affluence Collocations
affluence1) Many sections of society experienced austerity rather than affluence .
2) The 1990s also saw another influx of affluence .
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great affluence1) Part of the reason for this party affiliation is their greater affluence .
2) By this means Rolandine and her husband were raised to great affluence .
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grow affluence1) As industry in surrounding towns grew , St. Johns' affluence declined.
2) With growing affluence in China, demand for sea cucumbers and other luxury seafood has surged in recent decades.
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increase affluence1) With increasing affluence , their political significance grew especially in Syria.
2) Other studies give particular attention to resource depletion and increased world affluence .
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relative affluence1) The Relph family were close and lived in relative affluence .
2) Given its relative affluence , many private language academies are located in Bundang.
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rise affluence1) His rising affluence and position in society was meteoric and considerable.
2) rising affluence has allowed us to isolate senescence.
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