agonize Collocations
agonise about1) They will dwell on this and agonise about it.
2) She agonised about having breast implants.
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agonise over1) Apparently he agonised over his discovery and kept it secret for a year.
2) There is no evidence that Armstrong agonised over his decision to go into armament production.
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agonise wait1) It describes perfectly the islanders' agonising wait for inevitable disaster.
2) I had an agonising wait to find out the results .
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agonize0) The procedure was agonizing since the entire penis was cut off.
1) After many agonizing hours the operation is finished.
2) Another agonizing thing has been missing your feedback.
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agonize decision1) No parent should have to face the agonizing decisions I've had to.
2) Very simple rules, a lot of fun, and it has agonizing decisions .
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agonize over1) Decisions once agonized over are now made at a glance.
2) Would we have fallen asleep while He agonized over His upcoming death?
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agonizing death1) It has to fail on its own dying a long agonizing death instead.
2) The jellyfish stings his arm, and Ben dies an agonizing death .
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agonizing pain1) A year later he died after suffering months of agonizing pain .
2) Sometimes her belly would puff up, causing agonizing pain .
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