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airmail1) All others are sent by priority airmail post.
2) Daily cross-country airmail services were introduced in 1939.
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airmail envelope1) The Goodbye room features brightly painted two-dimensional cut-out flats representing stamps, airmail envelopes and postcards in oversized decoupage.
2) His attention was seized by a triangle of pale blue, the corner of an airmail envelope , the two protruding edges marked by alternate parallelograms of red and dark blue.
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airmail letter1) French is still seen on documents ranging from passports to airmail letters .
2) This only pays for the lightest weight airmail letter back to you.
2) But the jewel in the King's crown is that final airmail letter Elvis sent to Liz.
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airmail paper1) The letters were written on several different kinds and colours of paper, airmail paper , headed notepaper from hotels in several different cities.
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airmail postage1) The price includes airmail postage to everywhere in the world.
2) Scott has a separate category and listing for U.S. airmail postage .
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airmail service1) Daily cross-country airmail services were introduced in 1939.
2) In 1919, Britain's first civil airmail service began.
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airmail stamp1) In September 1946 a blue airmail stamp of $27 was issued.
2) airmail stamp - for payment of airmail service.
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by airmail1) Orders outside the UK are sent by airmail .
2) In fact, you can send virtually anything by airmail .
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civil airmail1) In 1919, Britain's first civil airmail service began.
2) In November 1919, it won the first British civil airmail contract.
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