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antivirus1) Most commercial antivirus software manufacturers offer frequent updates.
2) Top user ratings among free antivirus applications.
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antivirus product1) Fake antivirus products constitute 15 percent of all malware.
2) The highest out of 12 tested antivirus products .
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antivirus program1) Different antivirus programs use different signatures to identify viruses.
2) We test using the antivirus program 's default settings.
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antivirus protection1) It is essential antivirus protection for your PC.
2) Every account is covered by server-wide firewall and antivirus protection .
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antivirus scan1) If in doubt, exclude the PDXpert data folder from antivirus scanning .
2) Kill Switch also includes antivirus scanning and remote wipe and lock, among other essential features.
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antivirus software1) Top user ratings among free antivirus software .
2) Traditionally, antivirus software heavily relied upon signatures to identify malware.
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