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antiviral1) This is why making specific antiviral drugs is more difficult.
2) No specific antiviral therapy is yet available.
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antiviral activity1) Some are predominantly responsible for antiviral activities .
2) It also displays significant antiviral activity against the influenza A viruses.
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antiviral agent1) Other experimental vaccines and antiviral agents are being researched.
2) That makes ozone an effective antiviral agent .
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antiviral drug1) This is why making specific antiviral drugs is more difficult.
2) All three oral antiviral drugs are very effective and reasonably safe.
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antiviral effect1) Some ISGs have broad antiviral effects .
2) Vitamin C with bioflavonoids Has a powerful antiviral effect and increases the energy level.
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antiviral medication1) Can homeopathy offer anything to replace antiviral medications ?
2) A number of antiviral medications are being studied.
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antiviral medicine1) Hepatitis C can be treated using antiviral medicines .
2) antiviral medicines do not kill the virus, but stop it from multiplying.
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antiviral property1) It is also rich in antiviral properties .
2) The berries of this herb also contain antiviral properties .
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antiviral therapy1) No specific antiviral therapy is yet available.
2) Successful response to antiviral therapy can prevent progression of liver disease.
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antiviral treatment1) Such measures include those not based on vaccines or antiviral treatments .
2) There is no known antiviral treatment to cure the common cold.
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