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aggregate1) This aggregate information includes anonymous website statistics.
2) Such aggregates are often called marine snow .
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aggregate Metacritic1) Based on 40 reviews, review aggregate website Metacritic reported a rating of 78%.
2) At the review aggregate website Metacritic , the game holds an average review score of 80 out of 100.
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aggregate Tomatoes1) The film received a 97% positive rating on the film-critics aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes .
2) The film earned a 29% Rotten rating in the review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes .
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aggregate amount1) The aggregate amount across the cohort is $2.4 billion annually.
2) The aggregate amount of all this property was estimated at several millions.
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aggregate annual1) One-year extension of temporary limitation on aggregate annual amount available for contract services.
2) The aggregate annual lease rate under this Master Lease, inclusive of the $2.5 million, is $3.9 million.
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aggregate calculation1) SQL defines aggregate functions to simplify server-side aggregate calculations on data.
2) aggregate calculations : Weighted averages using population as weight.
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aggregate curve1) What is the shape of the aggregate supply curve ?
2) B. reduce taxes on businesses to shift the aggregate supply curve leftward.
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aggregate defeat1) Forest eventually succumbed to a 5-4 aggregate defeat in the semi-finals against Yeovil Town.
2) The victory follows a 2-0 aggregate defeat of Sahel Club of Niger in the first round.
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aggregate demand1) It may therefore produce greater uncertainty about aggregate demand .
2) This intermediate variable then affects aggregate demand .
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aggregate economic1) It is not clear whether these conditions would reduce the aggregate economic benefit.
2) The explanation of fluctuations in aggregate economic activity is one of the primary concerns of macroeconomics.
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aggregate employment1) aggregate employment is total employment within this population.
2) aggregate employment has fallen substantially as well.
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aggregate net1) May the issuer consider the aggregate net worth of the general partners in calculating the net worth of the partnership?
2) Issuer Size - hedge funds will now provide an aggregate net asset value range, which is a more appropriate inquiry.
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aggregate output1) This implies that the distribution of wages matters for aggregate output .
2) As expected, capital and labor are significant drivers of aggregate output .
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aggregate principal1) The Notes are subordinated unsecured obligations of the Company limited to $600,000,000 aggregate principal amount.
2) The securitization transaction also included the issuance of three subordinated classes of notes in the aggregate principal amount of $ 57.75 million.
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aggregate score1) The player with the highest aggregate score is eliminated.
2) aggregate scores across all three platforms were fairly uniform.
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aggregate scoreline1) United were eventually knocked out by a 4-2 aggregate scoreline .
2) Another 2-0 win resulted in a 4-0 aggregate scoreline .
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aggregate shock1) D. forecasting aggregate supply shocks . 13.
2) The extent to which such confusion occurs is related to the volatility of relative and aggregate demand shocks .
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aggregate supply1) What are the determinants of aggregate supply ?
2) Can the government influence aggregate supply , and how?
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aggregate value1) Prizes range up to an aggregate value of $600,000 in 2008.
2) Therefore the aggregate value of outstanding debt and equity securities is $20.4 trillion.
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aggregate victory1) Stevenage won the match 1-0, meaning a 3-0 aggregate victory .
2) This was enough to secure a 2-1 aggregate victory for St. Johnstone.
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aggregate win1) Lyon advanced with a 3-2 aggregate win .
1) Liverpool scraped through to the Europa League group stage with a 3-1 aggregate win .
2) Bayern's 4-2 aggregate win kept them on course for a second successive treble.
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aggregates1) Such aggregates are often called marine snow .
2) These areas are commercially important for marine aggregates .
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an aggregate of1) A machine is an aggregate of many components.
2) A win either way pays an aggregate of $5.
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in the aggregate1) the broadband sector has the lowest score in the aggregate .
2) in the aggregate , social class differences in fertility are diminishing.
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maximum aggregate1) The strength category of the concrete was B45 and the maximum aggregate size 8 mm.
2) Such a physical interpretation is possible by considering the maximum aggregate size used in the analysed structure.
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monetary aggregate1) But monetary aggregates remain a leading economic indicator.
2) M3: the broadest monetary aggregate .
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on aggregate1) Chicago wins 3-2 on aggregate .
2) Liverpool won 11-1 on aggregate .
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record aggregate1) He ended the calendar year of 1964 with 1,381 Test runs, setting a world record aggregate .
2) The American set a new record aggregate of 285 and Boomer shared second place, six strokes behind.
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total aggregate1) This is called the total aggregate external finance (AEF).
2) USe this capability when the clock rate is insufficiently high to carry the total aggregate data.
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