agitation Collocations
acute agitation1) Maura was in a state of acute agitation .
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agitation1) Cognitive impairments and agitation often worsen.
2) The agitation became violent and many lives were lost.
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agitation against1) This gave fresh impetus to popular agitation against India.
2) Other senators expressed similar mystification at the agitation against the bill.
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agitation for1) for several years there has been agitation for full statehood.
2) This increased agitation for greater autonomy in East Pakistan.
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extreme agitation1) Nan Ho turned, his extreme agitation unnoticed by the Prince.
2) Night terrors (also called sleep terrors) are periods of extreme agitation with manifestations of intense fear, crying and screaming in the middle of the night.
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feeling of agitation1) Overstimulating your nervous system, which may cause hallucinations, feelings of agitation and even fits.
2) Each time she tries to judge she suffers 'a feeling of agitation and indeed anguish'.
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great agitation1) The 1910s was a period of great political agitation .
2) The sheriff has said he was in great agitation .
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growing agitation1) Lissa followed his actions with growing agitation .
2) Ryker trailed along behind, his expression one of growing agitation .
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mass agitation1) The Government was bent on suppressing the mass agitation .
2) Besides , mass agitations , VAIKO resorted to legal recourse also.
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nationalist agitation1) However, from the 1880s there had been long standing nationalist agitation for autonomy or Home Rule.
2) Meanwhile, nationalist agitation led by the National Independent League (Liga Nacional Independiente) increased.
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political agitation1) This was the result of political agitation .
2) The 1910s was a period of great political agitation .
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popular agitation1) This gave fresh impetus to popular agitation against India.
2) A wave of popular agitation crystallised across the nation.
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public agitation1) Surely the public agitation begins when the private negotiations have reached stalemate .
2) There was considerable public agitation for further expansion of the electorate, however.
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state of agitation1) I never saw a creature in such a state of agitation .
2) For me, I find comfort in this state of agitation in words shared.
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turn to agitation1) Outrage turned to agitation when she saw that he was jamming the key in the lock with such force that the flesh on his fingers was turning white.
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violent agitation1) The PCdR was that of violent agitation .
2) The reaction was in proportion to the violent agitation he had undergone.
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with agitation1) This discrepancy is associated with agitation from fear and threat.
2) Doreen's frustration made her quiver with agitation .
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