless hearing aids.
2) Recent hearing aids include wireless hearing aids .
more hearing aid sentences
humanitarian aid1) Many nations here are supporting disaster recovery and delivering humanitarian aid .
2) Both groups insist humanitarian aid is the prime objective.
more humanitarian aid sentences
in aid of1) All three recordings were in aid of several charities.
2) Pearl Jam has performed numerous benefit concerts in aid of charities.
more in aid of sentences
international aid1) These are partially offset by international aid .
2) international aid was resumed as inflation was brought under control.
more international aid sentences
legal aid1) To refuse legal aid was a serious step.
2) Where can someone receive free legal aid ?
more legal aid sentences
medical aid1) This technique helped medical aid reach in remote areas.
2) Pakistan being a country in crisis still sent medical aid .
more medical aid sentences
memory aid1) Cell comments can serve as a helpful memory aid .
2) You probably remember this memory aid from your childhood.
more memory aid sentences
military aid1) The U.S. provides military aid through many different channels.
2) Lebanon is a major recipient of foreign military aid .
more military aid sentences
mutual aid1) The sharing of resources is called mutual aid .
2) They did receive mutual aid from other departments .
more mutual aid sentences
navigation aid1) This may be supplemented using radio navigation aids .
2) The light is still operational as a navigation aid .
more navigation aid sentences
navigational aid1) It was intended as an air navigational aid .
2) Covered and uncovered areas associated with processing of navigational aids .
more navigational aid sentences
overseas aid1) UKIP does not seek an end to overseas aid .
2) It has to come from the overseas aid budgets of governments.
more overseas aid sentences
pledge aid1) Amounts of aid pledged still fell far short of what was required.
2) It pledges aid and comfort to its members in case of need.
more pledge aid sentences
promise aid1) They promise financial aid and got nothing.
2) In 1973 other Arab capitals promised aid .
more promise aid sentences
provide aid1) FEMA typically provides disaster aid for 18 months.
2) Each semester the university provides financial aid .
more provide aid sentences
receive aid1) The vast majority of those students receive federal financial aid .
2) Where can someone receive free legal aid ?
more receive aid sentences
reconstruction aid1) India's the largest regional provider of humanitarian and reconstruction aid to Afghanistan.
2) Please tell me: will the 'chocolate bar rule' apply to reconstruction aid ?
more reconstruction aid sentences
refuse aid1) To refuse legal aid was a serious step.
2) Iran has refused earthquake aid from Israel.
more refuse aid sentences
relief aid1) Australia has pledged $30 million in relief aid .
2) Ukrainian relief funds promised to send relief aid .
more relief aid sentences
rely on aid1) These are countries that do not rely on aid , but for which aid can still catalyse change .
2) The South increasingly relies on aid , and ODA remains the main channel for donor countries to assist development in the South.
2) The settlement relied on aid from SIL, and as a Christian community, followed rules foreign to Huaorani culture like prohibitions on killing and polygamy.
more rely on aid sentences
render aid1) He was still alive when witnesses arrived to render aid .
2) Do we have to stop and render aid ?
more render aid sentences
request aid1) They have requested military aid , including training and arms.
2) Beckham requested federal aid to determine Kentucky's chief executive.
more request aid sentences
request for aid1) Haiti has issued a request for aid from the Haitian diaspora.
2) Will not forget to request for aid in your social media advertising.
more request for aid sentences
seek aid1) Zhang made one desperate attempt to seek aid .
2) No aid was sought for Trent 1000.
more seek aid sentences
send aid1) Ukrainian relief funds promised to send relief aid .
2) Pakistan being a country in crisis still sent medical aid .
more send aid sentences
sleep aid1) Why is feeding such an effective infant sleep aid ?
2) Is rocking an effective infant sleep aid ?
more sleep aid sentences
state aid1) state aid to denominational schools ended in 1874.
2) Some state aid initiatives strive to promote education among particular student groups.
more state aid sentences
suspend aid1) These complaints were pretty mild, and aid was not suspended .
2) The Netherlands quickly suspended all foreign aid to Suriname.
more suspend aid sentences
teaching aid1) Educational materials are learning or teaching aids .
2) These will provide background information and teaching aids .
more teaching aid sentences
training aid1) To compile a directory of training aids .
2) But remember, drugs are not training aids .
more training aid sentences
useful aid1) The computer generated scores are a useful aid to diagnosing occupational asthma.
2) This can be a useful aid in debugging .
more useful aid sentences
valuable aid1) Some humour can be a valuable aid .
2) When used correctly, they can provide a valuable aid to investigation.
more valuable aid sentences
visual aid1) Planning ahead is important when using visual aids .
2) This has been termed the most versatile visual aid .
more visual aid sentences
walking aid1) walking aids may be prescribed as appropriate.
2) This can include anything from walking aids to electronic devices to help you communicate.
more walking aid sentences
with the aid of1) A prudent choice made with the aid of divine grace.
2) Three dimensional configurations are best viewed with the aid of models.
more with the aid of sentences
withdraw aid1) Government spokesman Alfred Mutua said that the government would not be swayed by the threats of development partners to withdraw aid .
2) Just terrible Mjk, how can withdrawing aid 'help' people to find jobs which are neither not there or they can't do?
more withdraw aid sentences
withhold aid1) Britain and others therefore withheld aid to Rwanda.
2) Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden said they would withhold aid .
more withhold aid sentences
without the aid of1) Such propositions are known inherently without the aid of observation.
2) Exercise involving free movement without the aid of equipment.
more without the aid of sentences

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