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apathy1) Many health education campaigns are still greeted with apathy .
2) To lose them through apathy is sinful.
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apathy among1) The interview sparked discussions about political apathy among young people .
2) But I would not say that there is apathy among staff at the airport.
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apathy toward1) Is it apathy toward other cultures or an outright resistance bordering on xenophobia?
2) This ditz's statements betray a desensitization and apathy toward any men in her vicinity.
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apathy towards1) His family shows a general apathy towards his well-being.
2) They too left Nandigram due to their leaders' apathy towards their condition.
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fall into apathy1) He fell into apathy and became virtually isolated until his death in 2010.
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general apathy1) His family shows a general apathy towards his well-being.
2) Kensei reacts to this with general apathy .
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lead to apathy1) That was futile and every failure led to apathy .
2) Cynicism can all too easily lead to apathy and an unwillingness to participate in politics and government.
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political apathy1) This implies a certain amount of political apathy .
2) The interview sparked discussions about political apathy among young people .
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public apathy1) public apathy was one of our biggest problems.
2) public apathy and political ignorance is an indisputable fact today.
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sink into apathy1) The colonists sank into apathy until the arrival of Alexander Campbell of Fonab, sent by the company to organise a defence.
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student apathy1) This is a pivotal year for SA because of student apathy .
2) By Janine Dusoewoir People go on a lot about student apathy .
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suffer from apathy1) To the extent this happens , the public hospitals suffer from apathy at the hands of the governments themselves.
2) Some people may suffer from apathy , boredom, bio essence slimming gel , lack of energy and difficulty in concentrating or focusing.
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voter apathy1) Both main parties are counting on traditional voter apathy to remain.
2) voter apathy is growing among the British public.
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widespread apathy1) This doesn't mean the widespread apathy doesn't exist.
2) However, widespread apathy and tacit acceptance toward smoking policy are likely to predominate within large portions of the Chinese population.
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