Expressions - Collocations of the word " aim "

" aim "Collocations - Expressions
accomplish aim1) A $2,500 budget is proposed to accomplish these aims .
2) The means to accomplish this aim are data, models and concepts.
2) To accomplish these exalted aims , Christian Education utilizes all the necessary means.
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accomplish the aim1) the methodology is the plan that will be used to accomplish the aims of the project.
2) In other words, some analysts attempt to avoid the question of Was this use of rhetoric successful accomplishing the aims of the speaker?
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achieve aim1) Its ultimate aim was achieved in 1956.
2) Our business is to help you achieve those aims .
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achieve the aim1) Objectives are the specific targets to achieve the aims .
2) Which objectives must be met to achieve the aim ?
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adjust aim1) This allows the archer to adjust aim with successive shots in order to achieve accuracy.
2) The right analog stick is used to move the camera and adjust aim when in combat or first-person mode.
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aim1) Heavy center line is camera aim direction.
2) The aim here is prevention before cure.
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aim accurately1) Consequently, evading an accurately aimed laser after it has been fired is impossible.
2) You have to accurately aim to knock everything down and make the knights explode .
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aim at1) Some makers are aiming at specialist niches.
2) A declaration aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
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aim directly1) Other records aimed directly at skins were also pretty poor.
2) A lecture is aimed directly at its audience.
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aim down1) Pro Challenges: Get 150 Kills while aiming down sights.
2) Pirogova aiming down the sight of her customised SKS.
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aim exclusively1) Mandatory retirement aims exclusively at saving money.
2) Their weapons were aimed exclusively at Hrun.
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aim fire1) The commander had to aim and fire the main gun.
2) You can also aim and fire weapons from your car easily.
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aim for1) Slovenia was among those republics aiming for independence.
2) Keep striving & keep aiming for success !
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aim high1) Innovation efforts also have to be aimed high .
2) The Meath jockey is one of numerous Irish participants aiming high this week .
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aim objective1) Write down your aims and broad objectives .
2) Explain how organisational structure supports business aims and objectives ?
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aim primarily1) The event was aimed primarily at high school students.
2) They are aimed primarily at smaller children playing outdoors.
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aim principally1) These early efforts were principally aimed at limiting child labour.
2) Its broadcasts were aimed principally at English speakers.
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aim shoot1) Use the mouse to aim and shoot .
2) Will you aim , shoot , or try to dodge?
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aim solely1) The Department of Veterans Affairs are solely aimed at helping homeless veterans.
2) They had no capability for anti-aircraft fire and the anti-aircraft guns were aimed solely by eye.
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aim squarely1) And Security Essentials is aimed squarely at the consumer market.
2) Your post is sheer VILE ad hom aimed squarely at me .
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aim straight1) However, he aimed straight at her heart.
2) This time, he aimed straight for Ranma's head.
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aim the camera1) I aimed the camera , took a meter reading and shot.
2) Hold C and move the Wii Remote to aim the camera .
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aim to1) Other products aim to enhance vaginal defense mechanisms.
2) This book aims to serve several purposes.
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aimed1) Most war posters were aimed particularly at civilian populations.
2) A declaration aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
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aimed at1) A declaration aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions.
2) It is aimed at low income workers.
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aimed directly at1) Other records aimed directly at skins were also pretty poor.
2) A lecture is aimed directly at its audience.
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aimed mainly at1) That ball was aimed mainly at high-level coaches and players .
2) A pop-music radio station which was aimed mainly at young people.
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aimed primarily at1) The event was aimed primarily at high school students.
2) They are aimed primarily at smaller children playing outdoors.
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aimed solely at1) The research program is considered one of the most productive in the world aimed solely at cancer.
2) at the very least, it's good to see that not all mainstream released movies are aimed solely at teenagers.
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aimed specifically at1) Further research aimed specifically at addressing this issue is needed.
2) Several projects aimed specifically at parrot conservation have met with success.
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aimed squarely at1) And Security Essentials is aimed squarely at the consumer market.
2) Your post is sheer VILE ad hom aimed squarely at me .
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aiming1) Some makers are aiming at specialist niches.
2) The laser loves headlights as aiming points.
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aims1) This objective is structured around three aims .
2) The average resolution aims high-really high.
more aims sentences
ambitious aim1) We have ambitious aims to expand heavily into the retail and video spheres this year.
2) Political theory starts where the admittedly more ambitious aims of moral philosophy are left at an impasse.
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avowed aim1) His avowed aim was to exhibit his exotic sound world rather than to study.
2) John Gavin, whose avowed aim is to be exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, becomes a successful commercial photographer and an advertising executive.
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basic aim1) The basic aim of LIVC is to reduce the intake pumping losses.
2) The League had two basic aims .
more basic aim sentences
broad aim1) The initiative had three broad aims : 1.
2) There are 2 broad aims of the pilot project.
more broad aim sentences
careful aim1) I at once took careful aim and fired.
2) Andy took careful aim at the flag.
more careful aim sentences
carefully aim1) Every shot and missile is physically simulated and must be carefully aimed .
2) I carefully aimed at the luluai and fired .
more carefully aim sentences
central aim1) Make that a central aim in your descriptive writing.
2) This chapter has three central aims in its discussion of child abuse research.
more central aim sentences
chief aim1) International cooperation is one of the chief aim of the School activities.
1) After all' glorifying God should be our chief aim in life.
2) The chief aim of these Irish monks was to preserve and develop religious life.
2) Paul?s chief aim is to protect the good name of the church.
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chiefly aim0) The orders of evacuation were aimed chiefly at the Jewish population.
1) Flash is a commercial product, aimed chiefly at those who are producing advertising or marketing material.
2) India House's political activities were chiefly aimed at young Indians, especially students, in Britain.
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clear aim1) Fascism requires clear aims , marching orders.
2) The book is clear aimed at the beginning reader.
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clearly aim1) They are clearly aimed at student purchasing a personal handset.
2) This move is clearly aimed at the job market .
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common aim1) Both sides had a common aim and common enemies.
2) Are there, therefore, common aims ?
more common aim sentences
declare aim1) The Battle did not stop David achieving his declared war aims .
2) declared aim : To rehabilitate drug addicts.
more declare aim sentences
declared aim1) declared aim : To rehabilitate drug addicts.
2) declared aim : To assist the education of children.
more declared aim sentences
define aim1) define the school's aims and objectives in manageable terms.
2) It has a number of clearly defined aims to pursue over the next three years.
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deliberately aim1) Do not deliberately aim to go greatly below it.
2) Israeli leaders said that the sniper deliberately aimed for the baby.
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direct aim1) Vallance took direct aim at the three sceptical competitors.
1) The unique Evolution Kit from Samsung takes direct aim at this issue .
2) Walmart is taking direct aim at grocers and it's their prerogative to respond.
2) Dr. Arthur J. Beer directs this hilarious comedy that takes direct aim at Hollywood and celebrity culture.
more direct aim sentences
directly aim1) This was directly aimed at Kaunda, whose parents were both from Malawi.
2) Even simpler theme parks directly aimed at smaller children have emerged, such as Legoland.
more directly aim sentences
educational aim1) Email Jessica with inquiries about the educational aims and activities at the farm.
2) My dilemma points up a basic dichotomy in the educational aims of the school.
more educational aim sentences
eventual aim1) The eventual aim should be to include all schools in the authority.
2) The eventual aim is for Firhill to have a capacity sixteen thousand seats.
more eventual aim sentences
explicit aim1) Those were the central bank's explicit aims .
2) This policy had the explicit aim of promoting radical Islamist and anti-Communist forces.
more explicit aim sentences
express aim1) CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TNT express aims to exceed customer expectations.
2) Therefore, TNT express aims to improve the fuel efficiency of its aircraft through various initiatives.
more express aim sentences
expressed aim1) The expressed aim of the SEACOM cable is to enable East Africa to develop economically through increased online trading.
2) His expressed aim was to review the genetic information bearing on the problem of organic diversity (Ceccarelli 41, 53).
more expressed aim sentences
first aim1) That is the first aim of this chapter.
2) In the first aim , de Gaulle was quite successful.
more first aim sentences
fulfil aim1) Various sub-committees exist to better fulfil this aim .
2) Traditional Pasture and meadow management prevails and by default fulfils conservation aims .
more fulfil aim sentences
fulfil the aim1) This would then fulfil the aim of revitalising the association, which consisted of 30 women four years ago.
2) the McDonald's Friends of Childline Charity Ball on Friday, June 18, at Belfast City Hall, aims to be the first step in raising enough cash to fulfil the aim .
more fulfil the aim sentences
fulfill aim1) Study abroad offers an attractive means of fulfilling various aims of this program.
2) This meant that victory would fulfill the war aim that was crucial for the French public.
more fulfill aim sentences
fulfill the aim1) the report also shows that 90.2% of all available funds in 2007 went directly towards fulfilling the aims of ECODES.
1) However, in practice only organized therapeutic programs or a regular contact with prison psychologists potentially fulfill the aim of sentence planning.
2) As long as the EU fulfills the aims which were the basis of its creation it may not have problems with the legitimacy.
more fulfill the aim sentences
fundamental aim1) A fundamental aim of sociology is to discover structural social facts .
2) However the ECSC failed to achieve several fundamental aims of the Treaty of Paris.
more fundamental aim sentences
further aim1) The project further aims to provide water quality layers from remote sensing data.
2) A further aim is to research the climatic effects of the expected changes in the ecosystem.
more further aim sentences
general aim1) The general aim of the activity is twofold.
2) The general aim was to counter Axis influences and propaganda.
more general aim sentences
have an aim1) But these challenges must have an aim .
2) However all people who respect theirselves have an aim .
more have an aim sentences
high aim1) They have higher aims and higher goals.
2) Our highest aim is to have pleased customers!
more high aim sentences
immediate aim1) The regime's violence did achieve its immediate aims .
2) The immediate aim : perfection of Arab military might.
more immediate aim sentences
initial aim1) Brooks' initial aim was 50,000 members.
2) Their initial aim is to remain in the competition and reach the knockout phase.
more initial aim sentences
key aim1) This method of assessment matches two key aims in our new curriculum.
2) Challenging the dullness of London was a key aim of It.
more key aim sentences
largely aim1) This measure is largely aimed at Syrian troops.
2) TOTTS is largely aimed at the under fives and aims to teach them road safety through play.
more largely aim sentences
legitimate aim1) This is called kama. The second legitimate aim in life is for wealth and success.
2) Dr Colman argues that a blanket ban on all advertising is disproportionate to the council's legitimate aims .
more legitimate aim sentences
limited aim1) This is the limited aim I have.
2) They believe in the limited aim of facilitating access to training.
more limited aim sentences
long aim1) Our long-term aim is to set up a permanent shop.
2) Our long-term aim is to see power returned to local people.
more long aim sentences
long term aim1) It was stated in 1921 that electrification was a long term aim .
2) The use of videos for updating purposes was probably a longer term aim .
2) The long term aim of the Nazis was to de-Christianise Germany.
more long term aim sentences
main aim1) The research project has two main aims .
2) The main aim of student loan consolidation is to improve.
more main aim sentences
mainly aim1) The event was mainly aimed at creating work for unemployed actors.
2) That ball was aimed mainly at high-level coaches and players .
more mainly aim sentences
major aim1) The project is designed with 3 major aims in view.
2) When summarizing, keep in mind two major aims .
more major aim sentences
modest aim1) It's modest aims belie numerous beneficial side-effects for the community.
2) It is with the modest aim of contributing something towards political education that this book has been written.
more modest aim sentences
mostly aim1) Language policies being developed nowadays are mostly aimed at multilingualism.
2) Except that her anger was mostly aimed at me.
2) These were mostly aimed at gullible Christians.
more mostly aim sentences
noble aim1) This was a noble aim .
2) Despite the noble aims of the project, profligate spending ruined the state's credit.
more noble aim sentences
original aim1) Its original aims lay in uncovering and describing text grammars.
2) The original aim was to beat off Citicorp's expected arrival.
more original aim sentences
ostensibly aim1) Democratic institutions ostensibly aim to facilitate responsible and rational choices.
2) Litton's program blocks include no animated programming and are ostensibly aimed at teenagers and families.
more ostensibly aim sentences
outline aim1) The aims outlined under the campaign are : 1.
2) The association's original aims are outlined in its Memorandum of Association.
more outline aim sentences
overall aim1) In each case the overall aims of nursing remain the same.
2) Direction: What is the overall aim ?
more overall aim sentences
overarching aim1) This overarching aim has been noted by their designers as well.
2) The organisation's overarching aim is to deepen democracy through the promotion of democratic governance and social justice.
more overarching aim sentences
overriding aim1) The overriding aim of peace would thus be achieved.
2) Proper character development is the overriding aim of good parents in raising their children.
more overriding aim sentences
particularly aim1) The film is particularly aimed at younger viewers.
2) The course is particularly aimed at beginners but all are welcome.
more particularly aim sentences
policy aim1) policies aimed at malaria reduction may have cognitive benefits.
2) The findings support policies aimed at reducing costs for the procedure.
more policy aim sentences
political aim1) A historical figure may be interpreted to support political aims .
2) These had a strong social and political aim .
more political aim sentences
poor aim1) Consistent poor aim often has a reason.
2) poor aim is not just a failure to aim properly.
more poor aim sentences
primarily aim1) The books are primarily aimed at older children.
2) Said to be primarily aimed towards children, but not entirely.
more primarily aim sentences
primary aim1) Value for money is a primary aim .
2) The principles are intended to foster that primary aim .
more primary aim sentences
prime aim1) The prime aim is to help the pupils.
2) The prime aim should be to avoid compulsory redundancy.
more prime aim sentences
principal aim1) My principal aim is to illuminate it from several sides .
2) One of the Jadid's principal aims was educational reform.
more principal aim sentences
principally aim1) These early efforts were principally aimed at limiting child labour.
2) The bombardment is principally aimed at clearing the beach and trenches.
more principally aim sentences
pursue aim1) The Spaniards had pursued the same aim from the first.
1) The aims pursued are of various kinds: diagnostic and therapeutic, scientific and commercial.
2) He realised the disinterested aims pursued by the British government, without always approving its methods.
more pursue aim sentences
pursue an aim1) Did the Sunday trading laws pursue an aim which was justified with regard to Community law?
1) A byproduct of the Reformation was increasingly literacy as Protestant powers pursued an aim of educating more people to be able to read the Bible.
2) You know that I have always considered that literature and the arts pursue an aim independent of morality.
more pursue an aim sentences
realize aim1) Doing business is an easy way to realize this aim .
2) Disagreement existed about the approach and methods to realize these aims .
more realize aim sentences
set of aims1) The next most important set of aims cited might be summarized as 'curricular'.
2) The movements opposing the British government need a set of aims : here's my attempt at a first draft.
more set of aims sentences
set out the aim1) A brief introduction sets out the aims of the book.
2) the Preamble to the CJA sets out the aims of the Act.
more set out the aim sentences
set the aim1) In 1954 Butler set the aim of a doubling of the standard of living within twenty-five years.
more set the aim sentences
share aim1) All however, share the aim of developing professional competence.
2) They shared the aim of securing women's admission to university.
more share aim sentences
short term aim1) It could be that there are major goals which businesses fulfil, such as maximising the return on capital, whilst having shorter term aims , such as increasing turnover.
2) Tactics: means to an end; finding and implementing means to achieve particular, immediate or short term aims
more short term aim sentences
sole aim1) Our sole aim is to resolve the present political crisis.
2) Thus the sole aim for everyone should be pleasure.
more sole aim sentences
solely aim1) The Department of Veterans Affairs are solely aimed at helping homeless veterans.
2) Is Saint Dominic's preaching relevant for our times, or was it solely aimed at his own?
more solely aim sentences
specific aim1) Each hypothesis is matched with a specific aim .
2) The specific aims of the expedition were kept secret.
more specific aim sentences
specifically aim1) This is specifically aimed at building events.
2) Further research aimed specifically at addressing this issue is needed.
more specifically aim sentences
squarely aim1) And it seems to be squarely aimed at luring Tonight back to NYC .
2) Very similar in specs and looks to the Xperia L , the M is squarely aimed at those looking for a budget performer.
more squarely aim sentences
state aim1) The organisers' aims are boldly stated at the outset.
2) End the Introduction by clearly stating the aims of your study.
more state aim sentences
stated aim1) The stated aim was to block smuggling tunnels.
2) The stated aim of these programmes is to prevent suicide.
more stated aim sentences
steady aim1) This constant motion obviously complicates the problem of holding a steady aim .
1) A sextant does not require a completely steady aim , because it measures a relative angle.
2) Hidden just underneath the cheek rest is a finely adjustable rear monopod for even steadier aiming .
more steady aim sentences
strategic aim0) The strategic aims of these mass rapes are twofold.
1) Axis strategic aims in the African theatre were no longer possible.
2) Nor was there any difference in their strategic aim .
more strategic aim sentences
support aim1) A historical figure may be interpreted to support political aims .
2) Explain how organisational structure supports business aims and objectives?
more support aim sentences
take aim1) Robin took aim and let fly the arrow.
2) I at once took careful aim and fired.
more take aim sentences
take aim at1) Then, she took aim at fatty foods.
2) The films took aim at what was already a damaged institution.
more take aim at sentences
ultimate aim1) Its ultimate aim was achieved in 1956.
2) But better patient care is the ultimate aim .
more ultimate aim sentences
underlie aim1) And the underlying aim is the destruction of the human family.
2) Income parity is an underlying aim .
more underlie aim sentences
war aim1) The conference adopted a detailed memorandum on war aims .
2) It is an essential part of our war aims .
more war aim sentences
with the aim1) He initiated diplomatic activities with the aim of isolating Holland completely.
2) It is therefore consonant with the aims of English teaching.
more with the aim sentences
worthy aim1) A worthy aim , well achieved by the camera.
2) That is a wholly worthy aim .
more worthy aim sentences

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