Expressions - Collocations of the word " air "

" air "Collocations - Expressions
Air America1) Air America produced sixteen hours of weekday network programming.
2) They were augmented by four Air America pilots.
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Air Force One1) Why is community consultation nike jordan Air Force Ones important.
2) Aerial refueling enables Air Force One to stay airborne virtually indefinitely.
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Air France1) Air France flight 358 was fortunate in many respects.
2) Air France operated Concorde here until 2003.
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Air Miles1) It already had been flown five hundred thousand Air Miles .
2) Air Miles donated covered four return flights.
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Air Officer1) The doctrine was not universally held among Air Officers , however.
2) Air Officers attended First Army briefings, and vice versa.
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Air Scout1) Adequate backwashing, possibly supported by an Air Scout , should be incorporated.
2) In the grounds of the airport an Air Scout centre can be found.
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Royal Air Force1) The Royal Air Force ordered 12 military transport versions.
2) Royal Air Force of Oman - 12 ordered.
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air1) There are three recommended shows airing tonight.
2) The air conditioning unit leaks onto front room floor.
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air a show1) Depends on when a country airs a show .
2) In Brazil, MTV aired a show similar to TRL known as Disk MTV .
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air accident1) air accident investigators are now trying to establish what caused the crash.
2) It is the worst commercial air accident in the history of Hawaii.
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air alert1) The air alerts started about 2000 and it was 2400 before an all-clear sounded.
2) air alerts continued almost ceaselessly, day or night, but unloading operations proceeded regardless.
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air ambulance1) The injured were flown to hospital by air ambulance .
2) Later the runway was used to serve air ambulances .
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air an episode1) On November 28, 2008, Nickelodeon aired an episode from the series as a sneak peek.
2) Canada's The Conspiracy Show aired an episode on the subject on 8 August 2014.
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air and water1) The air and water were almost perfectly still.
2) air and water are relatively poor conductors.
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air arm1) The Japanese air arm responded on the 14th.
2) The Republican air arm was restructured again in May 1937.
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air attaché1) His diplomatic cover job was Assistant air attaché .
2) The air attaché office originally consisted of that officer and six other personnel.
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air attack1) PR suffered relatively few enemy air attacks .
2) The city had previously suffered extensive damage from air attacks .
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air bag1) Head curtain side air bags were optional.
2) Are side impact air bags really necessary?
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air ball1) The Ohio State student section let her hear about it with a continual chant of air ball !
2) Rutgers shot early and often , undeterred by air balls and three-point attempts that fell nowhere near the rim.
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air base1) Additional air bases were built in strategic locations.
2) U.S. air bases had become targets and became routine targets thereafter.
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air battery1) The zinc air battery is a technological marvel.
2) Please do not store zinc air batteries in the fridge!
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air battle1) The air battle that erupted involved 150 aircraft.
2) The air battle was not much different.
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air bed1) Some such beds are termed soft-sided air beds .
2) Get an air bed to even out the pressure on your body .
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air bell1) Too much acetone will cause wrinkling, too little will cause air bells .
2) The divers created artificial air bells in the roof of an alcove to swap valves from used tanks to fresh ones.
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air bladder1) But what kind of pressure should the air bladders reach?
2) This air bladder has access to free air outside the bag.
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air blast1) An air blast should be used to clear chips.
2) The accompaning air blast is not contained.
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air blow0) Christmas air blown s are frequently nylon.
1) A draught of cold air blew in.
2) Windmills are planted in places where air blowing pressure is high.
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air blows1) When this air blows hard, it touches another of our senses.
2) This mT air blows from the east and the southeast.
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air bombardment1) Naval and air bombardment soon silenced the enemy guns.
2) The air bombardment started following the order given from Ankara.
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air brakes1) air brakes are used to increase drag.
2) She can drive trucks with air brakes .
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air breather1) The scoop sealed to the large air breather .
2) Sea snakes are air breathers probably descended from a family of Australian land snakes.
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air cargo1) Almost all air cargo flights are at night.
2) air cargo services are operating normally, he said.
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air chief marshal1) He was promoted to air chief marshal on 1 April 1937.
2) air chief marshal Sir Brendan Jackson, .
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air circulate1) Compressed air circulates through it to maintain moderate temperatures.
2) Place the plant press in an area where dry warm air circulates .
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air clean1) The air up here was clean and fresh.
2) It was very quiet and the air was clean .
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air cold1) The sun shone but the air was cold .
2) The chill air was suddenly colder about them.
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air commodore1) The following month, he was promoted to temporary air commodore .
2) Cobby was promoted to temporary air commodore in July 1943.
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air con1) air con is the shortened version of air conditioning.
2) Built in air con for the summer?
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air condition1) There are 3 air conditioned double bedrooms.
2) It is air conditioned during the summer.
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air conditioned1) All are air conditioned and have satellite TV and private bathrooms.
2) All rooms are air conditioned and have cable and satellite TV.
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air conditioned car1) This provided better drivability, particularly for air conditioned cars .
2) Tours begin and end in Marrakech and include private air conditioned cars and six nights' full board in a mix of 4 and 5 star rated hotels.
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air conditioned comfort1) The submarine carries up to 48 passengers in air conditioned comfort .
2) Enjoy this Old West misadventure in air conditioned comfort .
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air conditioned office1) With air conditioned offices and a very pleasant aspect across open fields.
2) However , we work in air conditioned offices all day.
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air conditioned room1) Can you do weight loss exercise in air conditioned room ?
2) Often an air conditioned room just for the amplifiers is utilised.
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air conditioner1) Who makes a quiet window air conditioner ?
2) The main performance feature an air conditioner has is staged cooling.
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air conditioning1) Further standard equipment includes climate control air conditioning .
2) Only air conditioning makes modern urban living palatable.
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air conditioning system1) Crew compartments were equipped with air conditioning system .
2) New options included an automatic air conditioning system .
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air conditioning unit1) The air conditioning unit leaks onto front room floor.
2) Most modern equipment requires constant cooling from air conditioning units .
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air cool1) The air was cool and laden with sweetness.
2) The air is much cooler suddenly from the sea breeze.
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air cooled1) They are recoil operated, belt fed, air cooled weapons.
2) Condensers were either air cooled or water cooled.
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air core1) air core drilling can occasionally produce small chunks of cored rock.
2) A coil not containing a magnetic core is called an air core .
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air crash1) Confidential $44M resolution for air crash victims.
2) Bose was reportedly killed in an air crash in August 1945.
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air crisp1) The air was crisp and the snow was sweet.
2) The air too is crisp , fresh, and clear.
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air current1) The resulting air currents drive wind turbines.
2) This created a condition where ascending air currents could easily generate.
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air cushion vehicle1) The Regiment's infantry uses very small air cushion vehicles to improve their mobility.
2) This type of boat does not include ground effect vessels or air cushion vehicles (hovercraft).
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air defence1) Most modern air defence systems are fairly mobile.
2) The colony had no significant air defence .
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air defense1) air defense artillery work is highly specialized.
2) The air defense was completed in 1953.
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air dense1) Moist air is less dense then dry air.
2) Colder air is more dense than warm air.
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air disaster1) There have been more than ten major air disasters .
2) It is Egypt's worst air disaster .
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air dried1) I love the smell of air dried laundry.
2) At this level, it is considered air dried .
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air dries1) Remember that dry air dries , while direct heat only cooks.
2) I also like it because it is machine washable and air dries quickly, which is important with my son who loves to get into the sandbox!
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air dry1) Let the cotton tip air dry for 30 seconds.
2) Leaving it air dry for two weeks should kill the algae.
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air exclusively1) In the United States, the program aired exclusively on the Nat Geo Wild channel.
2) This series was aired exclusively on the Machinima YouTube channel and served over 60 million combined views.
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air fare1) Additional benefits include complimentary hotel stays and companion air fares .
2) air fares are arranged by the programme.
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air flow1) Vertical air flow is more easily blocked by food shelves.
2) The condition is counterproductive to air flow .
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air force1) The air force has always undergone qualitative changes.
2) The air force divides responsibility for spare parts among seven centres.
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air force blue1) Grey ( or air force blue ?
2) The procession was one of sombre colours, khaki and air force blue predominating.
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air fresh1) The air is fresh but icy cold.
2) The wind had dropped and air was fresh and crisp.
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air freshener1) It appears air freshener does qualify as a weapon.
2) And there are many good reasons to ditch commercial air fresheners .
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air fuel ratio1) It is defined as the energy released per air fuel ratio .
2) An excessively rich air fuel ratio will increase pollutants from the engine.
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air guitar1) Organized air guitar competitions are regularly held in many countries.
2) air guitar can be acoustic, electric or both.
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air heavy1) The air was too heavy to ignore.
2) The air was heavy with the scent of flowers.
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air hostess1) He told the inquiry the air hostess had red hair.
2) The air hostess had a machine gun in her hand.
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air humid1) The air is humid , tropical.
2) When the air is humid enough , the particles swell into cloud droplets.
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air intake1) Aircraft had heavily modified air intakes fitted.
2) Performance air intakes are not simply large tubes.
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air internationally1) The show is aired internationally , and some stations air it several times a day.
2) The show will be aired on Lifestyle Network and will be also aired internationally .
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air jordan1) They also offer how much are air jordan 13 retro a range of Men's Polo Shirts.
2) Holding the fingers there against the muscle is air jordan 20 shoes sale helping to prevent those wrinkles from forming.
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air kiss1) In the United States an air kiss is becoming more common.
2) All the deals announced so far strike me as trinkets in exchange for air kisses .
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air line1) Two air lines typically connect to the trailer unit.
2) Rest being same, new water and air lines are added.
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air live1) Both matches will be aired live on AksyonTV.
2) The March 28 concert was aired live on the pay-per-view channel WOWOW.
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air locally1) Many regular-season games are aired locally by the applicable cable community channels.
2) The channel airs 33 shows either dubbed in German or subtitled while also airing locally produced shows.
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air lock1) In such situation, the outer decks can be accessed via air locks .
2) Meteoric Iron is a requirement for making the air lock block .
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air marshal1) Leigh-Mallory was promoted to acting air marshal on 13 July 1942.
2) John Frederick Powell, 93, British air marshal .
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air max1) Health status is similar air max online in both countries.
2) People always white nike air max make comments.
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air nationally1) Our television program airs nationally and internationally.
2) Some preseason games will air nationally , however.
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air of authority1) That lends an air of authority to the organization.
2) He wore horn-rim glasses and had an air of authority .
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air of mystery1) The dark glasses gave her an air of mystery .
2) His paintings developed a powerful air of mystery and spirituality.
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air of unreality1) These latest figures carry an air of unreality .
2) An air of unreality hung over the whole campaign.
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air out1) After a further five minutes the area was aired out .
2) The episodes were aired out of the intended order.
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air passage1) Running through the head are two air passages .
2) This contact caused them to cancel their air passage .
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air photograph1) There are also some 10,000 air photographs and slides.
2) The plan and air photograph show that the village consists of two main units.
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air piracy1) It has been expanded logically to air piracy .
2) The case remains the only unsolved air piracy in American aviation history.
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air pistol1) Turner was awarded the bronze in 10 m air pistol .
2) These methods are used in both air rifles and air pistols .
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air plant1) air plants require indirect or partial sunlight to full shade.
2) One variety is called tillandsia or air plants .
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air plot1) Fass and his friends spent months on the air plotting a march on Chicago to coincide with the Democratic National Convention that August.
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air pocket1) Using a shovel can eliminate air pockets .
2) No longer are there healthy air pockets for roots.
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air police1) Bel air police were paid $1550 for August 13 duties at another filming location.
2) As a result, air police leadership requested a shield to replace the brassard.
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air pollutant1) A large number of minor hazardous air pollutants .
2) There are many sources of toxic air pollutants .
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air pollution1) The main culprit here is air pollution .
2) This reduces transportation and therefore air pollution .
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air potato1) Element Stewardship Abstract for Dioscorea bulbifera , air potato .
2) In Indonesia, an extract of air potato is used in the preparation of arrow poison.
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air power1) Naval air power also attacked transportation choke points.
2) German air power was instrumental during the battle.
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air pressure1) The total air pressure must remain constant.
2) Water pressure is much greater than air pressure .
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air publicly1) But the issues were aired publicly and forcefully in a civilised way.
2) That is, the government would do anything to protect itself from having its indiscretions aired publicly .
more air publicly sentences
air pump1) Most air pumps are cheap and efficient.
2) An example of a battery powered air pump .
more air pump sentences
air pure1) The air was very pure and exhilarating.
2) The air is pure under the ground.
more air pure sentences
air purifier1) Features include an optional ion air purifier type filtration system.
2) An air purifier runs all day and night.
more air purifier sentences
air quality1) Good indoor air quality protects student health.
2) Also the air quality is much better.
more air quality sentences
air quality index1) The air quality index is adjusted periodically to reflect these changes.
2) He helps them understand the colors associated with the air quality index .
more air quality index sentences
air quote1) air quotes - flexing fingers, palm out, both hands.
2) It was Miley Cyrus 's performance - air quotes - especially her performance with R&B star Robin Thicke.
more air quote sentences
air rage1) Tempers ( air rage ) may flare.
2) Permitting cell phone use on airplanes will increase this air rage exponentially.
more air rage sentences
air raid1) The next night another air raid caused 13 casualties.
2) These incendiary bombs were utilized primarily during nighttime air raids .
more air raid sentences
air raid warning1) Near noon, the air raid warning sounded.
2) There were several air raid warnings in late July but little damage.
more air raid warning sentences
air regularly1) Some of its shows air regularly after midnight.
2) It is aired regularly on BBC Three.
more air regularly sentences
air rifle1) Identify various types of air rifle ammunition.
2) These methods are used in both air rifles and air pistols.
more air rifle sentences
air right1) I threw myself into the air right away .
2) This special episode will air right after the finale.
more air right sentences
air rights1) With those air rights , a 300,000-square-foot building could be possible.
2) In early 1962, GSA submitted legislation to Congress giving the agency these air rights .
more air rights sentences
air rise1) The warm air rises , creating wind.
2) Hot air rises , cool air settles.
more air rise sentences
air route1) During 1941, four major air routes were developed.
2) Even less important than long-distance roads were air routes .
more air route sentences
air rush1) Meaning any sort of air rush is pointless .
2) Can you feel the air rushing in?
more air rush sentences
air rushes1) air rushes into the pipe creating the sound.
2) The windpipe and vocal cords then snap open and the air rushes out.
more air rushes sentences
air sac1) air flow is directed through the lungs via air sacs .
2) What is the function of air sacs ?
more air sac sentences
air scoop1) A functional Ram air scoop was available.
2) The third door was taken up by side air scoops .
more air scoop sentences
air sea rescue1) The air sea rescue squadrons developed survival packs which were dropped to ditched aircrew.
2) Laminated Wooden Propeller - from RAF air sea rescue Launch.
more air sea rescue sentences
air service1) Most commercial air services were cargo flights.
2) Four airports had their air service suspended.
more air service sentences
air shaft1) The man's body was under the other air shaft .
2) Ripley: It's using the air shafts .
more air shaft sentences
air ship1) This represented the first serious use of air ships in war.
2) Save yourself the hassle and put out for 2 day air shipping if you can !
more air ship sentences
air shot1) Even an air shot might have been preferable.
2) An air shot is counted as a stroke.
more air shot sentences
air shower1) HAWC detects electromagnetic radiation from air showers produced by high energy cosmic rays which hit the Earth's atmosphere.
2) His doctoral thesis was titled, The density spectrum and latitude dependence of extensive cosmic ray air showers .
more air shower sentences
air shuttle1) The gap was then filled by Norwegian air shuttle .
2) Norwegian air shuttle has flown to Newcastle as well.
more air shuttle sentences
air sign1) air signs are the zodiac's information processors.
2) Fire signs work well with air signs .
more air sign sentences
air simultaneously1) The show airs simultaneously on HBO Canada.
2) Seasons 1 and 2 were aired simultaneously in the Autumn of 1991.
more air simultaneously sentences
air smells of1) The air smells of wet, charred pine, and it smells divine.
2) The water smells rancid and the air smells of the water too when run.
more air smells of sentences
air space1) National air space authorities may often set tighter limits.
2) This orchid likes lots of air spaces .
more air space sentences
air spray1) Diesel used an air spray combined with fuel in his first engine.
2) air spray owns 9 Twin Commander 690 for use as bird dog aircraft.
more air spray sentences
air spring1) air sprung forks are generally lighter still.
2) These controlled an air spring on each wheel axle.
more air spring sentences
air station1) The air station was therefore removed from the investment program.
2) New aircraft were ordered and new air stations were built.
more air station sentences
air steward1) He previously worked as an air steward .
2) A Belgian air stewardess, Ms Defrenne, claimed pay equal to that of male air stewards .
more air steward sentences
air stewardess1) I remember an air stewardess with a slashed throat.
2) My last film was The Fifth Element , where I played an air stewardess , ha!
more air stewardess sentences
air stream1) The air streams come off the airfoil profile.
2) Ample air volume to pull in the dust filled air streams .
more air stream sentences
air strike1) Coalition air strikes quickly gained air supremacy.
2) Israel launched air strikes against more than 100 targets overnight.
more air strike sentences
air superiority1) The attackers therefore now had absolute air superiority .
2) Local air superiority is essential for success.
more air superiority sentences
air support1) The tactical air force support was substantial.
2) Anderson arrives and provides close air support .
more air support sentences
air suspension1) Our conversion kits eliminate your air suspension problems forever!
2) air suspension was added as an option.
more air suspension sentences
air switch1) An installed garbage disposal with air switch .
2) This photo shows an air switch disposal button .
more air switch sentences
air system1) The second generation air system targeted high reduction.
2) air systems may leak under vacuum conditions.
more air system sentences
air taxi1) Many communities have small air taxi services.
2) The airport handles small aircraft, including air taxi firms.
more air taxi sentences
air temperature1) Inside air temperature and temperature difference during test.
2) Thermal line expansion is exacerbated by higher ambient air temperature .
more air temperature sentences
air terminal1) Prince Albert is the main air terminal service in the north.
2) Lightning rods are also called finials, air terminals or strike termination devices.
more air terminal sentences
air thick1) The air was suddenly thick with unspoken questions.
2) The air was thick with cigarette smoke.
more air thick sentences
air thin1) The air is thinner and harder to breathe.
2) The air was thin and the views were spectacular .
more air thin sentences
air ticket1) But the reward was the cheapest transatlantic air ticket available.
2) Get yourself an air ticket , Bob!
more air ticket sentences
air time1) Why was the hate preacher given air time ?
2) Check local listings for air times in your area .
more air time sentences
air to air1) Top of the line Central air to air heat pump with air conditioning.
2) With the advent of guided air to air missiles, bombers needed to avoid interception.
more air to air sentences
air to ground1) air to ground visual signals A3.1.1.4.
2) There will also be needs for air to ground and air-to-air communications.
more air to ground sentences
air to ground missile1) Joint air to ground Missile
more air to ground missile sentences
air to sea1) The smaller the transfer of this greenhouse gas is from air to sea , the greater are the consequences for Earth's climate.
2) In areas where ATC aircraft flew where there were a possibility of hostile aircraft or ships, other services provided air to sea rescue.
more air to sea sentences
air to surface1) In essence it can turn everything from air to surfaces into a white canvas.
2) Against small watercraft, they utilize Hellfire and Penguin air to surface missiles.
more air to surface sentences
air tonight1) We are informed that it goes to air tonight .
2) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles airs tonight at 7 pm EST .
more air tonight sentences
air traffic1) air traffic control radar is distributed instrumentation system.
2) There are air traffic control considerations with low visibility approaches.
more air traffic sentences
air traffic control1) air traffic control radar is distributed instrumentation system.
2) There are air traffic control considerations with low visibility approaches.
more air traffic control sentences
air train1) Hit the air trains are stopped by use of airbrakes on the cars and locomotive.
2) Admiral Yamamoto was appointed Commander-in-Chief of Japan's combined fleet on August 30, 1939 and immediately made air training a priority.
more air train sentences
air transport1) The burgeoning air transport industry is presenting huge opportunities for enterprise.
2) There were 65 air transport deaths recorded in 1995.
more air transport sentences
air transportable1) Organic artillery should be mobile, i.e., self-propelled or lightweight and air transportable .
2) The whole combat-ready vehicle in its base configuration will be air transportable in the Airbus A400M tactical airlifter.
more air transportable sentences
air travel1) Official air travel is normally accomplished using commercial air transportation.
2) The major increase was in air travel .
more air travel sentences
air traveller1) All early air travellers and airlines had a pioneering spirit.
2) The airport is still undergoing upgrade and expansion for the comfort of air travellers .
more air traveller sentences
air turbine1) Yeah, in Arizona - air turbines , giant air turbines.
2) Yeah, in Arizona - air turbines, giant air turbines .
more air turbine sentences
air valve1) Though effective, sometimes large numbers of air valves need be installed.
2) The gyros were connected to air valves on an associated supply line.
more air valve sentences
air vent1) Her massive hood had two similar air vents .
2) The cap 121 has a plurality of air vents 122.
more air vent sentences
air vice marshal1) Wrigley was made an honorary air vice marshal in July 1956.
2) Hely's rank of air vice marshal became substantive on 5 September.
more air vice marshal sentences
air waft1) Motion slows , the air wafts : a perfectly lovely day.
2) This is proper, summer-like air wafting over the country.
more air waft sentences
air war1) air war a model for future wars?
2) THE air war had started in Scotland.
more air war sentences
air warm1) The air was warm too , if not still.
2) The kitchen was large but the air was warm and dry.
more air warm sentences
air waybill1) The 'house' air waybill uses the neutral format.
2) The air waybill differs from its land ancestors in two respects.
more air waybill sentences
air well1) It probably would air better late at night.
2) An air well requires moisture from the air.
more air well sentences
air your dirty laundry1) Don't air your dirty laundry .
2) However, personality marketing and blogging, while they do go hand in hand, don't necessarily mean airing your dirty laundry for all to see.
more air your dirty laundry sentences
air your views1) Today you have a chance to air your views .
1) Go to a christian blog and air your views o jare .
2) This is a chance to air your views and meet local transport managers.
more air your views sentences
aired1) These three video poetry series aired frequently until 1992.
2) These segments usually aired during commercial breaks.
more aired sentences
airing1) There are three recommended shows airing tonight.
2) The show has been airing since late 2000.
more airing sentences
airs1) Our television program airs nationally and internationally.
2) An old man played several airs on an accordion.
more airs sentences
airs and graces1) I've got no airs and graces .
2) He didn't have any airs and graces .
more airs and graces sentences
ambient air1) Dust in ambient air and sediment in drinking water are negligible.
2) Activated quartz particles decay with age in ambient air .
more ambient air sentences
big air1) big drops, big air , big fun.
2) But big air Package is much more.
more big air sentences
blast air1) One of the first areas investigated was the use of oxygen-enriched blast air in the reverberatory furnace.
2) In 1939, a bomb blast air in the vicinity caused minor damage to the roof of an aisle.
more blast air sentences
blast of air1) Plosives produce a blast of air that sounds careless and lazy.
2) She shrank inwards as an icy blast of air enveloped her.
more blast of air sentences
blow air0) Christmas air blown s are frequently nylon.
1) I recommend blowing fresh air through the cannon between shots.
2) The fan blew air threw the room at 50 mph.
more blow air sentences
breath air1) O, for a fresh of breath air !
2) We drink water and breath air in much the same way .
more breath air sentences
breath of air1) No breath of air stirred the Collector's mosquito net.
2) They were sucking the last breath of air from the space.
more breath of air sentences
breath of fresh air1) A breath of fresh air does the trick.
2) Take a deep breath of fresh air .
more breath of fresh air sentences
breathe air1) Those residents are breathing the bad air .
2) You stay dry while breathing healthy, fresh air .
more breathe air sentences
breathe in air1) The brain is signaled to wake the person sleeping and breathe in air .
2) The inflamed pleural layers rub against each other every time the lungs expand to breathe in air .
more breathe in air sentences
by air1) Barcelona was repeatedly bombed by air raids.
2) Chronic respiratory diseases are aggravated by air pollution.
more by air sentences
castles in the air1) Manorajya (building castles in the air ) is not concentration.
2) His celestial castles in the air were destined to be rudely overthrown.
more castles in the air sentences
chill air1) The chill air was suddenly colder about them.
2) Her cheeks red and she exuded chill air .
more chill air sentences
circulate air1) The air was circulated by four 10 ft wide fans.
2) The first fan is circulating the air around the batteries.
more circulate air sentences
clean air1) Everybody wants clean air and clean water.
2) That cleaner air saves thousands of lives every year.
more clean air sentences
clear air1) We need something to clear the air .
2) The fight clears the air between them.
more clear air sentences
clear the air1) We need something to clear the air .
2) the fight clears the air between them.
more clear the air sentences
cold air1) cold air holds less moisture than warmer air.
2) cold air must circulate to help keep food safe.
more cold air sentences
compress air1) Gas turbine systems compress the intake combustion air .
2) When atmospheric air is compressed , condensation occurs.
more compress air sentences
compressed air1) The clock was run by compressed air .
2) The sand is most often applied using compressed air .
more compressed air sentences
cool air1) This blast of cool air is quite distinct .
2) Hot air rises, cool air settles.
more cool air sentences
country air1) Congratulations on 10 years of country air connections.
2) Generally, outdoor country air is better than indoor city air.
more country air sentences
crisp air1) Blond grasses, crisp air , blue sky.
2) I remember the cool crisp air made me feel energized and healthy.
more crisp air sentences
current air1) The current air control tower was built back in 1962.
2) current air pollution levels are not the cause of high asthma rates.
more current air sentences
current of air1) The ventilation was provided by natural currents of air .
2) A current of air is passed through the mill.
more current of air sentences
currently air1) The show is currently airing in 2012.
2) A television adaptation is currently airing on FX.
more currently air sentences
damp air1) This is because the damp air is forced to rise.
2) The damp air was full of the smell of fish.
more damp air sentences
defiant air1) Under his hair-net he had the defiant air of a faded beauty.
2) But in all there was a defiant air , a pride in their humanity strange to see.
more defiant air sentences
disappear into thin air1) Whoever it was had disappeared into thin air !
2) That's serious money disappearing into thin air .
more disappear into thin air sentences
dry air1) The temporary weakening was due increased shear and dry air .
2) Warm dry air is changed to cool moist air.
more dry air sentences
evening air1) The shepherds pipe their farewell notes in the fresh evening air .
2) The words floated across to Caroline on the still evening air .
more evening air sentences
fight for air1) He fought for air for about 45 seconds .
2) Water filled his mouth as he fought for air .
more fight for air sentences
fill air1) The air was filled with cigarette smoke.
2) The air is filled with fabric fibers.
2) The sweet smell of fox grapes fills the air .
more fill air sentences
finger in the air1) He waved a bony finger in the air .
2) I'd raise my finger in the air .
more finger in the air sentences
float on air1) I returned home floating on air and went on preaching.
2) Generally bubbles float on air from earth to sky .
more float on air sentences
forest air1) Smell the rich, damp forest air .
2) The picturesque scenery, combined with the pure forest air attracts many tourists to this holiday area.
more forest air sentences
foul air1) We were greeted with foul air as soon as we entered our area.
2) The foul air of the dingy cell nauseated him who loved the open.
more foul air sentences
free to air1) SBS air a single game per week free to air .
2) No free online streaming of free to air ABC radio.
more free to air sentences
fresh air1) Often they desire fresh air very much.
2) fresh air is very important for high blood pressure sufferers.
more fresh air sentences
from the air1) the stills were taken from the air .
2) This was easily readable from the air .
more from the air sentences
gasp for air1) Jack has long been known to leave girls gasping for air .
2) I gasp for air and search desperately for the raft.
more gasp for air sentences
gulp in air1) He twisted his head to gulp in air .
2) Her head broke the surface and she gratefully gulped in air .
more gulp in air sentences
hang in the air1) A stale smell hung in the air .
2) the bitter words hung in the air .
more hang in the air sentences
have air1) The original show has aired for 19 years.
2) It has air service agreements with 42 countries.
more have air sentences
heat air1) The sun does not heat the air .
2) This energy heats the air above, which rises.
more heat air sentences
hot air1) A blast of highly dense hot air .
2) The hot air is given in cold seasons.
more hot air sentences
hot air balloon1) The hot air balloon pic is really cool.
2) hot air balloons are commonly used in advertising.
more hot air balloon sentences
humid air1) Hot, humid outdoor air may also get inside.
2) The mountains that comprise the basin trap hot and humid air .
more humid air sentences
iPad air1) I sold it after the iPad air was released.
2) The iPad air runs iOS 7 out of the box.
more iPad air sentences
in the open air1) She is better in the open air .
2) They painted outdoor scenes in the open air .
more in the open air sentences
inhale air1) The chest expands to increase the volume of inhaled air .
2) Moisturizing the inhaled air to the right humidity .
more inhale air sentences
into the air1) They emit harmful gas into the air .
2) Burning newspapers throw lead into the air .
more into the air sentences
last air1) It was last aired on 28 February 2013.
2) It last aired January 3, 2009.
more last air sentences
lend air1) They lent air support to the ground forces and bombed strategic targets.
1) Only a ceasefire, a military de-escalation will lend air to breath to the revolutionary democratic forces.
more lend air sentences
moist air1) Warm dry air is changed to cool moist air .
2) It separates moist air from dry air.
more moist air sentences
morning air1) This treatment was especially comforting in the cool morning air .
2) The morning air was vibrant with memories of similar mornings.
more morning air sentences
mountain air1) The mountain air was wonderfully scented with wild herbs.
2) The breath of nervous runners visible in the cool mountain air .
more mountain air sentences
night air1) The night air was a little bit chilly.
2) The scent of pine filled the night air .
more night air sentences
nose in the air1) Mishal put her nose in the air .
2) She put her nose in the air and sniffed.
more nose in the air sentences
occasionally air1) It has since occasionally aired on TeenNick.
2) Sleuth channel occasionally airs it at midnight on the weekdays.
more occasionally air sentences
off air1) The local radio station had reportedly been taken off air .
2) Will the channel be taken off air ?
more off air sentences
off the air1) How long has that show been off the air ?
2) the station then went off the air .
more off the air sentences
on air1) The coastal convoys relied heavily on air support.
2) His on air commentary has caused controversy.
more on air sentences
on the air1) the news teams went on the air !
2) Bird calls sounded on the air continuously.
more on the air sentences
open air1) Everything between the tubes is open air .
2) A modern purpose built depot that was largely open air .
more open air sentences
originally air1) The episode originally aired the week before the film opened.
2) The first episode originally aired in 2001.
more originally air sentences
out of thin air1) It is plucked out of thin air .
2) Opportunities started coming out of thin air .
more out of thin air sentences
pluck out of the air1) And no matter how many lame delusional scenarios some fans pluck out of the air , they won't change this fact.
2) This was a figure plucked out of the air by the Commission who know that the scale of fraud is not adequately monitored.
more pluck out of the air sentences
pollute air1) We had polluted the air and water.
2) I wish everyone will stop polluting the air .
more pollute air sentences
polluted air1) In polluted air more and smaller drops are formed.
2) The polluted air also forced residents to reduce outdoor activities.
more polluted air sentences
previously air1) Prime7 previously aired repeats between 1999 and 2002.
2) All episodes were reruns of those that had previously aired .
more previously air sentences
publicly air1) The information presented here has been compiled from publicly aired and published sources.
2) But the issues were aired publicly and forcefully in a civilised way.
more publicly air sentences
pump air1) Ubuntu pumps fresh air into your lungs.
2) Others pumped air directly into the water.
more pump air sentences
punch air1) Hendo advanced early in the last stanza , but punched air .
2) Rory McIlroy punches air after making an eagle during his second round.
more punch air sentences
pure air1) The F-15 was originally envisioned as a pure air superiority aircraft.
2) Reynard wears an oxygen mask and breathes pure air .
more pure air sentences
put on air1) So 99 Luftballons was put on air .
2) But he was always putting on airs of being our leader.
more put on air sentences
retain air1) Washington could retain air superiority with a smaller force structure .
2) retains air longer than bladders made from latex.
more retain air sentences
rush air1) There was a sound of rushing air and Tina stood up.
2) Poltergeist eddies, spinning in the rushing air , snatched at his feet.
more rush air sentences
rush of air1) These processes lead to a rapid downward rush of air .
2) It opened on a rush of air .
more rush of air sentences
sea air1) What about the exposure to sea air ?
2) sea air import export operation jobs in philippines job vacancy job search.
more sea air sentences
smell the air1) He stepped down to the water's edge and smelled the air hard.
2) When it flicks out like this it is tasting or smelling the air .
more smell the air sentences
sniff air1) sniffing air bled from a cylinder may also reveal unpleasant surprises better left on land than discovered in the water.
more sniff air sentences
stale air1) This sloping tunnel allows stale air to escape.
2) His words hung on the chill, stale air .
more stale air sentences
still air1) Her voice carried on the still air .
2) The commercials still air to this day.
more still air sentences
stream of air1) The stream of air keeps the airways open.
2) A continuous stream of air flows through the air-breathing engine.
more stream of air sentences
suck air1) He sucks air through his teeth again.
2) This lower pressure can help suck fresh air through the building.
more suck air sentences
suck in air1) Lucie sucked in air through his teeth.
2) As he sucks in air , he expands larger and larger.
more suck in air sentences
sweet air1) She has the best manners and sweetest air and energy about her.
2) Check out the sweet air humping!
more sweet air sentences
thick air1) The granite walls seeped with moisture lending a musty scent to the thick air .
2) I was no longer using effort to walk through the thick air of the kitchen.
more thick air sentences
thin air1) Its sound fractures lines into thin air .
2) His feet just blended into thin air .
more thin air sentences
through the air1) Miranda found herself flying through the air .
2) Her shoulder length hair sailing through the air .
more through the air sentences
trap air1) Dress in multiple layers to keep warm air trapped .
2) This is accomplished by trapping air on the abdomen.
more trap air sentences
up in the air1) the bike shot up in the air .
2) I went right up in the air .
more up in the air sentences
vanish into thin air1) Patents expire , vanishing into thin air .
2) With those last words, he too vanishes into thin air .
more vanish into thin air sentences
walk on air1) She felt as though she was walking on air .
2) Spike is a little unusual ability to walk on air .
more walk on air sentences
warm air1) The room is heated primarily by warm air .
2) Cold air holds less moisture than warmer air .
more warm air sentences
with the air1) Problems with the air brakes prevented serial conversions.
2) There were serious difficulties with the air suspension.
more with the air sentences

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