affliction Collocations
affliction1) It is awfully difficult to console those in affliction .
2) I suffer from that affliction enough unintentionally.
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affliction of1) Spiritual afflictions of this kind are notoriously prevalent amongst women.
2) Whatever its origins, HIV is a recent affliction of people.
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affliction with1) He bore his affliction with a great dignity.
2) There is no affliction with out sin.
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common affliction1) The categories did not cover common afflictions like Alzheimer's disease.
2) Respiratory disease and failing eyesight were common post-war afflictions .
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great affliction1) At this time Elizabeth had workmen in the house, which is a great affliction .
2) Would that they would kill me before killing my Son, that I may not see His great affliction .
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same affliction1) Mark Hamilton also has the same affliction .
2) Although her reign continued after his death, she suffered from the same affliction and died.
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such affliction1) Because of those battles, mankind suffered such horrible afflictions .
2) such afflictions would burden him throughout his life.
2) such afflictions encompassed the man whom God had anointed to be king.
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suffer affliction1) It is a composite human organism suffering a terrible affliction within .
2) For there are other reasons for suffering affliction besides sin.
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terrible affliction1) It is a composite human organism suffering a terrible affliction within .
2) Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) suffers from a terrible affliction - more brains than cash.
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