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apartheid1) Some joined the armed struggle against apartheid .
2) The architecture of apartheid is extremely elusive.
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apartheid era1) South Africa's international involvement was suspended because of apartheid era policies.
2) We have brutality no different from during the apartheid era .
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apartheid government1) Reagan administration officials saw the apartheid government as a key anti-communist ally.
2) The imperial and apartheid governments categorized them as Coloureds.
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apartheid laws1) The principal apartheid laws were as follows.
2) Between 1986 and 1988, some petty apartheid laws were repealed.
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apartheid policy1) They were pivotal in altering public opinion regarding apartheid policies .
2) The 1960s also witnessed widespread protest against apartheid policies .
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apartheid regime1) Here parties worked together against the apartheid regime .
2) Are we running apartheid regime in northern Nigeria?
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apartheid rule1) Since independence Namibia has successfully completed the transition from white minority apartheid rule to parliamentary democracy.
2) One difficulty in this regard is that ACL was subverted by colonialism and apartheid rule .
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apartheid system1) We've got an apartheid system of education here.
2) Israel is the biggest apartheid system in the world .
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apartheid years1) The sight reminded him of the horrors of his own South African apartheid years .
2) One of the better movies that has dealt with the aftermath of the apartheid years .
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under apartheid1) South Africa under apartheid also banned interracial marriage.
2) Could any of this possibly have happened under apartheid ?
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