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airlift1) Under this arrangement airlift tonnage greatly increased.
2) Movement planners should realize that requirements normally exceed allocated airlift .
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airlift asset1) These airlift assets are assigned to the Commander in Chief, United States Transportation Command.
2) If airlift assets have been allocated for preplanned logistics operations, the TCE is the tasking authority.
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airlift capability1) The army relies on the United States Air Force for airlift capabilities .
2) Compounding matters, USAF needed increased strategic airlift capabilities to fulfill its rapid-deployment airlift requirements.
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airlift mission1) ConAC provided peacetime airlift missions for the Air Force.
2) From 20 to 26 January September 1949, the group flew Berlin airlift missions .
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airlift of1) Has an airlift of materials been considered?
2) MATS would provide numerous humanitarian airlifts of global proportions.
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airlift of food1) Some activists organized an airlift of food supplies to Wounded Knee.
2) Soon after the storm struck, CARE operated airlifts of food to flooded areas.
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airlift operation1) airlift operations in Africa face unusual political and infrastructure challenges.
2) Several special airlift operations were conducted from Orly Air Base.
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airlift support1) Chinook helicopters have provided airlift support to coalition forces.
2) The 23d Helicopter Squadron provided very useful general airlift support throughout France.
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airlift unit1) These troop carrier units were all redesignated tactical airlift units on 1 August 1967.
2) Volunteers from 13 Air Guard airlift units provided 71 C-130s to Joint Forge.
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massive airlift1) The Soviets retaliated by blockading Berlin in 1947; an American massive airlift kept the city supplied.
2) The Western powers organized a massive airlift to supply West Berlin, and organized a counter-blockade of the Soviet zone.
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provide airlift1) We agreed to provide airlift rather quickly .
2) The wing provided aeromedical airlift and flew humanitarian missions as required.
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strategic airlift1) Two sources are essential for properly planning and analyzing strategic airlift .
2) Air Transport Command was responsible for strategic airlift and refueling aircraft.
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tactical airlift1) Air Force tactical airlift became necessary for resupply.
2) The aircraft can perform tactical airlift and airdrop missions.
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