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Ministry of Agriculture1) The Ministry of Agriculture bears dietary country sale economics and miles.
2) Meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture 4.
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affect agriculture1) Animal agriculture is not affected by this legislation.
2) Extreme events will increasingly affect agriculture in Australia.
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agriculture1) The main productive activity left was agriculture .
2) We must move towards environmentally friendly agriculture .
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agriculture commissioner1) In 2014, Friedman made another bid for state agriculture commissioner .
2) He ended up winning his race for agriculture commissioner in 2010 .
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agriculture committee1) She spoke to the Senate agriculture committee on January 28, 2014.
2) The Senate agriculture committee will hold hearings on the rBST controversy beginning next Thursday.
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agriculture department1) The agriculture departments have defined agricultural land.
2) agriculture department area offices will be opened specially.
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agriculture development1) The district has potential for agriculture development because of the extremely favorable factors.
2) During summer, there can be some agriculture development of the uplands.
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agriculture industry1) The largest contributor to habitat fragmentation has been the agriculture industry .
2) Forage crops are a critical component of the agriculture industry .
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agriculture land1) agriculture land is being offered for resettlement and farming in the area.
2) Mr. Minami is a Hawaii Department of agriculture land vertebrates expert .
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agriculture ministry1) agriculture ministry studies use of treated wastewater in irrigation.
2) I am also getting excellent guidance from the agriculture ministry .
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agriculture production1) The village main resources are agriculture productions .
2) The state legislature created the program in 1972 to insure agriculture production .
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agriculture science1) Well of 4 households have been pledged for the faculty of science, agriculture science gender.
2) AGR 335AGRI 3350> Agribusiness for agriculture science Teachers.
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agriculture sector1) This further promoted the mechanized export agriculture sector .
2) The agriculture sector employs 80% of the active population.
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agriculture use1) She says industrial agriculture uses a lot of fossil fuels .
2) In industrialized countries, particularly China, agriculture uses too much fertilizer.
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biodynamic agriculture1) Germany accounts for nearly half of the world's biodynamic agriculture .
2) He developed the concepts of anthroposophy and biodynamic agriculture .
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burn agriculture1) Due to deforestation from slash and burn agriculture and an ever-growing human population, animals have migrated south.
2) Mining, slash and burn agriculture , and wood collection also pose threats to the park and its wildlife.
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collectivize agriculture1) In 1955 Peng supported Mao's efforts to collectivize agriculture .
2) The Ninth-of-May Constitution declared the government's intention to collectivize agriculture .
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conventional agriculture1) He notes that there are many parallels between organic and conventional agriculture .
2) Less than one-fifth of Austria is arable and suitable for conventional agriculture .
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depend on agriculture1) Most families depend on agriculture for their meager incomes.
2) The economy of the district mainly depends on agriculture .
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dependent on agriculture1) The economy is predominantly dependent on agriculture .
2) Many developing countries are highly dependent on agriculture .
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develop agriculture1) Government further developed agriculture through technology and lower taxation.
2) The centre was established to develop agriculture and plants.
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dominate agriculture1) During the 1950s, livestock production dominated agriculture .
2) The rich owned large plantations that dominated export agriculture and used black slaves.
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employed in agriculture1) Over 50% of Indian labor is employed in agriculture .
2) They were employed in agriculture and as craftsmen.
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engaged in agriculture1) Most are engaged in agriculture and retail business.
2) The inhabitants engaged in agriculture , animal raising and forestry.
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expand agriculture1) They are threatened primarily by deforestation through logging and expanding agriculture .
2) Between 1000 and 1500 CE, native American agriculture expanded greatly.
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extensive agriculture1) It is a large fertile valley with extensive agriculture .
2) The land was not suitable for large-scale grazing or extensive agriculture .
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industrial agriculture1) Modern aircraft carriers are anticipated as is industrial agriculture .
2) By 1960 agriculture changed toward an industrial agriculture .
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intensive agriculture1) intensive agriculture produces huge quantities of farm chemicals.
2) The forest areas suffer from strong demographic pressure and intensive agriculture .
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irrigated agriculture1) Xinjiang has long been a major area of irrigated agriculture .
2) Modern irrigated agriculture was only partially dependent on annual rainfall.
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large agriculture1) Production has dropped sharply and large-scale commercial agriculture has declined.
2) They suggest that small-scale agrarian farming is more productive than large-scale industrial agriculture .
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large scale agriculture1) These enabled large scale agriculture to flourish in a dryland environment.
2) Overall, Iran's soil is not well suited for large scale agriculture .
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modern agriculture1) These factors make modern agriculture more prone to disease epidemics.
2) Farmers can not afford to buy modern agriculture machinery.
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organic agriculture1) This is not allowed in organic agriculture .
2) How is manure used in conventional and organic agriculture ?
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peasant agriculture1) Ulster has a long tradition of rural industry and peasant agriculture .
2) Urban centres are particularly reliant on peasant agriculture for their foodstuffs.
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plantation agriculture1) Despite treaties banning local government and plantation agriculture , both activities flourished.
2) It was invested in plantation agriculture .
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practice agriculture1) There are intentional communities which practice collective agriculture .
2) The tribe traditionally practiced corn agriculture in addition to hunting.
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practise agriculture1) In this area indigenous groups practised glade agriculture among the forests.
2) Coastal clans also practised agriculture , fished and managed maple sugarbush.
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precision agriculture1) However , precision agriculture may have bumper times ahead.
2) Increased control of irrigation is a facet of precision agriculture .
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promote agriculture1) The society helped to promote agriculture through local agricultural societies and fairs.
2) Agricultural trade rules should not prevent measures to promote more sustainable agriculture .
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rain agriculture1) Ethiopian agriculture is predominantly rain-fed subsistence agriculture , troubled by recurrent droughts.
2) Some northern and western areas support rain-fed agriculture , while others require irrigation.
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settle agriculture1) The first signs of settled agriculture , however, were around 5000 BC.
2) Permanent villages, based on settled agriculture , were developed throughout the present-day state.
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shift agriculture1) shifting agriculture is none of these things.
2) It is typically key in shifting cultivation agriculture , and in transhumance livestock herding.
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slash agriculture1) But natural habitats are being decimated by slash-and-burn agriculture .
2) Those in the south combined slash-and-burn agriculture with hunting.
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slash and burn agriculture1) Thus the population was surviving on slash and burn agriculture .
2) These areas has suffered most from slash and burn agriculture .
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small scale agriculture1) The number employed outside small-scale agriculture and pastoralism was about 6 million.
2) This is the only economically sound future for small-scale agriculture and aquaculture.
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smallholder agriculture1) Can there be potential for smallholder agriculture ?
2) And yet , smallholder agriculture has great potential to reduce overall national poverty levels.
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subsistence agriculture1) These communities were essentially survived on subsistence agriculture .
2) It is subsistence agriculture that typically uses little technology.
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support agriculture1) Agricultural research establishments support provincial agriculture and food processing.
2) Buy community supported agriculture at local markets and farm stand.
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sustain agriculture1) Phosphorous is a mineral which is critical to fertilize soil and sustain agriculture .
2) Provide to start with, subsidies to Filipino farmers to sustain local agriculture . 4.
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sustainable agriculture1) Will biotechnology lead to more sustainable agriculture ?
2) Support for sustainable agriculture and organic farming is granted.
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tourism agriculture1) Palau's economy consists primarily of tourism , subsistence agriculture and fishing.
2) The Dithmarschen economy consists mainly of tourism , agriculture , and energy.
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traditional agriculture1) Tuvaluans are primarily involved in traditional agriculture and fishing.
2) The social benefits of traditional agriculture can come in several avenues.
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transform agriculture1) And the cotton gin transformed Southern agriculture and the national economy.
2) The growth of the capitalist economy transformed agriculture by its massive demand.
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work in agriculture1) The majority worked in agriculture and construction.
2) working in agriculture is also a risk.
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