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American antiquity1) Roosevelt signed the Act for the Preservation of American antiquities in 1906.
2) Additional credence is lent by the fact that women were not allowed patents in American antiquity .
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Egyptian antiquity1) Iron metal is singularly scarce in collections of Egyptian antiquities .
2) Our Guide was very helpful and knowledgeable of Egyptian antiquities .
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Greek antiquity1) The history of amphibious warfare predates Greek antiquity .
2) The production of small metal votives continued throughout Greek antiquity .
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Roman antiquity1) One room is devoted to Roman antiquities , and another room to Greek antiquities.
2) From the beginning the institute also stimulated the research of Roman antiquity and art.
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antiquities1) Wiltshire is extraordinarily rich in prehistoric antiquities .
2) antiquities museums specialize in more archaeological findings.
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antiquities dealer1) Nellie and Jackson are antiquities dealers .
2) Juliette Binoche stars as a French antiquities dealer living in Tuscany with her son.
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antiquity1) The bay has been inhabited since antiquity .
2) In late antiquity however sources add further physical descriptions.
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be lost in antiquity1) The roots of the practice are lost in antiquity .
2) The origin of Baidyanathdham is lost in antiquity .
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classical antiquity1) This scholar year was originally centered around classical antiquity .
2) The top section conveys elements of classical antiquity .
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collect antiquity1) Kollek is not the only Israeli politician to collect antiquities .
2) Eighteenth-century gentleman scholars collected antiquities .
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considerable antiquity1) A tiny hutt on the plateau is obviously of considerable antiquity .
2) By the reign of Henry III their offices were of considerable antiquity .
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date back to antiquity1) The precursors to rum date back to antiquity .
2) As the study of myth, mythology dates back to antiquity .
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early antiquity1) The singing cricket became a domestic pet in early antiquity .
2) Pontic Greek has been spoken in the region since early antiquity .
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from antiquity1) Unfortunately , anything approaching complete manuscripts from antiquity is exceedingly rare.
2) The manuscript that survived from antiquity included no illustrations.
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go back to antiquity1) The observation that matter occupies space goes back to antiquity .
2) The history of political thinking goes back to antiquity .
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great antiquity1) The great antiquity of this house is undisputed.
2) This line came from a Belarusian folk tale of great antiquity .
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in antiquity1) Public health has early roots in antiquity .
2) This panel was damaged and repaired in antiquity .
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late antiquity1) In late antiquity however sources add further physical descriptions.
2) By late antiquity , the gap had become impossible to ignore.
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looted antiquity1) I also feel that this country cannot go on permitting the unrestricted sale of looted antiquities from abroad.
2) What do you believe governments, given the resources, should be doing to prevent this destruction and sale of looted antiquities ?
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priceless antiquity1) The lovely home shown here is a prime example of Asmara real estate, thoroughly modern price upon request living on the edge of priceless antiquity .
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remote antiquity1) The use of bronze dates from remote antiquity .
2) Cinnamon has been known from remote antiquity .
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stolen antiquity1) In the last three years, the sale of stolen antiquities has flourished - inside Egypt and abroad, said Sharaf.
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survive from antiquity1) The manuscript that survived from antiquity included no illustrations.
2) A few corrosion-resistant iron artifacts survive from antiquity .
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