agree Collocations
Do you agree1) Do you agree that group prayer is better?
2) Do you agree the money supply should be increased?
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Do you agree with1) Do you agree with the 12 signs outlined above?
2) Do you agree with my project's premise?
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I agree0) I agree porn affects married couple sex lives badly.
1) I agree though building underground may provide adequate protection against radiation .
2) I agree the liquid extract has more predictable results.
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I do not agree1) I do not agree with having school uniforms.
2) I don't agree with everything anyone says.
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She agreed1) She agreed with her dizzy blond label.
2) She agreed to enter a drug counselling program.
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absolutely agree1) I absolutely agree with your five qualities.
2) I would absolutely agree with this forum!
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agree0) I agree porn affects married couple sex lives badly.
1) A top 10 building society agrees privately.
2) We are closely & warmly agreed .
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agree a budget1) If a London voluntary body cannot agree a budget , as happened this year, the Secretary of State will set one, but will make no allowance for inflation.
2) Jarbas Passarinho, the federal justice minister and an outspoken opponent of the park, must now agree a budget for the next stage of Operation Free Jungle.
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agree a deal1) Argyle today agreed a deal to sign Jason Puncheon from Barnet.
2) The Premier League champions have agreed a deal with TV chef Jamie Oliver.
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agree a settlement1) So he agreed a settlement in the Judgment of Bayonne.
2) His take - he'd agreed a settlement with the club but had it withdrawn.
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agree about1) I totally agree about stock images too.
2) I agree about your title being misleading.
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agree beforehand1) As agreed beforehand , Wojciech Jaruzelski was elected president.
2) Where the price is not agreed beforehand , the price must be reasonable.
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agree completely1) My partner of nine years agrees completely .
2) I dońt agree completely with author.
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agree entirely with1) Not all analyses agree entirely with this conclusion.
2) Peace Mission thinking agrees entirely with this summary.
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agree how1) To agree how to monitor and review the plan.
2) Nobody can agree how much will be taken .
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agree on1) The concept was something everyone could agree on .
2) In total, have been agreed on .
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agree reluctantly1) The party agreed reluctantly ; they were worried about their prestige.
2) Bree agrees reluctantly but shares a passionate kiss with Karl.
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agree that1) Numerous state court systems agree that another key benefit is confidentiality.
2) Pharmacy educators agree that teaching ethics presents special challenges.
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agree the arrangement1) This audit will be carried out by the NR Asset Management team who will agree the arrangements once contacted by the applicant.
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agree the date1) TOP TIP Once you have agreed the date , make sure that you inform everybody who will help you deliver the event.
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agree the deal1) Within months of agreeing the deal MGM had pulled out of the UK.
2) However, we insisted that all board members should attend the initial meeting to agree the deal .
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agree the fee1) Because his family were unable to afford the private school fees, it was mutually agreed the fees would be deducted from acting work the school found him.
2) the Swedish international striker's proposed £500,000 move from Belgian club Mechelen fell through after Newcastle boss Kevin Keegan failed to agree the fee .
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agree the objective1) Stage 3: Assessing need - Understanding individual needs, relating them to agency policies and priorities, and agreeing the objectives for any intervention.
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agree the plan1) He knew the score and readily agreed the plan .
2) the Czech parliament is yet to agree the plans .
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agree the price1) It also depends on who agrees the price .
2) We negotiated the price via one phone call and several emails before agreeing the price .
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agree the resolution1) If trying to view text as a wearable computer then I agree the resolution might not be good enough though .
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agree the solution1) Later Vytautas agreed the solution to be made by Emperor Sigismund.
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agree the sum1) Treasurer proposed and it was agreed the sum of five guineas be voted to provide a Challenge Cup for games at Cirencester Grammar School.
2) To provide some certainty, parties will often seek to agree the sum that will be payable in the event of specified breaches.
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agree to differ1) We will obviously agree to differ re the clubs finances.
2) Let us agree to differ ').
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agree to disagree1) Whatever happened to just agreeing to disagree ?
2) When you disagree, agree to disagree .
more agree to disagree sentences
agree to do1) The doctor readily agreed to do so.
2) Navarro quickly agreed to do the same thing.
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agree upon1) Any code words or passwords agreed upon .
2) Its format had essentially been agreed upon by 1985.
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agree what1) Explore options and agree what support you will need.
2) Whitehall can not agree what strategy is , he said.
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agree when1) The parties can agree when risk shall pass.
2) agree when possible and ask questions and listen.
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agree where1) Courtney , I agree where you are coming from.
2) A compromise was agreed where a special card would be sold but only through student travel offices.
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agree which1) I agree which is why I really hate this topic .
2) Brody then agree which leaves Jessica and Natalie shocked.
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agree who1) No two readers will agree who Lily is and what happened to her roommate .
2) I agree who are we as Americans to stick our noses into the business of other nations.
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agree why0) Religious people worldwide will quickly agree why the judgments of God are falling.
1) Yes , I agree why would the republicans destroy our economy on purpose?
2) Historians do not agree why Przemysł II replaced the seal used by his father and uncle for a lion and an eagle.
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agree with1) We both agree with something outside ourselves.
2) I totally agree with everything u said.
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agree with me1) I am guessing you agree with me .
2) After 1 shot all agreed with me .
more agree with me sentences
agree with that1) This result agrees with that derived using standardised variables.
2) This study does not agree with that position.
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agree with you1) I agree with you statement about value.
2) I agree with you that knowledge is gained through experiences.
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all agree1) We all agreed the taste was excellent.
2) The panelists all agree - follow-up is crucial.
more all agree sentences
always agree1) Statements and apologies are always agreed by both sides .
2) always agree a price before getting in.
more always agree sentences
as agreed1) You pay your workers salaries as agreed upon .
2) He stepped down, as agreed earlier.
more as agreed sentences
basically agree1) All five studies basically agree on the engineering mechanisms of failure.
2) But yeah, I basically agree with you.
more basically agree sentences
broadly agree1) U.S. and allied official broadly agree that Assad's control remains solid.
2) TCC would also broadly agree with the recommendations.
more broadly agree sentences
can agree1) The parties can agree when risk shall pass.
2) I guess both opponents can agree on biodiesel.
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can not agree1) That is why we cannot agree .
2) Now they can't agree on anything.
more can not agree sentences
completely agree1) My partner of nine years agrees completely .
2) I dońt agree completely with author.
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could not agree more1) Couldn't agree more with your post.
2) I couldn't agree more with my honourable friend.
more could not agree more sentences
do not agree1) The federal district court did not agree .
2) It sometimes does not agree with preceding column.
more do not agree sentences
emphatically agree1) I emphatically agree that it should not have been possible for him to obtain more than one Australian passport , let alone four.
2) Wolfe emphatically agrees .
more emphatically agree sentences
entirely agree1) He's not sure he entirely agrees .
2) Thanks for the comments - I entirely agree .
more entirely agree sentences
eventually agree1) They refused but eventually agreed to 500 pounds.
2) The price eventually agreed was higher than the original offer.
more eventually agree sentences
expressly agree1) You expressly agree to such transfers of personal information.
2) P not expressly agreeing to the alterations accepted deliveries of coal.
more expressly agree sentences
fail to agree1) Why had we failed to agree in time?
2) Or agree or fail to agree , I should say.
more fail to agree sentences
finally agree1) But all texts were finally agreed upon.
2) Two years was the period finally agreed upon.
more finally agree sentences
fully agree1) I fully agree with civil partnership rights .
2) I fully agree with what was said.
more fully agree sentences
generally agree1) Floating the bag seems generally agreed upon.
2) It is generally agreed that something still needs to change.
more generally agree sentences
graciously agree1) Stephan graciously agreed and I sent him a few questions.
2) She graciously agreed and she was thrilled that I asked.
more graciously agree sentences
grudgingly agree1) The two enlist Nathan to help, and he grudgingly agrees .
2) Mystique grudgingly agrees and lets Rogue stay with the X-Men.
more grudgingly agree sentences
had to agree1) All specialists had to agree independently on the classification.
2) The commission also had to agree to another ridiculous condition.
more had to agree sentences
happily agree1) He happily agreed and the rest is history.
2) They happily agree and reconcile with each other.
more happily agree sentences
has to agree1) Everyone in your case has to agree .
2) So everybody kinda has to agree to the basic parameters.
more has to agree sentences
have to agree1) have to agree with every single point.
2) I definitely have to agree on pretty much every point.
more have to agree sentences
he agrees1) Although Tony is initially resistant he agrees .
2) he agrees that more research is required, however.
more he agrees sentences
heartily agree1) I heartily agree with you on that.
2) Needless to say, I heartily agreed .
more heartily agree sentences
hereby agree1) The House Officer hereby agrees to so inform that facility.
2) BuyaBeat hereby agrees to license said Recordings to the requesting party .
more hereby agree sentences
inclined to agree1) You are inclined to agree with their judgement.
2) Richard felt inclined to agree with him.
more inclined to agree sentences
internationally agreed1) internationally agreed procedures for the assessment of such organisms are desirable.
2) Manufacturers give each set a rating based on internationally agreed definitions.
more internationally agreed sentences
kindly agree1) Edith Harlow had kindly agreed to teach in her place.
2) You have very kindly agreed to take a few questions.
more kindly agree sentences
largely agree1) I largely agree with the other commenters.
2) Hitler and his various intelligence services largely agreed with this assessment.
more largely agree sentences
mutually agree1) Sharing is subject to mutually agreed terms.
2) The process is based on mutually agreed priorities that are reviewed periodically.
more mutually agree sentences
nationally agreed1) Salaries are usually calculated on nationally agreed grades.
2) The Accreditation Scheme sets nationally agreed criteria for museums in the UK.
more nationally agreed sentences
otherwise agree1) The parties may agree otherwise , however.
2) Feedback will be delivered by hand unless previously agreed otherwise .
more otherwise agree sentences
privately agree1) Bulstrode privately agreed with Tate and transferred Scase away.
2) French privately agreed , but was angered that the suggestion came from Smith-Dorrien.
more privately agree sentences
provisionally agree1) The French King had provisionally agreed to a settlement and Henry's presence was required to ratify it.
2) It was provisionally agreed that Wednesday, 12th August be a date for the official welcome to the Mafinyani's.
more provisionally agree sentences
quite agree1) This month and I have never quite agreed .
2) I quite agree with her she said.
more quite agree sentences
readily agree1) At least 99% would readily agree .
2) I readily agreed but asked him why.
more readily agree sentences
reluctantly1) Only reluctantly was federal assistance finally accepted.
2) I believe sometimes when maids are reluctantly forced .
more reluctantly sentences
reluctantly agree1) She reluctantly agrees and leaves her forest.
2) The hero reluctantly agrees since he has no choice.
more reluctantly agree sentences
secretly agree1) Some reports suggested that the Danes had secretly agreed to this.
2) Pepperton and Overdone secretly agree to work together against Lambston.
more secretly agree sentences
strongly agree1) Yeah, strongly agree with this decision.
2) I strongly agree that a name change would be beneficial.
more strongly agree sentences
sure you will agree1) I 'm sure you will agree with me!
2) A very mixed and diverse strategy, we're sure you'll agree .
more sure you will agree sentences
tacitly agree1) It was tacitly agreed between them from long experience.
2) Without anything said a truce seemed to have been tacitly agreed .
more tacitly agree sentences
tend to agree1) I tend to agree with both comments registered .
2) I tend to agree with this statement.
more tend to agree sentences
they agree1) Why they agreed to those terms is unclear.
2) they agreed on dates for resuming bilateral arms talks.
more they agree sentences
totally agree1) I totally agree about stock images too.
2) I totally agree on never burning bridges.
more totally agree sentences
unable to agree1) I am unable to agree with this.
2) Britain was unable to agree on major programs to stop its depression.
more unable to agree sentences
unanimously agree1) The court unanimously agreed to address the case.
2) The Reichstag unanimously agreed to financing the war.
more unanimously agree sentences
very much agree1) This is something I very much agree with.
2) I very much agree with the top part of this.
more very much agree sentences
voluntarily agree0) Studies show that incest victims rarely ever voluntarily agree to abortion.
1) You had at one time voluntarily agreed to receive help.
2) The company voluntarily agreed to recall all of its sterile products .
more voluntarily agree sentences
we agree1) we agreed to provide airlift rather quickly .
2) So we agree that outcome measurement is vital.
more we agree sentences
wholeheartedly agree1) This is something we wholeheartedly agree with!
2) We wholeheartedly agree and are pleased to hear such common sense .
more wholeheartedly agree sentences
will agree1) Members will agree that those are important benefits.
2) I guess we 'll agree to disagree.
more will agree sentences
willingly agree1) The Bagaravats willingly agree to her grotesque demands.
2) Gus, who idolized his older brother, willingly agreed .
more willingly agree sentences
you agree1) agree or ask yourselves why you agree .
2) Do you agree that group prayer is better?
more you agree sentences

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