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abandon airfield1) The airfield was apparently abandoned at some point between 1965-68.
2) After the Great War ended, the airfield was abandoned .
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airfield1) The designated airfield measured roughly 250 hectares.
2) The supply effort received top airfield priority.
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airfield build1) The airfield was built between 1940 and 1941.
2) The ground was lost when the airfield was built .
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airfield construction1) This area was valued for airfield construction .
2) airfield construction began on 30 June, and twelve days later an airfield was ready for limited use.
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airfield defence1) The airfield's defences consisted of just two Lewis machine guns.
2) They used about a hundred for airfield defence and about 650 for patrolling occupied Europe.
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airfield facility1) Funding and construction delays slowed the construction of the upgraded airfield facilities .
2) The buildings were old and inadequate and airfield facilities were close to nonexistent.
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airfield operation1) The operations group controls all flying and airfield operations .
2) The 12th operations Group controls all Instructor Pilot training and Randolph AFB airfield operations .
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airflow1) These strips deflect debris and create more efficient airflow .
2) We found all small shop vendors provide misleading airflow advertising.
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auxiliary airfield1) The airfield consisted of three runways and several auxiliary airfields .
2) Other auxiliary airfields had also been prepared to aid in dispersal.
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bomb airfield1) airfields were bombed and surrounding water mined.
2) B-24s bombed Udine airfield and Fier radar station.
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capture airfield1) The attempt was to establish a bridgehead and capture the airfield .
2) Often engineers had to repair and use a captured enemy airfield .
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defend airfield1) The need to defend airfields presented special problems.
2) The airfield was defended by No. 2945 Squadron RAF Regiment.
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destroy airfield1) The group however penetrated enemy defenses, and destroyed the airfield .
2) But this was not enough to destroy an airfield .
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enemy airfield1) Fighters protect your bombers or attack enemy airfields .
2) Dogfights usually occurred when enemy airfields were being attacked.
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fighter airfield1) They were to arrive at the nearest designated fighter airfield for resupply instead of returning to their own base.
2) On 15 April 1944, VIII FC began Operation Jackpot, attacks on Luftwaffe fighter airfields .
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military airfield1) These systems are operational at both commercial airports and military airfields .
2) Weather forecasting for military airfields ; hurricane hunters.
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raid airfield1) From there, her planes raided airfields on Miyako and Ishigaki.
2) At first light on 6 February, Japanese aircraft were out to raid Palembang airfield .
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wartime airfield1) The wartime airfield was then turned over to French authorities.
2) Some filming also took place at Bovingdon, a former wartime bomber airfield .
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