aggregation Collocations
aggregation1) It is an order sensitive string aggregation operator.
2) We might distinguish bargaining from aggregation solutions.
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aggregation function1) Then there are an arbitrary number of aggregation functions applied to individual attributes.
2) Using an Aggregate function will help the user take advantage of the previously defined aggregation function .
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aggregation of data1) This aggregation of data is called behavioral targeting.
2) Another example is permitting access to certain statistical aggregations of data but not to any individual data item.
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aggregation rule1) During this time, EPA will reconsider the final aggregation rule .
2) For more on the aggregation rule , see IRS Publication 590 .
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aggregation site1) Individual sharks return to the aggregation site every one to six days.
2) Mating occurs at reproductive aggregation sites .
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content aggregation1) Mashups and portals are both content aggregation technologies.
2) User-generated travel content aggregation has value.
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data aggregation1) Traditional email providers don't help much with data aggregation .
2) These are examples of data aggregation .
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datum aggregation1) They store data aggregations that are defined by dimensions when the cube is created.
2) The law effectively covers entities that use the most advanced technology, including online data aggregation , social media and mobile apps.
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large aggregation1) Many nests are clustered together in large aggregations .
2) Larger aggregations spawn earlier than smaller ones.
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link aggregation1) Microsoft Windows does support native link aggregation starting from Windows Server 2012.
2) link aggregation addresses two problems with Ethernet connections: bandwidth limitations and lack of resilience.
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platelet aggregation1) The result is inhibition of platelet aggregation .
2) Other adverse effects of testosterone include hepatic failure and increased platelet aggregation .
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protein aggregation1) Other inducers include mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, and abnormal protein aggregation .
2) The presence of Amyloid in the cell could lead to tau protein aggregation and microtubule numbers reduction.
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