affirmation Collocations
affirmation0) The affirmation and pleasure perverse sex may bring.
0) The sexual instinct offers much opportunity for affirmation .
1) Testimony means statements taken under oath or affirmation .
2) The third affirmation is to maintain physical cleanliness.
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affirmation of faith0) The requirement for baptism is affirmation of faith in Jesus Christ.
1) Action - the most powerful response to our affirmation of faith .
2) Then, she surrendered and made this very powerful affirmation of faith .
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affirmation that1) Just another affirmation that 2009 is THE year to overcome fear!
1) Positive atheism is the explicit affirmation that gods do not exist.
2) This note will be my affirmation that corporate culture is the key.
2) A unique thing about biblical faith is the central affirmation that God speaks.
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affirmations1) I was doing daily affirmations and flowed away from those.
2) The affirmations reflect the pool's consistent overall expected losses.
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be affirmation1) There is little affirmation , little uplifting.
2) But the man's reply was affirmation .
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give affirmation1) Those who do not want to swear the religious oath may give an affirmation .
2) given the legal system's affirmation of its position, the SP began to forcibly remove some of the settlers.
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in affirmation1) He raised his eyebrow and nodded his head in affirmation .
2) He smiles, and holds up his hand in affirmation .
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make affirmation1) Then, she surrendered and made this very powerful affirmation of faith.
2) Its working group on Interreligious Dialogue and Cooperation made three important affirmations .
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nod in affirmation1) As no changes were suggested, I asked if the group approved of these questions; heads nodded in affirmation .
2) Oh yes,' he nodded in affirmation , taking the stunned look on Father Poole's face for disbelief.
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oath affirmation1) Testimony means statements taken under oath or affirmation .
2) Witnesses will give oral evidence on oath or affirmation .
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positive affirmation1) This is what is known as positive affirmation .
2) positive affirmations work to build self confidence.
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solemn affirmation1) We greet you also in these words as our solemn affirmation for the need to dialogue for peace.
2) Schedule 2 contains the texts of the oaths or solemn affirmations to be sworn by political office-holders and judges.
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strong affirmation0) This is a strong affirmation of Christ's deity.
1) The sura begins with a strong affirmation of the revelation.
2) The pope's response was the strongest affirmation to date of papal sovereignty.
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