agony Collocations
a scream of agony1) We had hardly reached the hall when we heard the baying of a hound, and then a scream of agony , with a horrible worrying sound which it was dreadful to listen to.
2) on the other end, a whirring, a loud bang and a scream of agony , frightening Devi further.
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absolute agony1) It was agony , absolute unrelenting agony .
2) I get the odd days of twinges rather than days of absolute agony .
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agony1) It is mostly invisible disability though walking is agony .
2) She felt herself slipping away under the agony .
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agony aunt1) Being agony aunt was tricky and probably quite beyond her.
2) Claire Rayner is a novelist, broadcaster and agony aunt .
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agony column1) I read nothing except the criminal news and the agony column .
2) He writes his agony column in the New York Post-Dispatch daily newspaper.
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agony ecstasy1) agony and ecstasy are ever present on the 18th.
2) It is agony and ecstasy all rolled into pure essence of being.
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agony of defeat1) For what is the thrill of victory without the agony of defeat ?
2) It was the thrill victory and agony of defeat in one package.
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be contorted in agony1) The boy's bright face, with its wide, open eyes, was contorted in agony .
2) The swimmer's great frame was contorted in agony , yet he struggled out to the canoe and with a supreme effort of will got aboard in a tortuous heave.
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cause agony1) An exercise session shouldn't cause any agony or leave you feeling exhausted.
2) This compensation is for causing agony and harassment to the family and towards legal expenditure .
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death agony1) The death agonies of monsters filled the sea with foam.
2) And a few streets away, Donald was probably in his death agony .
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die in agony1) He died in agony five days later .
2) She died in agony because their ideas and treatments do not work .
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endure agony1) No boy should endure the terrible agony of war.
2) I could not endure such awful agony much longer.
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excruciating agony1) I am in excruciating agony and the uncertainty of it is emotionally draining.
2) Already he was in excruciating agony , his louis vuitton outlet online skin blistering.
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exquisite agony1) She bit on her lip, an exquisite agony tearing her apart.
2) Few singers have ever matched her musical intelligence or her strange, foggy timbre, and her exquisite agony has made her into something of an icon.
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extreme agony1) I listened to this discourse with the extremest agony .
2) Her excessive fear was somewhat contagious, and my heart was not proof against her extreme agony .
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go through agony1) But you Cannot have ecstasy without going through agony .
2) She'd gone through agonies to get here and now.
2) Some people, Christine says, may have gone through agonies with their Romanian babies.
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great agony1) He says there will be great agony .
2) They were clearly suffering and in great agony and anguish.
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groan in agony1) The pain was becoming intolerable and she groaned in agony .
2) He groaned in agony as he pushed himself up into a kneeling position.
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groan of agony1) Stepping inside he pressed a button; the elevator emitted a deep mechanical groan of agony and lurched into motion.
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in agony1) He died in agony five days later .
2) I was in agony , she says.
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in an agony of1) She waited in an agony of apprehension.
2) The pain was gone in an agony of ascent.
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in an agony of embarrassment1) Warnie, incidentally, was less brave than Jack, and dutifully went up to fetch his palm, in an agony of embarrassment .
2) I hovered in an agony of embarrassment , until -
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inflict agony1) The disease ravages the Athenians , inflicting agony on them and killing one out of every three.
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intense agony1) intense agony ran through her body; she felt like she was ripping apart.
2) But my ignorance was not only mental torture, but my body seemed to suffer the intensest agony .
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mental agony1) Through the mental agony of the soul, there lies a transformed man.
2) Adelaide suffered this in silence, facing her physical and mental agonies alone.
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pain agony1) pain , agony and devastation are part of the natural world.
2) I am continuously confronted with the pain and agony of people.
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physical1) Job shower area once cardiovascular physical workout.
2) The characters physical body has been altered slightly.
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pile on the agony1) Woosnam piled on the agony with four successive birdies.
2) It piled on the agony for Glasgow, who had passed up another chance two minutes before the break.
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prolong agony1) There was no sense in prolonging the agony .
2) A head-in-the-sand ostrich policy will only prolong the agony .
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pure agony1) For readers, it is pure agony .
2) One fateful day , I woke up in pure agony .
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scream in agony1) The short ends with the father screaming in agony .
2) The screen fades as Lilith screams in agony .
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sheer agony1) The ensuing weeks were sheer agony for Carter.
2) With sheer agony , Bernice, and DJs Slim Twig and Daniel Vila.
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such agony1) I could not endure such awful agony much longer.
2) I think my soul was never in such agony before.
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suffer agony1) Diarmait suffered great agony where the darts struck him.
2) Whence the poor soul suffers an incomprehensible agony and torment.
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through agony1) But you Cannot have ecstasy without going through agony .
2) She'd gone through agonies to get here and now.
2) Some people, Christine says, may have gone through agonies with their Romanian babies.
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utter agony1) This was a show of utter agony .
2) It was utter agony as time relentlessly kept ticking on.
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writhe in agony1) Sarah was writhing in agony , tears on her cheeks.
2) Police found the pair writhing in agony in the road.
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