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airline1) Credit card airline miles comparison best card.
2) There are lots of domestic airlines providing helicopter services.
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airline alliance1) It became a member of oneworld global airline alliance in 2014.
2) However, many of these airlines are members of global airline alliances .
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airline baggage1) What are the authorised airline baggage allowances?
2) Know the rules for your airline's baggage check policy.
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airline cabin1) They could combine certain liquids in an airline cabin and cause a disaster .
2) For the airline's cabin staff, it eliminated handling trays while airborne and resulted in a reduction of their workload.
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airline captain1) Military pilots and airline captains use them too.
2) Ingmar Bergman Jr, airline captain , born 1951.
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airline deregulation1) After airline deregulation in 1978 hub airports appeared.
2) The growth ended with airline deregulation in 1978.
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airline employee1) Huge industry discounts for eligible airline employees & their family.
2) We offer interline cruise discounts to airline employees .
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airline executive1) Today , airline executives are being smarter about pricing.
2) airline executives now realize that pricing below cost is a disastrous strategy .
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airline fare1) How was the airline fare paid for?
2) In return, the airline fares will drop by 9%.
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airline flies1) The airlines flies from Gary to Florida twice a week .
2) The airline flies twice each way daily between Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne.
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airline flight1) In March 1980 regular airline flights were inaugurated.
2) An example would be a scheduled airline flight .
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airline fuel1) Current airlines fuel surcharges and taxes subject to change.
2) airline fuel is untaxed because of a series of treaties existing between countries.
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airline hub1) Both airports provide service to most major airline hubs .
2) airline transport hubs often require cargo transfers under their own tight schedules.
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airline industry1) The airline industry is characterized by substantial and intense price competition.
2) Answer: The airline industries are using yield pricing.
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airline lounge1) The fourth floor is reserved for airlines' lounges .
2) Regional Express also operates an airline lounge in the terminal.
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airline operates1) The airline operates cargo flights to many destinations.
2) One cargo airline operates at the terminal.
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airline operator1) At present it is not covered by any airline operator .
2) Dan-Air was the last commercial airline operator of the Ambassador.
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airline passenger1) airline passengers were understandably disturbed by the latest revelation .
2) The distinction is analogous to the handling of airline passengers .
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airline pilot1) Other airline pilots have arbitration claims pending.
2) Two airline pilots filed suit against the procedures.
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airline reservation1) I make the airline reservations for the puppy.
2) Lots of people need to call airline reservations at some point.
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airline routes1) CAB was merged into DOT with its responsibilities limited to the regulation of commercial airline routes and fares.
2) They operated on the airline's routes to South America, West Africa and the Middle and Far East.
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airline safety1) airline safety has increased dramatically since that time.
2) He actually was a blogger for an airline safety blog.
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airline schedules1) Thunderstorms will scupper the airline's schedules , and hence yours.
2) The latter aircraft operated most of the airline's schedules serving the grass airfields.
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airline seat1) A cramped airline seat , for example.
2) Those small airline seats are more likely to do that!
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airline security1) And it is symptomatic of what's going on with regard to airline security .
2) Let's take airline security .
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airline staff1) We 've seen airline staff taking the limelight.
2) We 've all seen obnoxious passengers arguing with airline staff .
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airline ticket1) Japan offered mobile purchases of airline tickets .
2) Playing golf no longer requires an airline ticket .
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airline traffic1) Total airline traffic had risen 72 per cent over the last decade.
2) airline traffic has exploded in popularity since becoming a commercial industry in 1920.
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airline travel1) A few cases also appeared in mainland France through airline travel .
2) Representations have been made concerning airline travel and railway employees.
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budget airline1) Contrary to public perceptions, most budget airlines have an excellent safety record.
2) AirAsia_X is a long-haul, budget airline based in Malaysia.
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cargo airline1) One cargo airline operates at the terminal.
2) Many international and cargo airlines fly to Cebu.
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charter airline1) Smaller airports will often feature charter airlines .
2) It originally was a charter airline flying passengers and cargo worldwide.
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commercial airline1) Cecil was a pilot and flew commercial airlines .
2) commercial airlines have also previously served the airport.
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commuter airline1) Several independent commuter airlines served Lafayette over the years as well.
2) commuter airlines used to have a significantly higher accident rate, especially before Deregulation.
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discount airline1) discount airlines are often much more strict about their fares.
2) Most discount airlines sell their tickets as single journeys only.
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domestic airline1) There are lots of domestic airlines providing helicopter services.
2) Several international airlines and domestic Caribbean airlines operate in this sector.
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fly with the airline1) Business fliers fly with the airline that will most quickly give them the necessary coupons to go to, say, Hawaii with the family.
2) In other words, while more and more people are flying with the airline , they can't be persuaded to pay more for their tickets.
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international airlines1) The routes established were used by international airlines .
2) Most international airlines arrive in Hall 3.
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low cost airline1) Scott asked about the low cost airlines .
2) The other low cost airlines are mainly using a Low-Cost strategy.
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low cost airlines1) Scott asked about the low cost airlines .
2) The other low cost airlines are mainly using a Low-Cost strategy.
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low fare airlines1) With the rise of the Internet and the growth of low fare airlines , airfare pricing transparency has become far more pronounced.
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major airlines1) The 707 is no longer operated by major airlines .
2) Only recently has some limited hiring begun at major airlines .
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passenger airline1) A passenger airline had not been hijacked in the U.S. since 1979.
2) The second version, named the Intercontinental, is for passenger airlines .
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private airline1) Tashi Air is a private airline recently launched in the country.
2) Frade started his own private airline in Argentina known as South American Airways.
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regional airline1) Other regional airlines have dramatically lower costs.
2) This arrangement was eventually formalized, forming a the regional airlines .
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scheduled airline1) Wider√łe became a pure land-based, scheduled airline .
2) This made it an almost exclusively long-haul, intercontinental scheduled airline .
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scheduled airline service1) It currently has no scheduled airline service .
2) Congestion pricing has also been implemented for scheduled airline services .
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state airline1) Air Botswana Corporation is the state-owned national airline of Botswana.
2) SPAIN'S loss-making but pushy state-owned airline , Iberia, is expanding again.
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