affective Collocations
affective cognitive1) Uncertainty orientation: Implications for affective and cognitive views of achievement behavior.
2) A difference in distribution between affective and cognitive empathy has been observed in various conditions.
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affective commitment1) This suggests that the average OI study had significant construct overlaps with affective organizational commitment .
2) Other researchers have also considered OI and affective organizational commitment as closely related or even interchangeable constructs.
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affective computing1) DLSU research has focused on affective computing and renewable energy.
2) Text has been used to detect emotions in the related area of affective computing .
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affective disorder1) Why is only the XL form approved seasonal affective disorder ?
2) Comparison of preventive interventions for families with parental affective disorder .
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affective domain1) The affective domain is similarly divided into a hierarchy of five categories.
2) affective domain relates to our understanding, i.e. our approach, our attitude to what we do.
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affective experience1) Uncertainty orientation and affective experiences : Individual differences within and across cultures.
2) The metaphors move disease from an objective thing that exists to an affective experience .
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affective fallacy1) And third, the New Critics meant to deny the affective fallacy that the poem is its psychological effects on the reader.
2) affective fallacy
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affective forecasting1) affective forecasting is an important component of studying human decision making.
2) Psychologists are interested in what types of factors mediate affective forecasting .
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affective neuroscience1) Recently, affective neuroscience has done much to discover this role.
2) Ekman laid the groundwork for the future field of affective neuroscience .
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affective process1) This region is associated with approach motivation and positive affective processes .
2) The ventral hippocampus functions in fear conditioning and affective processes .
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affective psychosis1) It was quickly identified as being especially useful in the treatment of affective psychosis .
2) Thus some investigators have argued that the association is one, not with schizophrenia, but with affective psychosis .
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affective reaction1) Feelings include affective reactions and impulsive reactions.
2) Group affective tone represents the consistent or homogeneous affective reactions within a group.
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affective response1) Distractions severely limit the ability to produce strong affective responses .
2) Then researchers noted the babies' affective responses to each vocalization.
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affective state1) This corresponds to a contented affective state .
2) This corresponds to an affective state of distress .
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affective valence1) Additional analyses evaluated the potential role of affective valence and arousal.
2) No effects associated with SOI were found for either affective valence or arousal.
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seasonal affective disorder1) Why is only the XL form approved seasonal affective disorder ?
2) One way to directly treat seasonal affective disorder is with bright light therapy.
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