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apathetic1) My biggest frustration is dealing with apathetic employees.
2) These apathetic attitudes lead to teacher and parent frustration.
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apathetic about1) Was the organization simply apathetic about Libya?
2) Is Indianapolis really that apathetic about its art museum?
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apathetic attitude1) These apathetic attitudes lead to teacher and parent frustration.
2) These issues at hand are generally the flippant and apathetic attitude taken towards fans of late.
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apathetic silence1) The rehearsal ended in apathetic silence .
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become apathetic1) They can become apathetic to the point of illness or death.
2) Its dragged on so long, I've become apathetic .
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people apathetic1) So were talking about Harlow people just being apathetic .
2) The Greek people were generally apathetic , without actively opposing Metaxas.
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