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" ahead "Collocations - Expressions
a little way ahead1) The village is a little way ahead .
2) I was a little way ahead before they moved off.
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a long way ahead1) The shares are still looking a long way ahead .
2) But this is looking a long way ahead .
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ahead1) The twelve month ahead forecasts gave similar results.
2) Portugal still has many tough years ahead .
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ahead by1) Groups form spontaneously or are arranged ahead by special appointment.
2) Setting your watch ahead by 15 minutes.
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ahead of1) Our fence arrived yesterday ahead of schedule.
2) In many ways literature has run ahead of history.
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ahead of its time1) This computer is five years ahead of its time !
2) This car was ahead of its time .
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ahead of schedule1) Our fence arrived yesterday ahead of schedule .
2) Its construction was completed four months ahead of schedule .
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ahead of the curve1) Some universities are ahead of the curve .
2) My grandparents were very ahead of the curve .
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ahead of the game1) I am well ahead of the game .
2) We need to keep ahead of the game .
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ahead of the pack1) That set RR 2 ahead of the pack .
2) Why is Quebec suddenly ahead of the pack ?
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ahead of time1) It is very important seek information ahead of time .
2) I was scheduled three years ahead of time .
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ahead of your time1) In retrospect, you were always ahead of your times .
2) You're sort of ahead of your time .
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days ahead1) This is an unusual seven days ahead .
2) It brought considerable cool protection for the summer days ahead .
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dead ahead1) Then traffic controllers supposedly warned that a suspect airliner was dead ahead .
2) Or a third: Warning: Crash dead ahead .
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finish ahead1) He fell off twice but finished ahead of the racers.
2) They again finished ahead of the Lakers in 1992-93.
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forge ahead1) We are duty bound to forge ahead .
2) We are forging ahead to set examples .
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get ahead1) The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
2) Another benefit is getting ahead of infrastructure .
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get out ahead1) get out ahead of your managers .
2) He estimated that about twenty-five people had gotten out ahead of him.
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get the go ahead1) Eventually, a few days before the game, it got the go ahead .
2) A report to Midlothian's planning committee recommends the proposal gets the go ahead .
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go ahead1) Tennis £4 million cup goes ahead .
2) The camp went ahead amid considerable worldwide publicity.
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jump ahead1) The story then jumps ahead ten years.
2) The story jumps ahead some ten years.
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keep a jump ahead1) Now our own Fred Hoyle is desperately trying to keep a jump ahead of his fellow scientists in the laboratory .
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keep ahead1) That means we can keep ahead of demand.
2) We need to keep ahead of the game .
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lie ahead1) What lay ahead was yet more work.
2) Political and legal challenges almost certainly lie ahead .
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light years ahead1) He was light years ahead of everybody.
2) They were just light years ahead of everyone else.
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look ahead1) Some players are more interested in looking ahead .
2) looking ahead is far more constructive and productive.
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months ahead1) The seventh season jumps fourteen months ahead .
2) Its construction was completed four months ahead of schedule.
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move ahead1) The vessel moves ahead during fishing operation.
2) move ahead with bilateral free trade agreements.
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plan ahead1) The successful budget traveler always plans ahead .
2) My best tip is to plan ahead .
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plough ahead1) But Bahamians continued to suffer from endemic typhoid while the government ploughed ahead with hotel construction.
2) People like my husband and me need to regularly know where they stand in order to plough ahead at good speed.
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press ahead1) The result: a heavy majority for pressing ahead .
2) Sullivan's column overpowered this position and pressed ahead .
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pull ahead1) The heavier ones lag behind while the lighter ones pull ahead .
2) Around 1970 mean income pulled noticeably ahead of middle-class income.
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push ahead1) You need to push ahead with private plans.
2) Keating has promised to push ahead with economic reform.
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put ahead1) Doesn't art thus put ahead an intelligent thought...?
2) This generated criticism that Waugh's farewell series was being put ahead of team victory.
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race ahead1) Candy nodded slowly, her active mind already racing ahead .
2) But that is to race ahead of our narrative.
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road ahead1) They spoke about the long road ahead .
2) The road ahead requires preparation and challenges to current assumptions.
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roar ahead1) But he continued to roar ahead in the polls.
2) Banks, builders, brewers, stores and leisure stocks roared ahead .
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shoot ahead1) To shoot ahead , especially when going in stays.
2) You need to play competitive tennis one shot ahead ,' says Pancho.
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some way ahead1) The clinic was now in sight, some way ahead .
2) A woman with a shotgun stepped out onto the path some way ahead .
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stare ahead1) She swung around and stared straight ahead .
2) THE woman's green eyes stare blindly ahead .
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stay a jump ahead1) 'The object of life is to enjoy it; it's far too short to be doing something you are bored by' Competitor who stays a jump ahead
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stay ahead1) Harvard has to keep moving forward to stay ahead .
2) The leading yacht must tack back to stay ahead .
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steam ahead1) Medical Services are steaming ahead having had a great year.
2) It is full steam ahead for Jonathan Green.
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straight ahead1) She swung around and stared straight ahead .
2) Make sure the foot is pointing straight ahead .
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streets ahead1) The Scandinavian countries are already streets ahead in this area.
2) streets ahead is based firmly on a grammatical syllabus.
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surge ahead1) And almost immediately , India surged ahead .
2) If they surge ahead in the game...opportunity.
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weeks ahead1) Production was usually five weeks ahead of broadcast.
2) There are significant discounts if you book weeks ahead .
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years ahead1) Portugal still has many tough years ahead .
2) He was light years ahead of everybody.
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