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accept arbitration1) Cooler heads prevail and they agree to accept arbitration instead.
2) We didn't accept the arbitration , you see?
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agree to arbitration1) All parties involved must sign contracts agreeing to arbitration under Sheindlin.
2) In November both sides agreed to arbitration by an international commission.
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arbitration1) Rights arbitration involves interpreting existing contract terms.
2) Strikes are illegal unless arbitration procedures are first exhausted.
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arbitration agreement1) Sometimes, legal significance attaches to the type of arbitration agreement .
2) The arbitration agreement can be executed by the separate agreement.
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arbitration award1) The district court confirmed the arbitration award .
2) arbitration awards enjoy the protection of special treaties.
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arbitration case1) The dispute has cycled through several agreements and arbitration cases .
2) Upton's arbitration case was held on February 12.
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arbitration claim1) Other airline pilots have arbitration claims pending.
2) Grubman has already been named in civil suits, including one highly publicized arbitration claim earlier this month.
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arbitration clause1) Nor was the arbitration clause limited to contractual claims.
2) Contracts often include arbitration clauses nominating an arbitrator in advance.
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arbitration commission1) Tripartite regional arbitration commissions settle industrial disputes when conciliation fails.
2) The line of the border was finally settled by an international arbitration commission in 1872.
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arbitration committee1) A host of anti-Scientologist editors were topic-banned as well by the arbitration committee .
2) Möller in turn has now been hauled in front of Wikipedia's arbitration committee , accused of overstepping his authority.
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arbitration conduct1) arbitrations are conducted by a sole arbitrator.
2) Many have lawyers or former lawyers conduct the arbitrations .
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arbitration court1) Russia and Ukraine also said they would file lawsuits at the arbitration court .
2) The Group contested the restriction and in June 2013 the arbitration court dismissed the injunction.
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arbitration decision1) Intel is now appealing that arbitration decision .
2) The major risk is that arbitration decisions can almost never be appealed.
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arbitration fee1) Commentators have criticized reliance on arbitration fees to suggest unfairness towards the consumer.
2) The plaintiffs also state that the arbitration provision subjects distributors to prohibitively expensive arbitration fees .
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arbitration hearing1) arbitration hearings are scheduled through Feb. 20 .
2) I actually won an arbitration hearing against another agent three years ago.
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arbitration of dispute1) The Community wants to create bureacratic machinery for joint arbitration of disputes .
2) C. A declaration may provide for arbitration of disputes or other means of alternative dispute resolution.
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arbitration panel1) Manila Water then seized an international arbitration panel .
2) The arbitration panel rendered a take-nothing verdict against the claimants.
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arbitration procedure1) Strikes are illegal unless arbitration procedures are first exhausted.
2) Some examples of arbitration procedures used by cooperatives: Settlement of Disputes.
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arbitration proceeding1) He also represents clients in arbitration proceedings .
2) The arbitration proceedings are likely to begin during the same time.
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arbitration process1) In either case, the arbitration process is closed.
2) The future of mining The arbitration process has left few players here content .
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arbitration provision1) It also specifically limits the arbitration provisions to only certain taxation matters.
2) Even tort claims may be the subject of a contractual arbitration provision .
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arbitration ruling1) All arbitration rulings are by default public.
2) The reason the Federal arbitration Act was written in the first place was to prevent courts from overturning arbitration rulings .
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arbitration scheme1) There is also an arbitration scheme under which many negligence claims are settled.
2) What is the ABTA arbitration scheme ?
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arbitration service1) There are several private companies that offer online arbitration services .
2) As a last resort, use BT's independent low-cost arbitration service .
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arbitration system1) For services to the arbitration system .
2) Watchdogs have accused Kaiser of abusing the power imbalance inherent in the arbitration system .
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arbitration tribunal1) The arbitration tribunal has jurisdiction over its own jurisdiction.
2) The arbitration tribunal shall conduct its proceedings in the English language.
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avoid arbitration1) On December 21, the Brewers resigned Branyan, avoiding salary arbitration .
2) On August 14, 2003, both sides avoided arbitration by signing a two-year contract.
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binding arbitration1) Many mandated binding arbitration before disputes even arose.
2) If challenged again, the case goes to binding arbitration .
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board of arbitration1) The board of arbitration provided for under its terms was lost sight of.
2) He also headed the municipal board of arbitration in debt matters, from 1935 to 1940.
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class arbitration1) Subsequently, JAMS stated that the arbitrator would have the authority to determine whether class arbitration would be permitted.
2) The Supreme Court held that class arbitration may not be imposed on parties that have not consented to class proceedings, a victory for WilmerHale's client.
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commercial arbitration1) Each member has experience and interest in promoting commercial arbitration .
2) Arbitrators ordinarily do not provide a written award in commercial arbitrations .
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compel arbitration1) Southland sought to compel arbitration per the franchise agreements.
2) Pearson filed a motion to compel arbitration , which was granted.
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compulsory arbitration1) compulsory arbitration of industrial disputes and reform of employment laws.
2) compulsory arbitration of industrial disputes abolished.
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consumer arbitration1) Additional issues pertaining specifically to the nature of consumer arbitration have been discussed.
2) In consumer law, standard form contracts often include mandatory predispute arbitration clauses which require consumer arbitration .
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determine by arbitration1) The adjudicator's decision is binding until the dispute or difference is finally determined by arbitration under the CIMAR rules, or the Courts.
2) Accordingly, it is suggested that the tenant will be better off if the rent is to be determined by arbitration rather than by expert.
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favor arbitration1) Although this formality drives up costs, some businesses favor arbitration because it's final.
2) Because public policy favors arbitration , a court will resolve any doubts regarding the applicability of an arbitration provision in favor of arbitration.
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go to arbitration1) Neither country has agreed to go to arbitration .
2) The dispute raged for years and went to arbitration at Geneva.
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grievance arbitration1) After the year had elapsed, both players filed a grievance arbitration .
2) Propriety of the discipline shall be determined through the collective bargaining agreement grievance arbitration process.
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independent arbitration1) Unlike BR, there is no provision within the machinery for independent arbitration .
2) The hon. Member for Rotherham made some interesting points about independent arbitration .
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industrial arbitration1) The industrial arbitration Court handles labour-management disputes that cannot be resolved informally through the Ministry of Manpower.
2) Various laws were introduced providing for improvements in the accommodation of rural workers, changes in the industrial arbitration system, and a 44-hour workweek.
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initiate arbitration1) Selected to represent Ecuador in an ICSID arbitration initiated by Occidental Petroleum.
2) If we are unable to resolve any Dispute through informal means, either party may initiate binding arbitration of such Dispute.
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interest arbitration1) Breaks in negotiations can be settled in binding interest arbitration .
2) Memorandum of Understanding Incorporated into August 19, 1995 interest arbitration Award.
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international arbitration1) The treaty allows for international arbitration of investment disputes.
2) Both nations have agreed to international arbitration .
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litigation arbitration1) The firm engages in all forums for resolution, including litigation , arbitration and mediation.
2) For a general comparison of litigation , arbitration and the expert procedure, see 16.3.
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mandatory arbitration1) At one point it proposed a rule prohibiting mandatory arbitration .
2) Outlawing mandatory arbitration might take an amendment to the California constitution.
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offer arbitration1) The keystone offers arbitration and escrow services.
2) After a disappointing 2008 season, former closer Éric Gagné was not offered arbitration .
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private arbitration1) Both sides agreed to have the case decided by private arbitration .
2) We're increasingly being forced to take disputes into private arbitration when something goes wrong.
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refer to arbitration1) A dispute arose under the contracts and was referred to arbitration .
2) A dispute over benefits may be referred to arbitration .
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require arbitration1) The Atlassian terms require binding arbitration for disputes.
2) In consumer law, standard form contracts often include mandatory predispute arbitration clauses which require consumer arbitration .
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resolve arbitration1) Labour's national executive called for the dispute to be resolved by arbitration .
2) The Alaska boundary dispute is resolved by arbitration , generally favoring the American claim.
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salary arbitration1) Owners agreed to add salary arbitration to the CBA.
2) He formally declined the Angels' offer of salary arbitration on December 8.
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seek arbitration1) The two defendants sought arbitration before the JCAA per their contracts.
2) Thompson sought Writers Guild arbitration but the Guild ultimately ruled against him.
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settle arbitration1) The claim was settled by arbitration for about £100.
2) These claims are likewise in the process of being settled by binding arbitration .
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settle by arbitration1) The claim was settled by arbitration for about £100.
2) The engineering contracts say that if disputes are not resolved by the engineer they have to be settled by arbitration .
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submit to arbitration1) The board asked that both employers and strikers submit to arbitration .
2) Vacated and remanded with instructions to compel Hill to submit to arbitration .
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take to arbitration1) Cases can also be taken to arbitration .
2) The issue was taken to arbitration , which concluded in favour of Britain on all points in 1893.
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win an arbitration1) I actually won an arbitration hearing against another agent three years ago.
2) and the increases given by other jurisdictions also militate against our winning an arbitration decision on wages .
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