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anything1) It was actually before anything had happened.
2) I find myself doing anything except y2k stuff.
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anything at all1) It might signify hardly anything at all .
2) The female presenters are wearing hardly anything at all .
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anything but1) The music itself is anything but country.
2) Buying home d├ęcor online is anything but cheap.
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anything else1) anything else is 50% off+shipping.
2) A tool is before anything else memory.
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anything goes1) They are free form conversations where anything goes .
2) Small groups ensure anything goes wildlife viewing.
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anything like1) Scotland has never tried anything like this before.
2) Athletics had never seen anything like it.
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anything like as good1) Did the British government offer anything like as good a deal as the Spanish government?
2) and concluding If an apparently finished album is anything like as good , Prince Charming's could be one of the great pop comebacks.
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anything like as much1) John Smith doesn't scare people anything like as much .
2) Do our top atheists do anything like as much good?
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anything of the kind1) He was reluctant to attempt anything of the kind .
2) You see, I never did anything of the kind .
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anything worth1) anything worth having is surely worth working for.
2) anything worth doing is worth doing well.
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anything you say1) anything you said to George was fine.
2) anything you say after that is irrelevant.
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as anything1) He is not passing as anything .
2) It seemed as likely as anything else around here.
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if anything1) if anything a mutual dependence was growing.
2) Snow is falling still & if anything getting heavier .
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like anything1) like anything whose proper function is abused will cause problems.
2) like anything else online; buyer beware.
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not for anything1) It's not for anything except the satisfaction.
2) If not for anything else to stop you committing suicide!
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or anything1) He should never call anyone or anything dumb ass .
2) Do not add sugar or anything else.
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