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agricultural1) However surrounding agricultural conditions were very different.
2) Zambia=s agricultural credit management programme.
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agricultural area1) It is 900 km long and constitutes an important agricultural area .
2) The rich agricultural area around it supports a large grain market.
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agricultural biodiversity1) agricultural biodiversity is central to both environment and development.
2) Millions of lives depend directly on agricultural biodiversity .
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agricultural biotechnology1) Are intellectual property rights stifling agricultural biotechnology in developing countries?
2) Saskatoon has an agricultural biotechnology research base.
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agricultural chemical1) He says agricultural chemicals could threaten water supplies in rural areas.
2) Only natural organic fertilizers and no agricultural chemicals are used.
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agricultural college1) It is an agricultural college offering technical and bachelor's degrees.
2) Would you got to an agricultural college ?
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agricultural commodity1) The most important agricultural commodity is rice.
2) To what extent should traditional models be questioned regarding agricultural commodities ?
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agricultural community1) Emery has always been an agricultural community .
2) USDA can help the agricultural community identify market needs.
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agricultural crop1) Its major agricultural crops include corn and soybeans.
2) Rice, corn and fruits are among the major agricultural crops .
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agricultural development1) I found conditions ripe for agricultural development .
2) Such climate is fairly advantageous for agricultural development .
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agricultural economics1) agricultural economics 16: 17-34.
2) Garry Lynne in agricultural economics has a large behavioral economics lab.
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agricultural engineer1) Training to be an agricultural engineer and is a good gardener.
2) Is agricultural engineer not an engineer ?
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agricultural engineering1) Faculty of agricultural engineering and Technology has a red basic color.
2) The department has strong links with the Scottish Centre for agricultural engineering .
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agricultural equipment1) These farmers were also given up-to-date agricultural equipment .
2) The dBA rating is provided for many pieces of agricultural equipment .
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agricultural export1) This port has great commercial activity due to agricultural exports .
2) Since 1949 agricultural exports for most years exceeded agricultural imports.
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agricultural exporter1) It is the largest agricultural exporter in China.
2) As the world's second-largest agricultural exporter , France ranks just after the United States.
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agricultural heritage1) The nickname is an example of self-deprecating humour referring to Ipswich's agricultural heritage .
2) Our agricultural heritage comes to life through the many displays and hands-on exhibits educating visitors about agriculture.
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agricultural implement1) The company expanded into manufacturing cooking ranges and agricultural implements .
2) Improved agricultural implements are also on show.
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agricultural imports1) Restrictions on agricultural imports remained in place.
2) Since 1949 agricultural exports for most years exceeded agricultural imports .
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agricultural industry1) Most severely damaged was the agricultural industry .
2) Gold rushes and agricultural industries brought prosperity.
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agricultural intensification1) Historically the greatest decline has occurred through agricultural intensification , afforestation and commercial peat extraction.
2) Bat activity and species richness on organic and conventional farms: impact of agricultural intensification .
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agricultural labour1) Real wage differences between industrial and agricultural labour were also large.
2) Are farmers worried any new agricultural labour legislation will lead to increased costs?
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agricultural labourer1) The agricultural labourers themselves were not asked.
2) They were workers and agricultural labourers engaged in service professions.
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agricultural land1) The land was converted into agricultural land .
2) Based on available agricultural land 154 million has been suggested.
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agricultural landscape1) There are many scattered villages in the agricultural landscape .
2) There are considerable areas of traditional agricultural landscapes within the national park.
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agricultural machinery1) The business produced and repaired agricultural machinery .
2) Iran declared self-sufficiency in irrigation and agricultural machinery in 2008.
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agricultural output1) agricultural output has reached the pre 1999 level.
2) Hand in hand with population growth came increased agricultural output .
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agricultural pesticide1) agricultural pesticides have always been a problem for bees .
2) Additional emphasis will be placed on those projects that address agricultural pesticides .
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agricultural pests1) There was neither time nor money to deal with agricultural pests .
2) Another example is in the case of agricultural pests .
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agricultural policy1) The session was largely concerned with agricultural policy .
2) Sweden adopted free market agricultural policies in 1990.
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agricultural pollution1) The large quantity of these fertilizers used is one of the principal factors behind agricultural pollution .
2) Sediment (loose soil) washed off fields is the largest source of agricultural pollution in the United States.
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agricultural produce1) To maximise agricultural produce organic farming is being implemented.
2) The main effect is price instability of agricultural produce .
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agricultural product1) The export of agricultural products increased dramatically.
2) It had nothing much to export except agricultural products .
2) The main agricultural products are wine and cheese.
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agricultural production1) This represented 24% of national agricultural production total gross value.
2) agricultural production is comparatively very modest in added value.
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agricultural productivity1) A drought in 1902 drastically reduced agricultural productivity .
2) Designing irrigation schemes and managing agricultural productivity .
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agricultural revolution0) This was followed by subsequent population growth after subsequent agricultural revolutions .
0) The agricultural revolution is helped create conditions for the Industrial Revolution.
0) The agricultural revolution was not all good news for Bergholt.
0) The agricultural revolution is a key component of the Neolithic revolution .
0) Allen, Robert C. Tracking the agricultural revolution in England.
0) The first wave was the agricultural revolution , the second the industrial revolution.
0) In The agricultural revolution .
0) The agricultural revolution had started in England and was bringing prosperity to the country.
0) The Information revolution relates with the well known terms agricultural revolution and industrial revolution.
0) This is nothing like the switch from agricultural revolution to the first machine age.
0) Reticular geometry may be one of the first fruits of any agricultural revolution .
0) An agricultural revolution was underway.
0) The cheese factory was the an swer - and the basis of the agricultural revolution .
0) In the first half of the nineteenth century there was a 'second agricultural revolution '.
0) Want to be behind the agricultural revolution in India which would ensure food and nutrition security.
0) Moving back to the 1840s, the village was being dramatically changed by the agricultural revolution .
0) Enclosure of common land and the related agricultural revolution made a supply of this labour readily available.
0) He led an agricultural revolution in the Yaqui Valley, where he introduced modern irrigation.
0) As the eighteenth century wore on, an agricultural revolution took place, complementing the industrial take-off.
0) The British agricultural revolution was aided by land maintenance advancements in Flanders, and the Netherlands.
0) The enclosures that depopulated rural England in the British agricultural revolution started during the Middle Ages.
0) The recorded use of organised management dates back to 5000 B.C. when the agricultural revolution had taken place.
0) Glossary agricultural revolution : The shift from hunter-gatherer to agrarian societies occurring 10,000 to 12,000 YBP.
0) The enclosures in rural England in the British agricultural revolution started much earlier, during the Tudor period.
0) The British agricultural revolution was the result of the complex interaction of social, economic and farming technology changes.
0) The British agricultural revolution was mainly based on a new system of crop rotation, the four-field rotation.
0) Crowd infections started to appear after the neolithic agricultural revolution , when human populations increased in size and proximity.
0) Mingay, Gordon E. The agricultural revolution in English History: A Reconsideration.
0) The agricultural revolution and subsequent urban revolution led to an increase in the dog population and a demand for specialization.
0) The agricultural revolution marked a change in human history, as humans began the systematic husbandry of plants and animals.
0) Industrialization, capitalism, the agricultural revolution , and theories about property and property rights have all paved these roads.
0) By the Georgian era, Lincoln's fortunes began to pick up, thanks in part to the agricultural revolution .
0) Analogous to the agricultural revolution and Industrial Revolution, the Digital revolution marked the beginning of the Information Age.
0) We would be remiss if we failed to note the highly significant agricultural revolution that took place alongside the industrial one.
0) Overton, Mark: agricultural revolution in England 1500-1850 , BBC, last updated 5 November 2009.
0) The orthodox historians made impressive progress in quantifying and explaining the growth of output and productivity since the agricultural revolution .
0) This agricultural revolution embraced the development of monoculture and presented an opportunity for the rapid spread of several species of plant viruses.
0) As one British military historian has put it, there were 'no agricultural revolutions here Africa to allow large-scale requisitioning .
0) In the third stage, they use the energy of plants (which White refers to as agricultural revolution ).
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agricultural runoff1) agricultural runoff is another source of pollution.
2) agricultural runoff and wind blown debris are prime examples.
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agricultural science1) Knowledge in agricultural science depends on building onto experiences already gained.
2) The study of agriculture is known as agricultural science .
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agricultural sector1) Belize's agricultural sector received significant damage.
2) Whereas the state agricultural sector was reformed at slower rates.
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agricultural show1) It was the greatest agricultural show ever held.
2) She sometimes goes to agricultural shows and exemption dog shows.
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agricultural society1) The agricultural society affected which items southern colonists exported.
2) In rural, agricultural society children cost little.
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agricultural subsidies1) Rich countries spend $1bn every day on agricultural subsidies .
2) agricultural subsidies often are a common stumbling block in trade negotiations.
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agricultural subsidy1) Rich countries spend $1bn every day on agricultural subsidies .
2) agricultural subsidies often are a common stumbling block in trade negotiations.
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agricultural tractor1) Emission standards for diesel agricultural tractors are summarised in Table 12.
2) Compact utility tractors require special, smaller implements than full-sized agricultural tractors .
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agricultural use1) The moist soil required comprehensive drainage to allow intensive agricultural use .
2) It was widely adopted for agricultural use .
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agricultural waste1) Meanwhile, agricultural wastes take up the remaining 40%.
2) Biochar made from agricultural waste can substitute for wood charcoal.
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agricultural worker1) The condition of women agricultural workers is worse.
2) Fifty four percent of members are agricultural workers .
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agricultural yield1) Current agricultural yields are insufficient to feed the growing populations.
2) This would be nearly double the agricultural yield .
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be agricultural1) The area was and still is highly agricultural .
2) The area is heavily agricultural with little heavy industry.
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largely agricultural1) It is largely agricultural land, producing mostly rice.
2) During this time, Parma Township remained largely agricultural .
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mainly agricultural1) The economy of the region is mainly agricultural .
2) The rest of the island is sparsely populated and mainly agricultural .
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mostly agricultural1) The hamlet is mostly agricultural and residential.
2) Verdun's surrounding area is mostly agricultural .
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predominantly agricultural1) The Pre-Columbian Andean civilizations were predominantly agricultural societies.
2) Southern Sweden is predominantly agricultural , while the north is heavily forested.
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primarily agricultural1) The town itself has a primarily agricultural based economy.
2) Both are irrigation and municipal supply canals serving primarily agricultural interests.
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purely agricultural1) Before the earthquake, Kingston's functions were purely agricultural .
2) Originally, Föckelberg was a purely agricultural village.
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remain agricultural1) Generally, the region surrounding Beloeil remains agricultural .
2) During this time, Parma Township remained largely agricultural .
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