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absolute agreement1) There is no absolute agreement as to what constitutes digital journalism.
2) We are of absolute agreement there .
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agreement1) Such option agreements may differ among recipients.
2) Through international agreements data are exchanged between countries worldwide.
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agreement acceptable1) Tenancy agreements are not acceptable .
2) If negotiation fails to provide an agreement acceptable to both sides then a dispute is referred to pendulum arbitration.
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agreement among1) A peace agreement among rival factions was signed in 1997.
2) A cartel is a formal, explicit agreement among competing firms.
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agreement applicable1) Other legislation and agreement are applicable in other contexts such as sick child, pregnancy, paternity leave.
2) Please review all notices and license agreements applicable to the portion of the Web Site you are using.
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agreement between1) The agreement between the figures is surprisingly high.
2) A good agreement between theoretical and experimental curves is shown.
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agreement break down1) This agreement broke down after both sides defaulted, especially since 2002.
2) However the agreement broke down in little over a year.
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agreement clear1) The terms of that agreement are not clear .
2) What Korea would like to get from this agreement is clear .
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agreement conclude1) Within days, peace agreements were concluded .
2) A comprehensive strategic partnership agreement was also concluded during the trip.
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agreement contract1) Free trial download download blitz document automation software templates forms agreements contracts .
2) A rental agreement contract must be signed at check-in.
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agreement due1) In 1953 the locomotive agreement was due for renewal.
2) Their three-year agreement was due for renegotiation in 1965.
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agreement effective1) This agreement is effective at all times when using this site.
2) This agreement is effective until terminated.
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agreement enforceable1) But not all such agreements are enforceable .
2) It is an agreement enforceable by law.
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agreement form1) Loan extension agreement form free loan agreement private form the mortgage.
2) Loan extension agreement form free loan agreement private form the mortgage.
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agreement holder1) Natural England are starting to write to Environmental Stewardship agreement holders who will be affected by double funding.
2) These records must be easily accessible, allowing links between different types of data and facilitate sharing with agreement holders and third parties.
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agreement likely1) The agreement is therefore likely to be in substance a secured borrowing.
2) Conceding makes agreement more likely but favors the other party's interests.
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agreement necessary1) Trump agreement is not necessary , however.
2) Such agreements are necessary to protect international patents in China.
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agreement negotiation1) From simple price challenges to important commercial agreements , negotiation is a major factor in profitability.
2) More recently, Chile has also been an active participant of deeper plurilateral trade agreement negotiations .
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agreement on1) There was little agreement on including technological protection measures.
2) agreement on key issues was quickly reached.
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agreement possible1) Nearly every nation was represented, but no agreement was possible .
2) Everything changes all the time, and yet agreement is still possible .
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agreement process1) This ability to recover without repeating the potentially cumbersome initial key agreement process is desirable.
2) Propriety of the discipline shall be determined through the collective bargaining agreement grievance arbitration process .
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agreement provision1) A sample agreement provision on pooling: Payment to Member.
2) An agreement provision covering termination of a member's marketing contract should include several points.
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agreement pursuant1) The initial purchaser may waive his right to rescind the sales agreement pursuant to subsection 2.
2) Exceptions are offices with agreements pursuant to the August 4. 2004, Memorandum of Understanding regarding route adjustments.
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agreement reach1) The kingdoms eventually reached several trade agreements .
2) No significant arms limitations agreements were reached .
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agreement requirement1) Without such an agreement , current state law requirements will determine these matters.
2) No service agreement requirement 2.
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agreement rule1) In compound tense-aspect forms, more complicated agreement rules apply.
2) When it is used as an adjective, it follows all the regular adjective agreement rules .
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agreement sign1) The agreement was finally signed in 1987.
2) A consular agreement was signed in 1972.
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agreement state1) agreement states may have similar, or more stringent, regulations.
2) Under other agreements states must cooperate to conserve marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction.
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agreement subject1) Such agreements are subject to applicable regulatory approvals.
2) The agreement is subject to regulatory approval.
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agreement such1) agreements such as these are clearly not threatened by the measure.
2) These measures include military action and diplomatic agreements such as treaties and conventions.
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agreement term1) Write out personal agreement terms for tenant.
2) Countries became aware of their options as these companies offered better agreement terms .
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agreement that1) There is general agreement that climate is always changing.
2) Contracts are agreements that are legally enforceable.
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agreement to1) An agreement to pay a regular amount each week .
2) There was general agreement to this idea.
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agreement to do1) Trust the cloud service and end user agreement to do its job .
2) An agreement to do something for nothing is usually not enforceable by law.
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agreement today1) California's state attorney's union launched its furlough agreement ratification today .
2) Analysts hailed Vivendi's sales agreements today as steps in the right direction.
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agreement valid1) The agreement is valid through (must provide an actual calendar date).
2) This agreement is valid if the product description contradicts the AGREEMENT.
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agreement void1) There is no such liability where the agreement was void .
2) The agreement is void as to lack of specificity.
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agreement with1) The unions had many nationally negotiated agreements with management.
2) Some states began making agreements with foreign governments.
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agreements1) Such option agreements may differ among recipients.
2) Through international agreements data are exchanged between countries worldwide.
more agreements sentences
announce agreement1) The subsequent agreement was announced on 24 December 1994.
2) The financial details of the agreement were not announced .
more announce agreement sentences
approve agreement1) Council approved the lease agreement 4-2.
2) Dre approved advance fee agreement allows for outsourced attorney audits.
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arrive at an agreement1) Potter arrived at an agreement with Warne for an initial publication of 5,000 commercial copies.
2) Already in 964 the two parties arrived at an agreement on that and other issues.
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bargaining agreement1) Collective bargaining agreements may provide for higher limits.
2) The 2011 collective bargaining agreement ends in 2020.
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be in agreement1) All results are in agreement with general relativity.
2) The decision is not taken until all are in agreement .
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bilateral agreement1) Move ahead with bilateral free trade agreements .
2) A number of formal bilateral agreements support this partnership.
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binding agreement1) The booking form constitutes a legally binding agreement .
2) These resulted in a formal legally binding agreement .
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bound by the agreement1) Only those who are party to an agreement are bound by the agreement .
2) Thirty-seven industrialized countries and parts of Europe have signed and are bound by the agreement .
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breach of agreement1) Sue ' em for breach of agreement .
2) Defamation claims, commercial battles, and even consumer disputes may all involve alleged breaches of agreements or the law.
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break the agreement1) the Russian leadership broke the agreement entirely.
2) the declaration must prove that the defendant broke the agreement .
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broad agreement1) Their preference is for broad agreements and mutual understanding.
2) There was also a broad agreement of integration between both countries.
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broker an agreement1) He was simply meant to broker an agreement .
2) BAe brokered an agreement whereby it would lead the team.
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by agreement1) A draw by agreement was reached eleven moves later.
2) This position may be altered by agreement .
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ceasefire agreement1) A ceasefire agreement for 2 hours is equivalent to nothing.
2) A ceasefire agreement was reached on 19 August.
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clause in the agreement1) Are there conflicting clauses in the agreement or mortgage instructions?
2) However, there was a termination clause in the agreement in October 2010.
more clause in the agreement sentences
close to an agreement1) After a week of negotiations the group was not close to an agreement .
2) We believe we are getting very close to an agreement to enter into direct negotiations.
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collective agreement1) collective bargaining agreements may provide for higher limits.
2) National legislation may recognise union security arrangements contained in collective agreements .
more collective agreement sentences
come to an agreement1) come to an agreement in good faith.
2) That was where all parties had come to an agreement .
more come to an agreement sentences
complete agreement1) It looks like everyone is in complete agreement .
2) Both bowls still must complete agreements to provide an opponent .
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concession agreement1) Under a concession agreement , private companies collect and own revenues from water tariffs.
2) In Chile, pro-poor policies had been adapted prior to the concession agreement .
more concession agreement sentences
conclude agreement1) Montenegro concluded agreements between Serbia and Bulgaria later that year.
2) It was instrumental in concluding agreements with a number of European countries.
more conclude agreement sentences
confidentiality agreement1) Most members are required to sign confidentiality agreements upon gaining membership.
2) For more information please complete a confidentiality agreement .
more confidentiality agreement sentences
contractual agreement1) Designated leaders approve contractual agreements . 4.
2) This text is recognized as a legal contractual agreement .
more contractual agreement sentences
cooperative agreement1) The application fee for a cooperative agreement is $10,000.
2) Financial assistance agreement means grants or cooperative agreements awarded by EPA.
more cooperative agreement sentences
credit agreement1) The loans had been made on a revolving credit agreement .
2) This only covers consumer credit agreements , not hire agreements.
more credit agreement sentences
definitive agreement1) Empro's letter states twice that it was subject to a later definitive agreement .
2) At the present time there is no definitive agreement among members of the medical community.
more definitive agreement sentences
draft agreement1) This course teaches students the principles of drafting commercial agreements .
2) agreements drafted in the family mediation session are not legally binding.
more draft agreement sentences
enforce agreement1) An action was then brought to enforce the costs agreement .
2) A second cost is the cost of enforcing the agreement .
more enforce agreement sentences
enter agreement1) The agreement entered into force in January 1995.
2) A reciprocal confidentiality agreement was entered into on November 12.
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enter into agreement1) Similarly, business has to enter into agreements .
2) We have entered into agreements in good faith.
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enter into an agreement1) In 1908 the British entered into an agreement of friendship.
2) This is not an offer to enter into an agreement .
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execute agreement1) The factoring agreement was executed on July 25, 2013.
2) The assignment agreement was executed in February, 2013.
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finalize an agreement1) During articulation, representatives from each institution conduct meetings among faculty and staff before finalizing an agreement .
2) VanTek, Inc. has finalized an agreement to buy the Gaspesia paper mill and all of its equipment.
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formal agreement1) formal agreement was expected before the end of 1992.
2) It represents a formal agreement to future marriage.
more formal agreement sentences
framework agreement1) The framework agreement does not address this matter .
2) A framework agreement was concluded in 2004.
more framework agreement sentences
full agreement1) In less than 48 hours they reached full agreement .
2) He declared that reception does not necessarily involve full agreement .
more full agreement sentences
general agreement1) There is general agreement that climate is always changing.
2) There was general agreement to this idea.
more general agreement sentences
gentlemans agreement1) Our academic gentlemen's agreement on such issues may become antiquated.
2) Such is our gentleman's agreement .
more gentlemans agreement sentences
get an agreement1) get an agreement between both of you.
1) We've got an agreement here, right Jesus?
2) and he asked whether the DUP was serious about getting an agreement .
more get an agreement sentences
go back on the agreement1) This protects you from the company going back on the agreement .
2) He had verbally agreed a new four-year deal with West Ham in May 2007, only to go back on the agreement in a bid to move to Liverpool.
more go back on the agreement sentences
hammer out an agreement1) The sides did not hammer out an agreement in 2012 and the matter went into arbitration hearings in January 2013.
2) It's not unusual for leading stakeholders to sit down and hammer out an agreement that everyone can live with.
more hammer out an agreement sentences
have an agreement1) I thought we had an agreement ! .
2) Currently, they have an agreement through 2013.
more have an agreement sentences
hire purchase agreement1) With a hire purchase agreement you simply pay the agreed amount every month.
2) It was held that the purchaser was unaware of any relevant hire purchase agreement .
more hire purchase agreement sentences
honor agreement1) honor agreements made with clients and suppliers.
2) He will raise the issue of Israeli non-compliance with the redeployments as a main example of not honoring agreements .
more honor agreement sentences
implement agreement1) His day-to-day job involves negotiating and implementing legal agreements .
2) They must implement the agreement they have signed.
more implement agreement sentences
in agreement1) These agreements were laid down in agreements and licences.
2) The gospel friends constantly nodded their heads in agreement .
more in agreement sentences
in agreement about1) Everyone was certainly in agreement about that.
2) Are you in agreement about bedtime and about nutritional choices ?
more in agreement about sentences
in agreement on1) Are we in agreement on this point ?
2) Ha , you cant even organize yourselves in agreement on here!
more in agreement on sentences
in agreement with1) Their morality was largely in agreement with biblical morality.
2) All results are in agreement with general relativity.
more in agreement with sentences
informal agreement1) IOUs are an informal agreement between a debtor and a creditor.
2) Windsor hospitals have formal and informal agreements with Detroit-area hospitals.
more informal agreement sentences
international agreement1) Review international reciprocity agreements against revised policy.
2) These provisions are common in international investment agreements .
more international agreement sentences
labour agreement1) The second pension plan covers employees with a personal labour agreement arranged before 2007.
2) Announces the signing of a new Corporate Collective labour agreement .
more labour agreement sentences
lease agreement1) Council approved the lease agreement 4-2.
2) We are still waiting to sign the lease agreement .
more lease agreement sentences
legal agreement1) Relationships between the parties are governed by complex legal agreements .
2) His day-to-day job involves negotiating and implementing legal agreements .
more legal agreement sentences
license agreement1) The next screen is the license agreement .
2) Please read the license agreement before installation.
more license agreement sentences
licensing agreement1) These licensing agreements generated hundreds of millions of dollars.
2) This is part of my licensing agreement .
more licensing agreement sentences
make an agreement1) Albuquerque made an agreement to lower yearly dues and taxes.
2) He then made an agreement to lower the yearly dues.
more make an agreement sentences
multilateral agreement1) The government is also reducing tariff barriers with bilateral and multilateral agreements .
2) The Nuclear non-proliferation treaty is the primary multilateral agreement governing nuclear activity.
more multilateral agreement sentences
mutual agreement1) Shared territorial jurisdiction is allowable by mutual agreement .
2) Its smooth implementation would seem to require mutual agreement .
more mutual agreement sentences
negotiate agreement1) The unions had many nationally negotiated agreements with management.
2) It is an international body helps negotiate global trade agreements .
more negotiate agreement sentences
partnership agreement1) How to ensure development friendly economic partnership agreements .
2) A comprehensive strategic partnership agreement was also concluded during the trip.
more partnership agreement sentences
peace agreement1) A peace agreement among rival factions was signed in 1997.
2) Within days, peace agreements were concluded.
more peace agreement sentences
prenuptial agreement1) prenuptial agreements are ignored in student aid need analysis.
2) Can a prenuptial agreement cover child support or child custody?
more prenuptial agreement sentences
purchase agreement1) There are various types of purchase agreements .
2) purchase agreements may be absolute or conditional.
more purchase agreement sentences
ratify agreement1) The above matters are withdrawn if the tentative agreement is ratified .
2) The agreement was ratified on 17 August 1869.
more ratify agreement sentences
reach agreement1) The various parties reached agreement at last.
2) When both parties reached agreement for sale.
more reach agreement sentences
reach an agreement1) Congress has had problems reaching an agreement itself.
2) We were close to reaching an agreement .
more reach an agreement sentences
renege on the agreement1) But many farmers reneged on the agreements and the unrest increased.
2) He was killed by Cthulhu after attempting to renege on the agreement .
more renege on the agreement sentences
rental agreement1) We offer very competitive holiday rental agreements .
2) rental rejection letter free property rental agreement for house rentals.
more rental agreement sentences
repurchase agreement1) repurchase agreements are subject to credit risks.
2) This kind of deal happens through a repurchase agreement .
more repurchase agreement sentences
sales agreement1) Part of the sales agreement was a technology transfer process.
2) Please review our sales agreement for more information.
more sales agreement sentences
secure agreement1) The other thing we're doing is securing multi-year agreements .
2) Lafayette secured Louis-Philippe's agreement to various reforms.
more secure agreement sentences
service agreement1) What does a service agreement record include?
2) A model service agreement is at attachment 1.
more service agreement sentences
settlement agreement1) The general rules of contract interpretation apply to marital settlement agreements .
2) Details regarding the settlement agreement were not disclosed.
more settlement agreement sentences
sign an agreement1) I Rarely sign an agreement when initially presented.
2) The cities also signed an agreement about taxes.
more sign an agreement sentences
sign the agreement1) Why did the two unions sign the agreement ?
2) the two companies signed the agreement on April 26.
more sign the agreement sentences
signed agreement1) The university soon officially confirmed the signed agreement .
2) Several countries have reportedly shown interest but none have signed agreements .
more signed agreement sentences
standstill agreement1) Both sides accused the other of violating the standstill agreement .
2) Despite the standstill agreement , team of Pakistani forces were dispatched into Kashmir.
more standstill agreement sentences
stick to the agreement1) Even your friend Milliband advises Ukraine to stick to the agreements .
2) If all member states stick to the agreement , OPEC's daily output will be cut by about 10 percent.
more stick to the agreement sentences
tacit agreement1) Your silence may be taken to mean tacit agreement .
2) In tacit agreement , they separated before reaching the farm.
more tacit agreement sentences
terminate agreement1) The defendant was therefore justified in terminating the agreement .
2) This agreement was terminated in the 2011 offseason.
more terminate agreement sentences
terms of the agreement1) the terms of the agreement were confidential.
2) Financial terms of the agreement are not being disclosed.
more terms of the agreement sentences
total agreement1) I am in total agreement with everything you shared.
2) Zambia had been in total agreement at first.
more total agreement sentences
trade agreement1) Syria is developing regional free trade agreements .
2) Free trade agreements encourage foreign direct investment.
more trade agreement sentences
under an agreement1) He's been hiding under a under an agreement .
2) The tenant holds under an agreement for a lease.
more under an agreement sentences
unspoken agreement1) In unspoken agreement mother and son began clearing up the debris.
2) Cyclops then reminds Dracula of their previous, unspoken agreement .
more unspoken agreement sentences
verbal agreement1) Its system of verbal agreement is quite complex.
2) This also triggers main and auxiliary verbal agreement .
more verbal agreement sentences
violate agreement1) This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace.
2) He decided to violate the agreement he had made.
more violate agreement sentences
violate the agreement1) He decided to violate the agreement he had made.
2) Both sides soon accused the other of violating the agreement .
more violate the agreement sentences
voluntary agreement1) The voluntary agreement commits the industry to a 50 per cent.
2) For him political exchange equals coercion and market exchange equals voluntary agreement .
more voluntary agreement sentences
widespread agreement1) There is widespread agreement that the term is controversial.
2) There is widespread agreement that a key ingredient in effective lobbying is money.
more widespread agreement sentences
work out agreement1) NASA decides to pursue active satellite communications research; works out agreement with Department of Defense.
2) In September, the two countries began to work out agreements for a military alliance.
more work out agreement sentences
written agreement1) A written internship agreement outlines assignments and projects.
2) We prepare a written adoption agreement for every prospective owner.
more written agreement sentences

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