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airplane1) The airplane was damaged beyond economical repair.
2) The basic airplane exhibited uncontrollable wing rock.
2) We build 110 story skyscrapers and massive 747 airplanes .
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airplane be1) The airplane was damaged beyond economical repair.
2) The airplane was configured with full flap.
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airplane come1) The airplane came to rest upright.
2) The purchase of the airplanes came after months of thought and experimentation.
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airplane crash1) The airplane crashed shortly after takeoff and caught fire.
2) That airplane crashed and killed 900 people !
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airplane flight1) The computers show us the airplanes' flight tracks.
2) Armando: We took an airplane flight .
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airplane flow1) The first airplane was flown in 1903.
2) In December, the first airplane was flown in Siam.
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airplane fly1) Model airplane flying also has its own special designated area.
2) We use special computers to track where airplanes fly .
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airplane hangar1) The corrugated metal factory building is as large as an airplane hangar .
2) Shute has no regrets about leaving newsrooms for an airplane hangar .
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airplane have1) Every airplane has a best glide speed .
2) Some airplanes have been designed with fixed leading edge slots.
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airplane land1) Ice fog became a problem for airplanes landing at the field.
2) In the last 24 hours alone, Boeing airplanes landed about 20,000 times.
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airplane landing1) Ice fog became a problem for airplanes landing at the field.
2) BLEU's work resulted in an eponymous system for controlling airplane landings .
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airplane mechanics1) The airplane mechanics were wearing blue overalls.
2) The airplane mechanics intervened and explained that his loss of the wing was accidental, not intentional.
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airplane pilot1) In addition, the runways are used by model airplane pilots .
2) The police sharpshooter in the airplane piloted by Jim Boutwell.
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airplane propeller1) In 1918, Jamestown Corp. formed to make airplane propellers .
2) Listening to it was a great thrill, especially the airplane propellers .
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airplane spin1) In the ring, Monsoon dominated opponents with vicious chops, the dreaded Manchurian Splash, and his signature move, the airplane spin .
2) Foley appeared in an episode of Boy Meets World as Mankind, giving advice to Eric Matthews before giving Eric the mandible claw and an airplane spin .
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airplane take off1) It ascended like an airplane taking flight only it moved faster .
2) The airplane took off from Miami for a planned flight to Haiti.
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airplane ticket0) The airplane ticket is an early Christmas gift from his father.
1) Unitaid's main source of funding is a levy on airplane tickets .
2) He also stopped Martin from buying airplane tickets for another player's family.
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airplane turn1) The airplane turned upside down and headed for the rainforest below me.
2) If the airplane turns to a heading anywhere in this range, the airplane will intercept the radial.
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airplanes0) We build 110 story skyscrapers and massive 747 airplanes .
1) The problem is finding airplanes that provide power cords.
2) Some airplanes may have stall speeds above 61 knots.
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board airplane1) Ahmed recounts a recent attempt to board an airplane .
2) They then boarded the two airplanes that blew up.
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build airplane1) Tools required to build a sheet metal airplane .
2) We accuse him of really building an airplane .
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buy airplane1) Delta buys older airplanes as sources for spare parts.
2) David Martin: So the American taxpayer is going to buy this airplane ?
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by airplane1) This concept is often used by airplane designers.
2) He eventually overcame his fear enough to travel by airplane .
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commercial airplane1) It was Boeing 's largest commercial airplane order.
2) At my company, we build commercial airplanes .
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crash airplane1) The location was based around a crashed airplane .
2) So have you crashed any more remote control airplanes this past year?
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design airplane1) They designed this airplane and they thought it would be the best .
2) It's been said it's the most elegant, beautiful airplane ever designed .
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destroy airplane1) The airplane was destroyed on the ground.
2) More than 40 airplanes were destroyed .
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fly airplane1) The pilot flew the airplane to the maintenance base.
2) The safety of nuclear energy is equal to flying an airplane .
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get off the airplane1) When the two returned to Argentina, they were arrested as they got off the airplane .
2) As I got off the airplane on my return flight, a disoriented older woman was helped to a wheelchair by several people, airline staff and passengers alike.
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get on the airplane1) We had to get on the airplane ourselves.
2) Then we get on the airplane to came to Hong Kong.
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hijack airplane1) When they hijacked four airplanes , the CIA failed again.
2) L.S.: The hijacked airplanes showed strange flight patterns.
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in an airplane1) Almost everyone today has flown in an airplane .
2) Traveling in an airplane is the opposite.
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in the airplane1) I was paying attention to everything in the airplane .
2) I've worked in the airplane business.
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invent airplane1) Wilbur and Orville Wright invented the first airplane in Dayton.
2) The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute.
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jet airplane1) The 1983 agreement prohibits jet airplanes except in emergencies.
2) jet airplanes require relatively few big-dollar sales.
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military airplane1) military airplanes from a rich industrial nation taking off to bomb an insurgency .
2) The Chinese military had believed it to be a Taiwanese military airplane .
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on an airplane1) What 's the safest seat on an airplane ?
2) If you're on an airplane , drink heavily.
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on the airplane1) If possible take a nap on the airplane .
2) We had to get on the airplane ourselves.
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paper airplane1) A paper airplane is an unmanned aerial vehicle .
2) One will involve 150 paper airplanes strung throughout the lobby.
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pilot airplane1) Dad was piloting airplanes in Vietnam for the Air Force.
2) This app introduces the basic pilot skills and knowledge essential for piloting airplanes .
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power airplane1) The development of mechanically powered airplane diminished interest in kites.
2) Lower safety effect (impact) than powered airplanes .
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produce airplane1) It was a factory that produces combat airplanes .
2) Tatarstan's aviation industry produces Tu-214 passenger airplanes and helicopters.
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see airplane1) Around noon, the soldiers saw airplanes appear overhead.
2) Twelve witnesses saw the airplane in a steep nose-down descent.
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use airplane1) Includes pressurized airplanes used in known icing conditions.
2) The airplanes are used frequently, also.
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