affirmative Collocations
affirmative1) A more affirmative constitutional rationale deserves consideration.
2) No affirmative action program has ever been needed.
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affirmative action1) One particularly controversial issue is affirmative action .
2) They are thus eligible for affirmative action .
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affirmative answer1) This last question implied an affirmative answer and a choice.
2) An affirmative answer to Question 28 brought up other issues.
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affirmative consent1) Mobile payment providers collect location information from their users, but only with affirmative consent .
2) However, affirmative consent ( opt in ) can be difficult and expensive to obtain.
2) affirmative consent is a standard that requires both partners to actively communicate their willingness to participate in sexual activity.
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affirmative defense1) This is known as an affirmative defense .
2) Healthy test as an affirmative defense .
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affirmative duty1) This effectively imposes an affirmative duty of care.
2) This standard of conduct 98 includes an affirmative duty to act to prevent harm.
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affirmative form1) To conjugate verbs in their present-tense affirmative form , attach the following suffixes to the present adverbial participle.
2) affirmative form is expressed with the affix -ба: ма-т1э-ба́ in fact he is digging , мэ-гык1э-ба́ in fact he is washing .
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affirmative measure1) The Act contains affirmative measures to weed out the root cause of atrocities, which has denied SCs and STs basic civil rights.
2) to take affirmative action measures consistent with the purpose of the Act; or
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affirmative negative1) Instruments are subject to either affirmative or negative procedure.
2) Covenants consist of affirmative and negative pledges.
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affirmative nod1) I see an affirmative nod from Professor Donceel-Voute.
2) A. ( affirmative nod ).
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affirmative obligation1) Others involve affirmative obligations to seek the common good.
2) It is the affirmative obligation of the state entity to address appropriately such concerns.
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affirmative plan1) How long should affirmative action plans continue?
2) Who must have a certified affirmative action plan ?
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affirmative policy1) In 2003, Lieberman criticized Bush's affirmative action policy .
2) affirmative action policies should be updated to reflect these new realities.
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affirmative program1) No affirmative action program has ever been needed.
2) Such affirmative action programs are also applied in college admissions.
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affirmative reply1) Comsat gave an enthusiastic affirmative reply and joined the group.
2) Her brief but affirmative reply would lead to a most fruitful photographic relationship.
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affirmative resolution1) affirmative resolution procedure requires the Houses to act.
2) An affirmative resolution concerning Brussels' place in the federal system passed in the parliaments of Wallonia and Brussels.
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affirmative response1) I again received an affirmative response .
2) You asked a scorekeeper that you trusted, twice even, and received an affirmative response .
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affirmative sentence1) In normal affirmative sentences the inflected verb always has position 2.
2) But could we not equally well say that the affirmative sentence too represents an act of judgement?
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affirmative statement1) Use affirmative statements when arguing, not passive.
2) Just like how there are affirmative statements , there are negative statements.
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affirmative step1) Where affirmative steps are called for, none has been taken.
2) It gives you a chance to try and take affirmative steps .
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affirmative vote1) The Resolution was passed with 14 affirmative votes .
2) The revised version failed to gain the required two-thirds affirmative vote .
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answer in the affirmative1) the question is answered in the affirmative .
2) That question was answered in the affirmative .
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race affirmative1) Why can't we have both socioeconomic and race-based affirmative action?
2) The 6-2 vote upheld the Michigan ban on race-based affirmative action in state university admissions.
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reply in the affirmative1) I replied in the affirmative , of course.
2) She replies in the affirmative and is questioned how it went.
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