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affinity1) But has a banner ever driven brand affinity ?
2) Its organization was based on autonomous affinity groups.
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affinity analysis1) Figure 15 shows affinity analysis for validating evaluation criteria.
2) Figure 14 provides an example of affinity analysis for security requirements.
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affinity between1) There are further affinities between the two filmmakers.
2) The affinity between Public School and grammar school was still very close.
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affinity card1) In 2010, UniCredit Tiriac Bank launched its first affinity card in Romania in partnership with UNICEF.
2) The Leeds Permanent Building Society, for example, pays £5 to one of three charities for each customer who signs up for a Leeds Visa affinity card .
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affinity chromatography1) An additional approach for further purification uses affinity chromatography .
2) affinity monolith chromatography provides another approach to drug response measurements.
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affinity for1) She also retained considerable affinity for natural medicine.
2) The blood affinity for oxygen is also elevated.
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affinity group1) Its organization was based on autonomous affinity groups .
2) We encourage the formation of affinity groups .
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affinity grouping1) Use only the activity statements when creating affinity groupings .
2) However, within this affinity grouping , several subgroups emerge as well.
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affinity towards1) President Obama has shown little affinity towards Europe .
2) Every developer has their own interest and affinity towards a topic .
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affinity with1) Has an affinity with soft tissue conditions.
2) A natural affinity with animals and birds.
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binding affinity1) Bold text indicates that binding affinities for cloned human receptors is unavailable.
2) Furthermore, the ionizable group is favorable for the binding affinity .
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chemical affinity1) A high contact angle indicates a low solid surface energy or chemical affinity .
2) In this paper he tried to explain both the nature of gravitation and chemical affinities .
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close affinity1) And to which of those feasts do you feel closer affinity ?
2) Because of close affinity to the sea, seafood is quite popular.
2) These traditions indicate a close affinity between Knanaya and Jewish traditions.
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consanguinity affinity1) Relations may be by consanguinity or affinity , meaning by blood or by marriage.
2) Many countries maintain a standard of required distance (in both consanguinity and affinity ) for marriage.
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cultural affinity1) Spectator sports as carrier of cultural identity, and of cultural affinity ?
2) The cultural affinities between Mithila and Kamarupa have already been alluded.
2) Those connections are in Christ, not in ethnic or cultural affinities .
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decrease affinity1) A trend of decreasing electron affinity going down groups would be expected.
2) The mutations dramatically decrease the affinity of CSPα for the membrane.
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deep affinity1) Do you have a deep affinity toward your wife?
2) There is more and deeper affinity to pictorial values in his literary work.
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degree of affinity1) Despite his generally callous attitude towards his henchmen and others, Skeletor displays a certain degree of affinity towards animals.
2) I had once imagined that I too might one day be involved in that large, confusing family with its extended degrees of affinity .
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demonstrate affinity1) Two cases demonstrated economic tort's affinity to competition and labour law.
2) Paul has demonstrated the drepanosaur affinities of the cervical vertebrae.
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develop affinity1) I developed a much greater affinity for the classics than her .
2) This did not mean that Gloucester developed a nation-wide affinity .
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display affinity1) Perylene derivatives display high electron affinity and chemical stability.
2) Milk displayed an affinity for building coalitions from early in his political career.
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elective affinity1) Only The Fat Controller's talk of ' elective affinity ' prevented me.
2) Note the similarity of this to ' elective affinities ' in the religious field.
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electron affinity1) Although electron affinity varies greatly, some patterns emerge.
2) Perylene derivatives display high electron affinity and chemical stability.
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feel affinity1) They feel special affinity with their related totem animal species.
2) Hill felt an immediate affinity for French culture and climbing.
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feel an affinity1) Perhaps they feel an affinity with its ghosts.
2) I felt an affinity with him.
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find affinity1) The Chinese soon found a surprising affinity for the United States .
2) find the random affinities So , go look for random affinities!
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genetic affinity1) The genetic affinities among Dniester-Carpathian and southeastern European populations do not reflect their linguistic relationships.
2) In Sicily, the contribution of North African populations is estimated to be about 6%-8% which shows a genetic affinity between Sicily and North Africa .
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great affinity1) With meat, however, he has a great affinity .
2) I developed a much greater affinity for the classics than her .
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have affinity1) Single met box sites have very low affinity .
2) has an affinity with soft tissue conditions.
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high affinity1) Higher affinity also results by occupying more active site pockets.
2) Perylene derivatives display high electron affinity and chemical stability.
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increase affinity1) We describe several novel peptides that have increased affinity to peripheral nerves.
2) Acetylcholine moieties were inserted to increase receptor affinity .
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indicate affinity0) These traditions indicate a close affinity between Knanaya and Jewish traditions.
1) This indicates a yet more specific affinity between these mosaics (when they are examined in isolation).
2) Blue Sulphur burns with a blue flame indicating an affinity for the venous system and the venous circulation.
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level of affinity1) We need that level of affinity across the hard goods category.
2) When considered in the context of levels of affinity obtaining between other mosaics in Britain, the degree of similarity in the group is exceptional.
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linguistic affinity1) In the early 1970s significant linguistic affinities between Mapuche and Mayan languages were suggested.
2) It is likely that linguistic affinity played an important role in defining group identity for the Slavs.
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natural affinity1) A natural affinity with animals and birds.
2) She has a natural affinity for picking up languages.
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oxygen affinity1) This decrease in oxygen affinity will assist peripheral oxygen unloading.
2) Myoglobin, by nature, has a higher oxygen affinity than hemoglobin.
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particular affinity1) Mountain goats seem to have a particular affinity for salt.
2) Is it normal to feel a particular affinity with one element.
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real affinity0) Jews simply don't feel any real affinity towards Evangelical Christians.
1) And I also have a real affinity with India.
2) At this point, Webb said he has a real affinity for the character.
2) They have never once shown they have any real affinity with being real Jewish leaders.
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reduce affinity1) The problem appears to be reduced affinity of the receptor for the toxin.
2) Vicriviroc had an excellent selectivity for CCR5 receptors over muscarinic and hERG affinity was greatly reduced .
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remarkable affinity1) Andropulos, whom Grierson had reported as having a remarkable affinity for scotch, seemed relaxed to the point of garrulity.
2) The style of such bronzes presents a remarkable affinity to the wall-paintings dating to 10-11th century decorated in the Buddhist temples of Western Tibet.
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share affinity1) But I love that we share an affinity for food.
2) The college shares an architectural affinity with other colonial educational institutions in India.
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share an affinity1) But I love that we share an affinity for food.
2) But Livingston says the diets share an affinity for protein as a nutrient-dense food that promotes satiety .
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show affinity1) Her writings show an affinity for feminist individualism.
2) President Obama has shown little affinity towards Europe .
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show an affinity1) Her writings show an affinity for feminist individualism.
2) They have shown an affinity for Hodor since his early playing days.
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some affinity1) This has some affinity with the Marxist position.
2) It had some affinities with the sociology of law.
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special affinity1) They feel special affinity with their related totem animal species.
2) Yeray has always had a special affinity for birds.
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strange affinity1) I've named the pups for a water theme since Ali has this strange affinity for water!
2) In particular he made a study of natural history, especially of birds, with which he felt a strange affinity .
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strong affinity1) He had a strong affinity for drinking and smoking.
2) He is known for his strong affinity with goats.
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stylistic affinity1) The stone demonstrates stylistic affinities with early hogback stones from the Glasgow area.
2) Other patterns do provide, however, an opportunity to recognize such integral stylistic affinity .
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suggest affinity1) The figures and description suggest affinities with Ophiotreta or possibly Ophiopristis.
2) Other features of the childs anatomy, however, suggest clear Neanderthal affinities .
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