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" aircraft "Collocations - Expressions
aircraft1) I saw altogether four aircraft being shot down.
2) Syrian government aircraft conduct 84 airstrikes against rebel forces.
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aircraft HMS1) The aircraft carrier HMS Hermes was moored in the inner harbour.
2) The light aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal was deployed to the Mediterranean Sea.
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aircraft accident1) Traffic accidents and aircraft accidents also have claimed numerous lives.
2) Lieutenant Junior Grade Winters died in an aircraft accident .
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aircraft attack1) Six aircraft attacked armoured column positions, four attacked bridges.
2) A new era in aircraft attacks on ships had been initiated.
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aircraft base1) His fortress looks like a damaged aircraft base .
2) There are 75 aircraft based at Sky Harbor.
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aircraft bomb1) Only 15 aircraft bombed visually while 32 bombed by radar.
2) The aircraft's bomb bay allowed two options.
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aircraft cabin1) This design permits quick switching of different aircraft cabins .
2) This aircraft's cabin is pressurized to a simulated 6500 ft altitude.
2) Cessna and other small aircraft cabins weren't designed with airborne intercourse in mind.
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aircraft carrier1) Modern aircraft carriers are anticipated as is industrial agriculture.
2) The squadron sailed on three aircraft carriers .
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aircraft carriers1) Modern aircraft carriers are anticipated as is industrial agriculture.
2) The squadron sailed on three aircraft carriers .
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aircraft carry1) IAF aircraft carried electronic countermeasures pods to foil radar tracking.
2) The aircraft carries nearly two tonnes of radars and cameras.
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aircraft catapult1) An aircraft catapult was installed atop turret 'Y'.
2) In 1933, aircraft catapults were fitted between the two rear turrets.
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aircraft charter1) BD Aero Works is an aircraft charter and maintenance provider.
2) You can also fly to Nantucket by regular airline or by an aircraft charter .
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aircraft commander1) At around 2500 ft the aircraft commander instructed the crew to abandon the aircraft.
2) Thereafter he trained as aircraft commander and assigned to 964 AWACS.
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aircraft components1) Production shifted to aircraft components during the war.
2) Procurement of the aircraft's components occurred secretly.
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aircraft crash1) Both aircraft crash at almost the same spot and both pilots are killed.
2) Their aircraft crash into the desert.
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aircraft damage1) The aircraft was further damaged on landing.
2) Pearce aircraft was damaged in this combat.
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aircraft descends1) Three seconds later, the aircraft descends through 40 feet at an airspeed of 132 knots.
2) A landing U-2 is accompanied on the ground by a chase car and an assisting U-2 pilot calling off the angles and declining aircraft height as the aircraft descends .
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aircraft design1) The series also featured imaginative aircraft designs .
2) Technological improvements in aircraft design means that aircraft are becoming quieter.
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aircraft designer1) Kenneth Watson was hired as the senior lead aircraft designer .
2) James R. Jim Bede is an American aircraft designer .
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aircraft destroy1) The aircraft was completely destroyed by fire.
2) In the air 15 enemy aircraft were destroyed .
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aircraft engine1) Rolls-Royce aircraft engines are another iconic example.
2) This system is used in diesel model aircraft engines .
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aircraft engineer1) aircraft engineer - the main employers include civilian airlines.
2) The plane was carrying 148 passengers, 12 crew, four air guards and three aircraft engineers .
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aircraft equip1) Some aircraft are specially equipped for airborne forward air control.
2) This aircraft was equipped with very basic instruments.
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aircraft factory1) The reduction was due to American efforts against aircraft factories .
2) The USAAF chose to attack aircraft factories and component plants.
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aircraft flies1) This is typical airspeed this aircraft flies at.
2) This may be used when the aircraft flies empty or lightly loaded.
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aircraft flow1) The remaining two aircraft were successfully flown off.
2) The aircraft was flown out some nine days later.
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aircraft fly1) The first production aircraft flew in 1968.
2) They occur at altitudes that jet aircraft fly .
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aircraft fuel1) When the aircraft fuel tank is full, the pump shuts off automatically.
2) US forces wanted to use diborane derivatives as missile or aircraft fuels .
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aircraft fuselage1) Twenty-six seconds later the aircraft fuselage struck the ground.
2) The aircraft fuselage itself was abandoned.
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aircraft hangar1) The site is now partly under an aircraft hangar .
2) The flying field had a total of 25 aircraft hangars .
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aircraft industry1) The aircraft industry has specifications relating directly to temperature uniformity.
2) The rapidly growing California aircraft industries was greatly expanded.
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aircraft interior1) BLAKELY : We can design the aircraft interior .
2) Countless assembly elements, such as inserts or ONSERTsĀ®, can be found in the aircraft interior .
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aircraft land1) The aircraft landed safely and was evacuated via slides.
2) The aircraft landed safely and the woman was arrested.
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aircraft landing1) This marked the first successful shipboard aircraft landing .
2) Also, aircraft landings are quieter than take-offs.
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aircraft lease1) aircraft leases and vendor agreements were quickly changed .
2) Two aircraft leased from Aero Support Canada Inc..
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aircraft lose1) The aircraft was supposedly lost for 37 minutes.
2) Three aircraft were lost in operational service.
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aircraft maintenance1) aircraft spare parts are important resources to aircraft maintenance .
2) Under such circumstances a substantial increase in aircraft maintenance workload prevails.
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aircraft manufacturer1) Examples: aircraft manufacturers , oil companies.
2) Both aircraft manufacturers have good safety records on recently manufactured aircraft.
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aircraft manufacturing1) California alone had 44 percent of all aircraft manufacturing .
2) It is the first aircraft manufacturing company in Japan.
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aircraft mechanic1) aircraft mechanics deal daily with aluminium alloy corrosion.
2) About a new religion developing around an aircraft mechanic .
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aircraft noise1) Is not aircraft noise the worst form of air pollution in London?
2) What is the best way to insulate a roof against aircraft noise ?
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aircraft observer1) Combat observer was renamed aircraft observer .
2) aircraft observers made calls for batteries to engaged for destruction and neutralisation.
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aircraft operate1) Number of individual aircraft operated in parentheses.
2) These aircraft operated from bases in Italy.
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aircraft operations1) The airport handles approximately 250 aircraft operations per day.
2) There were 473 aircraft sorties with 570 hours of aircraft operations .
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aircraft parts1) These included electronic warfare systems and aircraft parts .
2) aircraft parts and blinking lights were added for effect.
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aircraft pilot1) aircraft pilots may also require assessment for surgery.
2) Those civil aircraft pilots know something about flying!
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aircraft piracy1) The 2014 film Non-Stop starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore is another popular culture aircraft piracy film.
2) The 2006 film Snakes On a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson is a fictional story about aircraft piracy through the in-flight release of crazed, venomous snakes.
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aircraft production1) Military aircraft production stopped immediately the war ended.
2) It plays important roles in military aircraft production .
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aircraft purchase1) Emirates is an industry bellwether for aircraft purchases , having purchased 200 aircraft in 2013 alone.
2) Canadian politicians made no attempt to fund flight training, aircraft purchase , or construction of airfields.
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aircraft safety1) Cirrus again delivers increased aircraft safety and utility.
2) American Airlines started with employee and aircraft safety .
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aircraft shoot1) I saw altogether four aircraft being shot down.
2) Both enemy aircraft were shot down without loss.
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aircraft take off1) The aircraft took off into the darkness.
2) Two aircraft took off as a diversion.
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aircraft type1) The first digit identifies the aircraft type .
2) The airfield can handle all aircraft types .
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amphibious aircraft1) An amphibious aircraft has landing gear for both land and water-based operation.
2) Purely water-based seaplanes have largely been supplanted by amphibious aircraft .
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anti aircraft1) Our heavy anti aircraft fire however, drove them off.
2) The L33 had been hit by anti aircraft fire.
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anti aircraft defence1) They crashed into the ground south-east of El Abiar - Regina (confirmed by the DICAT - anti aircraft defences ).
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anti aircraft gun1) She also noted the gorilla's dislike of bombs and anti aircraft guns .
2) The anti aircraft gun was later recovered near the ATC building with a round jammed in its breech.
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anti aircraft missile1) This has been fitted as an auxiliary engine in the British Chieftain and Challenger battle tanks and Rapier anti aircraft missile systems.
2) Hundreds of millions worth of anti aircraft missiles , rocket launchers and machine guns were given to the Mujahidin by the Chinese.
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attack aircraft1) The Su-20 were pure ground attack aircraft .
2) attack aircraft are equipped to strike ground or naval targets.
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attack aircraft carrier1) Her designation was changed to CVA, denoting an attack aircraft carrier in October.
2) In October 1952, she was re-designated CVA-21, denoting an attack aircraft carrier .
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board the aircraft1) All twenty-five people on board the aircraft died.
2) All 63 people on board the aircraft survived the accident.
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cargo aircraft1) The giant cargo aircraft was delivering mercy supplies.
2) The design looked more like a cargo aircraft than a spacecraft.
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civil aircraft1) These aircraft are often variants of civil aircraft .
2) Those civil aircraft pilots know something about flying!
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civilian aircraft1) No civilian aircraft are allowed to lift off.
2) No civilian aircraft had yet been targeted during the Bush War.
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combat aircraft1) Paraguay fielded 32 combat aircraft and 23 trainers and transports.
2) In addition they had over 500 combat aircraft available.
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commercial aircraft1) It dramatically changed commercial aircraft navigation and safety.
2) Firearms are prohibited on commercial aircraft except in checked baggage.
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commuter aircraft1) Those are commuter aircraft , not F-16's and their software knows it.
2) On some smaller commuter aircraft , the cockpit door consists of nothing more than a curtain.
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deploy aircraft1) Reconnaissance and tactical aircraft were also deployed .
2) France also deployed several combat aircraft and naval units.
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destroy the aircraft1) Surviving passengers and crew evacuated before fire destroyed the aircraft .
2) A fire broke out 30 minutes later and destroyed the aircraft .
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down aircraft1) The military believe a heavy machine gun had downed the aircraft .
2) Several American aircraft were downed , but the crews survived.
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enemy aircraft1) Both enemy aircraft were shot down without loss.
2) Dutch pilots claimed 55 enemy aircraft destroyed.
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fighter aircraft1) Seven Egyptian fighter aircraft are shot down.
2) They are not just jet fighter aircraft .
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fixed wing aircraft1) It listed 194 helicopters and five fixed wing aircraft for disposal.
2) Some forces also have small fixed wing aircraft .
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fly aircraft1) His hobbies are flying small aircraft and playing tennis.
2) He claimed six victories while flying this aircraft .
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fly the aircraft1) This period often saw Laker flying the aircraft himself.
2) Q. Do I actually get to fly the aircraft ?
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hijack aircraft1) I asked if it was the hijacked aircraft .
2) Where are you going to take your hijacked aircraft ?
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hijack the aircraft1) She mentioned that they had used knives and box cutters to hijack the aircraft .
2) Then they hijack the aircraft , carrying 1.5 tons of gold, Goldfinger's total savings.
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intercept aircraft1) He intercepted an enemy aircraft at 300 meters altitude above the Eastern Flanders.
2) McCudden had always found it difficult to intercept high-flying German reconnaissance aircraft .
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jet aircraft1) jet passenger aircraft were introduced in 1949.
2) Its Hawk advanced jet trainer aircraft has been widely exported.
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land the aircraft1) the crew initiated an emergency descent, and landed the aircraft safely.
2) After transmitting a mayday call, the crew landed the aircraft successfully.
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light aircraft1) I am a pilot flying light aircraft .
2) Personal contact using helicopters or light aircraft provide positive control.
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low flying aircraft1) The radiation is sensed from low flying aircraft 500 feet above the ground.
2) Like all high structures, cellular antenna masts pose a hazard to low flying aircraft .
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microlight aircraft1) It bore a remarkable resemblance to modern microlight aircraft .
1) A revolutionary type of microlight aircraft has won a design council award.
2) Besides farming, Gordon Pill builds Thrusters - Australian-designed two-seater microlight aircraft .
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military aircraft1) They were offered free rides home on military aircraft .
2) Lebanon has no operational fixed wing military aircraft .
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model aircraft1) This system is used in diesel model aircraft engines.
2) Another example is the diesel model aircraft engine.
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narrow body aircraft1) The only narrow body aircraft is an Airbus A319CJ which is operating for Emirates Executive charters.
2) The widest narrow body aircraft such as the Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 aircraft have six abreast seating in a 3+3 layout.
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narrowbody aircraft1) No in-flight entertainment system is available in KLM's and KLM Cityhopper's narrowbody aircraft .
2) The new joint venture - named Civil Aviation Finance and Operating Leases (CIAF-Leasing) will initially focus on narrowbody aircraft .
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operate aircraft1) It operates 84 aircraft from facilities in eight states.
2) The aircraft is operated by many private individuals and flying clubs.
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operate the aircraft1) No. 6 Squadron ceased operating the aircraft on 4 October 1972.
2) Some 26 other airlines also operate the aircraft in smaller numbers.
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passenger aircraft1) Jet passenger aircraft were introduced in 1949.
2) B. A manufacturer of commercial passenger aircraft .
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pilot aircraft1) Laws also prohibit piloting aircraft while intoxicated.
2) Already, more than 75 countries have remote piloted aircraft .
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pilot the aircraft1) In 1972, Trubshaw piloted the aircraft on a world tour.
2) While Post piloted the aircraft , Rogers wrote his columns on his typewriter.
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pilotless aircraft1) The idea of a pilotless aircraft is not a new concept.
2) The pilotless aircraft can alert enforcement teams to the presence of poachers.
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power aircraft1) He was still dreaming of nuclear powered aircraft .
2) Six of the top ten pilots were flying electric powered aircraft .
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private aircraft1) Carry is legal on a private aircraft .
2) On private aircraft , including helicopters, jets and propeller planes.
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radio controlled aircraft1) radio controlled aircraft used to be just hobby aircraft .
2) The events require students to design and manufacture efficient radio controlled aircraft .
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reconnaissance aircraft1) It was first used on large reconnaissance aircraft .
2) Luftwaffe support included reconnaissance aircraft and a combat squadron.
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refuel aircraft1) The USAF's aerial refueling aircraft are derivatives of civilian jets.
2) Air Transport Command was responsible for strategic airlift and refueling aircraft .
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rotary wing aircraft1) Costs for fixed and rotary wing aircraft .
2) But KAF is different because we have rotary wing aircraft and see a lot of helicopters .
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shoot down the aircraft1) the Soviets did not acknowledge shooting down the aircraft until September 6.
2) He single-handedly shot down the aircraft by causing its left engine to explode, and the plane crashed.
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single engined aircraft1) NPPL (SSEA/SLMG) for Simple single engined aircraft and Self-Launching Motor Gliders
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stealth aircraft1) Two completely different generations of stealth aircraft .
1) The concept of stealth aircraft was revolutionary.
2) U.S. stealth aircraft were tracked with radars operating on long wavelengths.
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strike aircraft1) Their air wings totaled 140 strike aircraft .
2) Both sides raced to launch their strike aircraft .
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supersonic aircraft1) The Lightning was the only purely British supersonic aircraft to enter service.
2) World's most produced supersonic aircraft .
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surveillance aircraft1) Yang said Japanese surveillance aircraft repeatedly entered the drill zone.
2) Iranian officials claim to have recovered data from the U.S. surveillance aircraft .
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transport aircraft1) Troops are flown via military and contract transport aircraft .
2) Ventures have included flying tourists in transport aircraft .
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twin engined aircraft1) Flight Sergeant John Noble was to become a part of this, training new recruits in using twin engined aircraft , mostly for Air Observers.
2) By Law any flight over the centre of London needs to be with a twin engined aircraft so we use either a twin engined aeroplane or a helicopter for our flights.
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ultralight aircraft1) Duran is a licensed ultralight aircraft pilot in Panama.
2) An ultralight aircraft may be piloted without a pilot certificate or a medical certificate.
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unmanned aircraft1) Hollywood has an especially rich history of using unmanned aircraft .
2) The unmanned aircraft came within 200 feet of the Alitalia plane .
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via aircraft1) Much of the transportation of passengers is done via aircraft .
2) They both departed Iran via aircraft on 16 January 1979.
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wide body aircraft1) There is a new departure hall, a new platform for wide body aircraft and a fuel farm was also added.
2) In fact, Krugman and Baldwin examined the industry for wide bodied aircraft in the context of the model in a 1988 paper.
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