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agile1) There are many specific agile development methods.
2) agile is focused on successful project delivery through repeated successful iterations.
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agile approach1) Take an agile approach to documentation and travel as light as possible.
2) Our agile approach will ensure quick turnaround and right on-the-money features.
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agile athlete1) He's more of a straight-line runner than a compact/ agile athlete .
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agile development1) One method employed for game development is agile development .
2) Another group is reading about agile software development .
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agile fighter1) In combat, they proved vulnerable to more agile single-engine fighters .
2) An agile fighter , she uses two ornately-carved curved daggers.
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agile handling1) Accurate and fast steering is matched to agile handling and lots of grip.
2) The GLA impresses above all with its progressive character and agile handling .
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agile method1) There are many specific agile development methods .
1) Evolutionary design is an essential aspect of agile methods .
2) CI is a key practice in agile methods .
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agile methodology1) This is a very important capability for agile methodologies .
2) Accelerated feature delivery is further enabled by agile software development methodologies .
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agile mind1) The Archdeacon was not a man of agile mind .
2) He was a superb pilot, with a singular, agile mind .
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agile practice1) This is true of design principles as well as agile practices .
2) Traditional requirements engineering has adopted agile practices quite well, long before SCRUM was even invented.
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agile process1) Bring in expertise to implement the first agile process .
2) Forcing an agile process on a development team.
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agile project1) We've also found inspiration, ideas, and experience from other agile projects .
2) An agile project is broken down into small chunks that are then delivered before moving onto the next one.
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agile team1) This article overviews design strategies for agile software development teams .
2) This is part of the fundamental mindset of an agile team .
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agile technique1) A common question is whether large projects can be done with agile techniques .
2) Pair programming is an agile software development technique in which two programmers work together at one workstation.
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agile working1) Flexible and agile working procedures also require effective collaboration between HR and FM.
2) Will the current trend for agile working with desk-sharing and remote-working continue?
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as agile as1) They are neither as agile nor as fast as horses.
2) He 's not quite as agile as he was.
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be agile1) But being agile without marketing intelligently serves no purpose.
2) Intel is pretty agile for a large company .
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become agile1) Why haven't we become more agile in our marketing approach?
2) Want to get faster, jump higher, or become more agile ?
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extremely agile1) That's extreme business planning, extremely agile business planning.
2) They have three wheels, and are extremely agile .
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mentally agile1) He remained mentally agile despite suffering from several strokes from 1975 onwards.
2) You can only make a Lasting Power of Attorney if you are mentally agile .
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surprisingly agile1) Certainly he seemed surprisingly agile in that moment.
2) surprisingly agile , they are mild-tempered herd animals with large horns.
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very agile1) Manx is equipped with pulse flares, and is very agile .
2) Akbar was not tall but powerfully built and very agile .
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