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afflict1) About 25 percent of cows are afflicted .
2) Fourteen men were afflicted and three had died.
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afflict area1) afflicted areas can remain discolored for up to two years.
2) The main natural disasters to afflict the area are bush fires and severe storms.
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afflict body1) The body is afflicted , weak, & encumbered.
2) One should not afflict the body by wearing wool and hair.
2) Clark's excerpts introduce a girl named Mel whose MS afflicted body can only have six more orgasms.
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afflict child1) Its proponents estimate that SCT afflicts approximately two million children .
2) A child afflicted with spina bifida also commonly has clubfoot.
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afflict city1) Similar conditions afflict the city's homeless shelters.
2) Economic hard times afflicted the city for a few years until the oil business returned to expansion.
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afflict country1) This is not something peculiar to housing that also afflicts other countries .
2) The PLA has assisted the Chinese government in providing relief materials to afflicted countries .
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afflict family1) Mortimer explains that the Baskerville family is afflicted by a curse.
2) My goal is to maintain a self-help support group, and a resource guide, to other families afflicted with SCID.
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afflict human1) There are over 200 different known cancers that afflict humans .
2) Chimpanzees succumb to many diseases that afflict humans since the two species are so similar.
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afflict individual1) Possession was the explanation for the abnormal behavior displayed by the afflicted individuals .
2) He also states that many individuals are afflicted by more than one NTD.
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afflict man1) Fourteen men were afflicted and three had died.
2) More than 500,000 American men are afflicted each year.
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afflict many1) How, I wondered, could such historical amnesia afflict so many ?
2) I am not however brainwashed by some religious belief that afflicts many Republicans .
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afflict society1) They have been attributed to arthritic conditions, which afflict sedentary societies .
2) From a development cooperation perspective, the economy plays a key role in societies afflicted by conflict.
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afflict soul1) The man with an afflicted soul is like a man trapped in a tunnel.
2) Undoubtedly, the sight of its misery afflicts the soul and clearly shows it that it merits hell.
2) The devil comes, bringing ten thousand evils to bear despair, giving it up, wicked thoughts afflicting the soul , to loosen it and estrange it from hope of God. 8.
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afflict the region1) During those times, there were floods afflicting the region east of the Taihang Mountains.
2) At that time, a plague afflicted the region of Nineveh, modern-day northern Iraq.
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afflict woman1) The afflicted woman was turned into a corpse.
2) Chronic pain afflicted women at a higher rate than men.
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afflicted1) About 25 percent of cows are afflicted .
2) Fourteen men were afflicted and three had died.
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afflicted by1) Henry was deeply afflicted by this event.
2) I am thus, afflicted by both.
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afflicted with1) James was increasingly afflicted with cardiac pain during his last years.
2) He was again afflicted with cancer in 2006.
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afflicting1) The plague that had been afflicting the people stopped.
1) An evil spirit from God is afflicting you.
2) Serious skin problems were still afflicting many Akitas.
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afflicts1) This common condition afflicts nine times more women than men.
2) Reduced mental and cognitive ability afflicts old age.
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badly afflicted1) The young Hogan was badly afflicted by hooking the golf ball.
2) Wet or damaged timber is the appetising food for the insect but apparently sound wood may be equally badly afflicted .
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now afflict1) Global hunger now afflicts nearly a billion people worldwide.
2) Still affected by his rheumatism, he was now afflicted with tuberculosis.
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often afflict1) Women appear to be more often afflicted than men.
2) These tumors often afflict people during their prime years.
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patient afflict1) The average life expectancy for patients afflicted with DMD is around 25.
2) Fact: Certain health conditions may require afflicted patients to regulate fruit intake.
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people afflict1) The people were afflicted with lice and tumours.
2) These afflicted peoples were once again mercilessly driven from their homes.
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person afflict1) The most heavily afflicted persons are children.
2) Crime in persons afflicted by mental illness is a highly preventable issue.
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severely afflicted1) America is now severely afflicted with this problem, families are disintegrating and this has become a great calamity.
2) Transportation around the Los Angeles area was severely afflicted with roadway failures and the collapse of several major freeway interchanges.
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so afflict1) People so afflicted often cannot work.
2) Unfortunately subsequent generations are so afflicted .
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