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ABC affiliation1) The station kept the ABC affiliation until December 31, 1962.
2) KCCC shut down, with KOVR acquiring the ABC affiliation .
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CBS affiliation1) The CBS affiliation eventually wound up on WDJT.
2) Sunbeam also made an unsuccessful play to take the CBS affiliation .
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Fox affiliation1) XETV switched to the CW in August 2008 after losing its Fox affiliation to KSWB-TV.
2) It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the fall of 1988 and lost the Fox affiliation to WHNS.
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NBC affiliation1) Both KNSD and WVTM retained their NBC affiliations .
2) WEYI-TV took on WNEM's NBC affiliation as a result.
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affiliation1) My personal decisions regarding professional affiliations are based upon confronting reality.
2) Proper peer group affiliation is very important.
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affiliation order1) She was generally assisted, in the absence of agreement, by an affiliation order granted by magistrates.
2) When Karis was two years old, Hunt asked the courts for an affiliation order against Jagger and eventually settled out of court.
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affiliation to1) The group has a closer affiliation to the armed fight .
2) All supporter's clubs have an affiliation to there football federation.
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affiliation with1) The city has long had an affiliation with food.
2) What is your present view of developing affiliations with larger organizations?
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affiliations1) My personal decisions regarding professional affiliations are based upon confronting reality.
2) Afghan society was ethnically diverse and operated along tribal affiliations .
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change affiliation1) The Pioneers' major conference affiliations changed in July 2013.
2) Rutgers is playing in its first Big Ten game since changing conference affiliations .
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claim affiliation1) You can also check with us regarding teachers claiming affiliation .
2) Fifty-nine percent of Ohio Wesleyan students claim no religious affiliation .
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conference affiliation1) At this point , conference affiliation no longer matters.
2) The Pioneers' major conference affiliations changed in July 2013.
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declare affiliation1) declaring a party affiliation is never required.
1) Amongst those who declare a religious affiliation , church attendance is low.
2) Is there any exception for publishing declared affiliations in the minutes?
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denominational affiliation1) Membership is open to everyone, regardless of denominational affiliation or musical ability.
2) This created an atmosphere of mistrust and envy among the colonists of different denominational affiliation .
2) Others may feel less denominational affiliation , and they look at a wide range of churches.
2) Often, courts are finding that a thorough history of the church and its denominational affiliation is paramount.
2) Our church welcomes visitors without regard to age, race, political affiliation, denominational affiliation or any other constraints.
2) For one reason or another, individual churches drop their denominations and ministers start churches apart from any denominational affiliation .
2) Any church, regardless of denominational affiliation , may participate in the clusters and affinity groups under the new structure.
2) One was always conscious of him as a great Christian; only later did you become conscious of his denominational affiliation .
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establish affiliation1) In December 2000, SM established an affiliation with Fandago Korea.
2) This affiliation was established to broadcast concerts from renowned American orchestras on CKAC.
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ethnic affiliation1) What is the patient's ethnic affiliation ?
2) Everything now is based on religious on ethnic affiliations .
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form affiliation1) They formed more affiliations with peers, and performed more completely in school.
2) Some tailgaters form affiliations or organizations and name their tailgating krewes .
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gang affiliation1) gang affiliation can influence with whom an offender is able to socialize.
2) Sousa said the boy came from a family with possible gang affiliations .
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grant affiliation1) The refusal to grant affiliation caused a bitter row to ensue that showed little sign of being resolved.
2) Because of the new jurisdiction, the number of affiliated colleges decreased and some new colleges were granted affiliation .
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have affiliation1) The city has long had an affiliation with food.
2) It has no government affiliation or sponsorship whatsoever.
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institutional affiliation1) There are no commercial or institutional affiliations .
2) The cover letter should include all authors' names and institutional affiliations .
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know affiliation1) Current affiliation is not known .
2) The proportion of Kansas City area residents with a known religious affiliation is 49.7%.
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lose affiliation1) The station later lost the DuMont affiliation when that network ceased operations in 1956.
2) But even given such legitimacy, the younger crowd is still losing affiliation to Israel.
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maintain affiliation1) Eisenhower maintained no political party affiliation during this time.
2) Many hospitals were founded by a religious group and maintain religious affiliation .
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network affiliation1) The games were open to all channels with a network affiliation .
2) However, KLOR's network affiliations were short-lived.
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organizational affiliation1) But anyone, regardless of organizational affiliation should consider using tassel beads.
2) Despite these influences, however, the missionaries had no organizational affiliation .
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party affiliation1) The remaining positions are filled by candidates nominally without party affiliation .
2) The poll showed striking differences by party affiliation .
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political affiliation1) Each election has had winners of dissimilar political affiliation .
2) Some professors were dismissed for their political affiliations .
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religious affiliation1) religious affiliation formerly largely determined which schools children attended.
2) The dominant religious affiliation per country mentions the dominant sect.
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report affiliation1) In census questionnaires, less than 15% reported any formal religious affiliation by 2000.
1) The majority of women older than 17 who obtained an abortion reported a religious affiliation .
2) The number of Americans who reported no religious affiliation has been growing rapidly , doubling since 1990.
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retain affiliation1) The re-branded charity retains affiliations with the national and international YWCA umbrella organisations.
2) However, it retained a secondary affiliation with DuMont until that network shut down in 1956.
2) As Americanization proceeded, the family structure became much less patriarchal, while retaining strong affiliations with the Greek Orthodox Church.
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seek affiliation1) These congregations would then seek affiliation in area conferences of both denominations.
2) But CSEA delegates formally barred their leaders from seeking an affiliation with AFSCME in March 1976.
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switch affiliation1) The Reds then switched affiliations from the former Wilmington ball club to the Bulls.
2) AFC Wimbledon Ladies switched affiliation from Wimbledon F.C. after the 2002-03 season.
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take affiliation1) Sunbeam also made an unsuccessful play to take the CBS affiliation .
2) On paper, WBMG took the CBS affiliation from WAPI-TV.
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tribal affiliation1) Afghan society was ethnically diverse and operated along tribal affiliations .
1) Individual church members are told their tribal affiliation through a patriarchal blessing.
2) So he 's got the tribal affiliation and connection.
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