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a little anxious1) He must feel a little anxious about his fate.
2) White walls make me feel a little anxious .
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always anxious1) He is always anxious that his King is safe and asleep.
2) And she was always anxious lest I or my brothers should sin.
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anxious1) I had never been anxious before either.
2) In many cases anxious pastors foster anxious congregations.
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anxious about1) She seemed anxious about going down there.
2) My friend is very anxious about your welfare.
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anxious angry1) They may become anxious , angry , moody, or depressed.
2) We become fidgety, fearful, frustrated, anxious , and even angry .
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anxious anticipation1) We waited four long days in anxious anticipation .
2) Modern man is living in anxious anticipation of destruction.
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anxious care1) Yet more than this, anxious care often leads to acts of sin.
2) Mr. Ward's anxious care for his children's welfare extended to every branch of their conduct.
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anxious child1) I was a fearful, anxious child with reoccurring nightmares.
2) Previous research led by Kalin found that anxious young monkeys are similar to anxious children .
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anxious depressed1) They may become extremely anxious and depressed .
2) Such problems included being withdrawn, anxious or depressed .
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anxious expression1) Her anxious expression cleared as Robbie announced her errand.
2) He gazed towards his mid-seventies with an anxious expression .
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anxious eye1) Bradley's dark and anxious eyes narrowed with suspicion.
2) His mother's anxious eyes were fixed on his face.
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anxious face1) Benjamin pushed his white, anxious face closer.
2) You see their anxious little faces peering out through the bars.
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anxious fearful1) Others may become very anxious , fearful or angry.
2) This creates anxious , fearful times for the child.
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anxious feeling1) Well, I've had horrible dizzy spells and anxious feelings .
2) Then, the clammy anxious withdrawal feelings showed up.
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anxious for1) I was extremely anxious for my first appointment.
2) He was now anxious for his coronation.
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anxious glance1) Louisa and Horrocks exchanged anxious glances .
2) Mustapha Mond intercepted his anxious glance and the corners of his red lips twitched ironically.
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anxious individual1) The anxious individual becomes an expert at putting himself down.
2) Belching is also seen commonly in anxious individuals .
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anxious look1) Pooley shot him an anxious look .
2) I opened the door and five very anxious looking policemen with weapons drawn were standing there.
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anxious moment1) The anxious moment of appearing day arrived.
2) We faltered - for a few anxious moments .
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anxious mother1) At the hospital, anxious mothers searched for their sons.
2) But I can see the position of the anxious mother worried her daughter won't find a mate.
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anxious nervous1) I was anxious , nervous , hands sweating -- all that.
2) You might be especially anxious or nervous , or even become depressed.
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anxious parent1) Stephen Spielberg says anxious parents should view it first.
2) A helpline has been set up for anxious parents .
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anxious patient1) I very much enjoy working with very anxious patients .
2) I wondered how many anxious liver biopsy patients were sitting in there.
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anxious people1) This may explain why anxious people are less likely to die due to accidents.
2) Arsenicum album is extremely useful in very neat, anxious , restless people .
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anxious person1) Do you consider yourself an anxious person ?
2) She had never been a tense or anxious person .
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anxious relatives1) anxious relatives raised the alarm when the men, who all live near Borth, were nearly five hours overdue.
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anxious state1) Any discussion of the topic in question fuels their already anxious state .
2) He spoke as flirtatiously as was humanly possible in his anxious state .
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anxious that1) Helen answered and sounded so anxious that Sophie grew apprehensive.
2) He is always anxious that his King is safe and asleep.
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anxious thought1) You can't turn off your anxious thoughts .
2) These are the anxious thoughts which trouble me.
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anxious thoughts1) You can't turn off your anxious thoughts .
2) These are the anxious thoughts which trouble me.
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anxious to1) I was anxious to start experiencing normal life again.
2) Red seemed anxious to put things straight.
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anxious wait1) Meanwhile for the family, the anxious wait goes on.
2) The defender now has an anxious wait to see if his trial can continue.
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anxious waiting1) There followed, therefore, several days of anxious waiting .
2) Meanwhile, down below, the people are getting anxious waiting for Moses.
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appear anxious1) Adults appear anxious while their chick is hatching.
2) Faced with global opposition to the scheme the Bank appears anxious .
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as anxious1) You should no longer feel as anxious about making poor financial decisions.
2) They have to wait until they are not as anxious to start a fight.
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be anxious1) I had never been anxious before either.
2) I was anxious to start experiencing normal life again.
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become anxious1) Several weeks ago Angie suddenly became visibly more anxious .
2) You may even become anxious when planes fly overhead.
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desperately anxious1) I know only too well how desperately anxious you must be.
2) Tweed was desperately anxious to get to Freiburg and it was late afternoon already.
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especially anxious1) By autumn, students did not seem especially anxious .
2) My seatmate on this bus is especially anxious .
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extremely anxious1) They may become extremely anxious and depressed.
2) The dogs are extremely anxious to run.
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feel anxious1) feeling anxious going into surgery is normal.
2) My chest also feels tight too and feel very anxious .
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get anxious1) getting anxious about something is different to being just lazy.
2) We get anxious deciding what to eat.
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grow anxious1) People have grown anxious because it will be racially integrated.
2) On the other side, Basrawis are growing anxious about Kuwait.
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highly anxious1) Some other, highly anxious , people may over.estimate their potential problems.
2) highly anxious test takers also blame themselves for their failure significantly more than low anxious test takers.
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increasingly anxious1) She becomes increasingly anxious and has trouble concentrating.
2) They were increasingly anxious to balance their trade.
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incredibly anxious1) We were all incredibly anxious and upset.
2) I was really out of place and so incredibly anxious .
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little anxious1) He must feel a little anxious about his fate.
2) White walls make me feel a little anxious .
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look anxious1) Stephen entered a short time later, looking anxious .
2) He spoke firmly but Carrie thought he looked anxious .
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more anxious1) Several weeks ago Angie suddenly became visibly more anxious .
2) Many would be more anxious around others.
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naturally anxious1) Many people were naturally anxious to leave.
2) Minority or specialist groups are naturally anxious about their status.
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overly anxious1) Does she become overly anxious when left alone?
2) Do you tend to be overly anxious or pessimistic?
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particularly anxious1) They're particularly anxious to find out what's happening.
2) Lloyd George was particularly anxious for M. Clemenceau to follow this.
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quite anxious1) It was making me quite anxious everyday.
2) He was quite anxious about his return.
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really anxious1) Are we, really anxious for them?
2) What happens if I get really anxious during a meeting?
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remain anxious1) He remained anxious about his lack of employment.
2) The modern horse in captivity cannot do this: he remains anxious .
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seem anxious1) Red seemed anxious to put things straight.
2) She seemed anxious about going down there.
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slightly anxious1) But slightly anxious that I might not be invited to many Rotarian dinner dances.
2) According to the book: 'He was absolutely furious but was also slightly anxious .
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so anxious1) That is why families are so anxious today.
2) And why is this fool so anxious to play touch football?
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socially anxious1) Technology has helped to pinpoint changes in socially anxious brains.
2) Hedquist and Weinhold investigated two group counseling strategies with socially anxious and unassertive college students.
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sound anxious1) He didn't sound anxious - if anything, he sounded hopeful.
2) He sounded anxious , but warmed to have something in common with her.
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terribly anxious1) He was off like a flash, and Bessie, terribly anxious , but hopeful, too, saw him run up the tree like a squirrel.
2) NONETHELESS, I will continue to be strong and wait it out, even if in general I am terribly anxious about my heart and health.
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too anxious1) They seemed only too anxious to leave.
2) I was too anxious to eat these!
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understandably anxious1) Patients are often understandably anxious and afraid.
2) Meanwhile people are understandably anxious about accidents waiting to happen.
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unduly anxious1) I was wary of Clive Smith as he seemed unduly anxious for Mr. Winterbone to make a will.
2) These methods have, for instance, been shown to considerably reduce the symptoms of people who become unduly anxious before taking examinations (Meichenbaum, 1972).
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very anxious1) I very much enjoy working with very anxious patients.
2) I am very anxious you should all become saints.
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