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affirm1) It pretty much just affirms existing law.
2) We affirm self again and again through identification.
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affirm a commitment1) The Agreement affirmed a commitment to the mutual respect, the civil rights and the religious liberties of everyone in the community .
1) However, membership declined sharply as the United Church affirmed a commitment to gay rights including marriage and ordination, and to the ordination of women.
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affirm belief1) And the finale affirmed that belief for me.
2) Liberty Hill and Uplifting Change have now affirmed this long held belief .
2) The church affirms these beliefs .
2) The vast majority were Trinitarian Christians and would have affirmed belief that Satan exists.
2) Many people came to question orthodox Christian doctrine and to affirm beliefs of their own.
2) First and foremost, the Community Covenant affirms belief in God and the Bible.
2) It affirms the belief in one God as the Creator of all Creation, Yahweh.
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affirm constitutionality0) In August 2010, the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of same-sex marriage in Mexico City.
1) With Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which affirmed the constitutionality of legally enforced racial segregation?
2) This might surprise members of the Supreme Court who affirmed the law's constitutionality with a 5-to-4 ruling last year.
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affirm conviction1) The conviction was affirmed on direct appeal.
2) A decision affirming the conviction was handed down this week.
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affirm decision1) The trial commissioner's decision is affirmed .
2) We thus affirmed the commissioner's decision .
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affirm denial1) The court affirmed the denial of the motion.
2) We affirm the trial court's denial of appellant's motion to suppress.
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affirm dignity1) The Massachusetts Constitution affirms the dignity and equality of all individuals.
2) It affirms the dignity of each human being and supports individual liberty consonant with social and planetary responsibility.
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affirm dismissal1) In January 2012, the California Court of Appeals affirmed the dismissal .
2) Therefore, the Court affirmed dismissal of Franza's Title I lawsuit.
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affirm doctrine1) No one of these doctrines is affirmed by citizens generally.
1) The Pontiff has affirmed Catholic doctrine on abortion, artificial contraception, and homosexuality.
2) I affirm the doctrine of the Trinity as I find it in Scripture.
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affirm existence1) Looking in the mirror becomes another failed attempt to affirm existence .
2) Personalism affirms the existence of the soul.
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affirm importance1) We affirm the importance of this principle.
2) To pray is to affirm the paramount importance of humility .
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affirm judgment1) Fifteen centuries of musical practice affirm this judgment .
2) For the foregoing reasons the trial court's judgment is affirmed .
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affirm necessity1) Unlike many of the more radical Enlightenment philosophers, Rousseau affirmed the necessity of religion.
1) His later position affirmed the necessity of God granting grace in order for the desire for salvation to be awakened.
2) Our thought, though it were only an hour old, affirms an oldest necessity , not to be separated from thought, and not to be separated from will.
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affirm principle1) The miracle affirms the principles of love as they declare continuation of remembrance.
1) Note: Evangelical Christians should rejoice whenever branches of the church agree to affirm Biblical principles .
2) This principle was explicitly affirmed in the Charter of 1663 which John Clarke wrote and secured.
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affirm ruling1) The trial court's ruling was affirmed on appeal.
2) The Second Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the ruling in 1934.
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affirm that0) that is many good orthodox theologians affirm that .
1) Thanks for affirming that my advice is sound.
2) We affirm that truth will set us free.
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affirm the belief0) It affirms the belief in one God as the Creator of all Creation, Yahweh.
1) Conservative Judaism affirms the belief in a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, in which Kohanim may bring offerings.
2) Danaë conceived the hero Perseus, who eventually killed his grandfather by accident, affirming the belief in fate's inevitability.
2) the Church has affirmed the belief throughout its history, while also changing emphases and wording to reflect an increasingly mature understanding.
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affirm the commitment1) In an interview on Radio France Internationale on March 31, Touré affirmed the commitment of the CTSP to democracy and the rule of law.
2) the Union Minister for Tourism affirmed the commitment to improving sanitation and infrastructure and the ambitious plans to build the number of inbound arrivals.
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affirm the conviction1) A decision affirming the conviction was handed down this week.
2) An appeals court affirmed the conviction in 2012 .
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affirm the decision1) We therefore affirm the decision of the district court.
2) We affirm the decision of the trial court.
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affirm the existence1) Personalism affirms the existence of the soul.
2) the posters affirm the existence of films which do not actually exist.
2) No. 1035: the teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity.
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affirm the faith1) the priest comes to say prayers that are for the cleansing of sins and to affirm the faith of the deceased.
1) In confessing it, we affirm the faith and profess in the heavenly realms that there is no God but ours.
2) Either one can affirm the faith through the Nicene and Apostles Creeds (or have it affirmed for one at one's Baptism) or one can not.
2) the Church Fathers strongly affirmed the faith of the Church in the efficacy of the Word of Christ and of the action of the Holy Spirit to bring about this conversion.
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affirm the importance1) We affirm the importance of this principle.
2) Therefore , affirming the importance of Connecticut gas station insurance.
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affirm the importance of1) We affirm the importance of this principle.
2) Therefore , affirming the importance of Connecticut gas station insurance.
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affirm the right1) We affirm the rights of all peoples to self-determination.
2) We affirm the right to freedom of expression at UC San Diego.
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affirm the value of0) Christianity affirms the value of each individual soul.
1) It is stories like these which affirm the value of OCC.
2) Mary Leapor's poetry consistently affirms the value of women's friendship.
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affirm validity1) This then becomes the rationale for affirming the validity of physical immortality.
2) This article uses the terms interchangeably, without purporting to affirm the validity of one term over another.
2) How do they affirm not only the continued validity of God's law but of the seventh-day Sabbath?
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affirmable1) I do not claim any more for these criteria than that they raise at least the possibility of a belief being affirmable .
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affirmance1) Two amici briefs were filed urging affirmance .
2) American Businesses for Constitutional Rights filed a brief urging affirmance .
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affirmed1) The civil penalty was affirmed on appeal.
2) The conviction was affirmed on direct appeal.
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affirmed by1) Judgment and sentence has been affirmed by unpublished opinion.
2) These concerned were affirmed by public comments on the proposal.
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affirming1) First became an affirming congregation in 2002.
2) A decision affirming the conviction was handed down this week.
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affirms1) It pretty much just affirms existing law.
2) What the romantic taste affirms is the strange.
2) Christianity affirms the value of each individual soul.
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again affirm1) A drop of oil was added and movement was again affirmed .
2) This body again affirmed what had by then become an official anti-war position.
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also affirm1) Life properly understood also affirms death and destruction.
1) As Christians we also affirm responsible family planning.
2) It also affirmed its previous prediction for earnings growth.
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clearly affirm0) Few passages more clearly affirm the divine origin of the Bible.
0) He affirms clearly Christ's authority over them.
0) Events like these clearly affirm , to me that there is an all-out attack on Christians and Christianity.
1) A recent court case (Lanning vs. SEPTA, U.S. District Court of SE Penn 2000) clearly affirmed this.
2) This is clearly affirmed by Peter (see 1 Pet. 1:20) and is the implication of Rev. 13:8.
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court affirm1) The court affirmed the granting of summary judgment.
2) An appeals court affirmed the conviction in 2012 .
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either affirm1) The decision will either affirm , modify, or reverse the initial Department decision.
2) The will is our ability to either affirm or deny what our intellect tells us.
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explicitly affirm0) Jesus' disciples explicitly affirm that they comprehend everything he told them.
1) This principle was explicitly affirmed in the Charter of 1663 which John Clarke wrote and secured.
2) Second, while Plato nowhere explicitly affirms the Form of Soul, he also nowhere explicitly rejects it.
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instead affirm1) Nature's laws affirm instead of prohibit.
2) He affirmed instead that people were neither good nor bad.
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life affirming1) This is OK, this is positive, this is life-affirming .
2) A life-affirming movie that cost tuppence to make.
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only affirm1) I can only affirm the beauty and charm of the place.
2) James, as bishop of Jerusalem, only affirmed what Peter declared.
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recently affirm1) An important court decision recently affirmed the need for educators to obtain authorization for copying such materials.
2) The Montana Supreme Court recently affirmed a ban on unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns, seemingly defying the U.S. Supreme Court.
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repeatedly affirm1) The Single Convention repeatedly affirms the importance of medical use of controlled substances.
2) Florida courts have repeatedly affirmed Michael Schiavo's legal right to remove his wife's feeding tube.
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simply affirm1) Dominating women simply affirmed manhood.
2) Are they simply affirming the continuing power of his message and his example to inspire millions of people the world over?
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strongly affirm1) Recent cases have affirmed even more strongly the midpoint principle.
1) They all strongly affirm their beliefs are based on the Bible.
2) The artist's decorative genius is affirmed most strongly in the imaginative borders.
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then affirm1) She then affirms her love for Warden.
2) The U.S. Supreme Court then affirmed that position.
2) We affirm then that all peoples and races descend from God.
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therefore affirm1) We therefore affirm the decision of the district court.
2) We therefore affirm the judgment of court of appeals on narrower grounds.
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thus affirm1) We thus affirmed the commissioner's decision.
2) We thus affirm the commissioner's decision.
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unanimously affirm1) Judgment unanimously affirmed , with costs.
2) On October 26, 2004, the Court of Appeals unanimously affirmed in part and reversed in part.
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