aggressive Collocations
aggressive1) Old aggressive horses are another problem altogether.
2) We were definitely more aggressive toward batters.
more aggressive sentences
aggressive accounting1) Enron's aggressive accounting practices were not hidden from the board of directors, as later learned by a Senate subcommittee.
2) An aggressive accounting policy is a red flag because it will usually have to be unraveled by the company in future periods.
more aggressive accounting sentences
aggressive act1) Each child watched the aggressive acts individually.
2) These aggressive acts of graffiti serve neither memory nor victim .
2) Rape is an aggressive act used to dominate another.
more aggressive act sentences
aggressive action1) Japan began taking aggressive actions towards China.
2) Boundary disputes were common and led to aggressive actions .
more aggressive action sentences
aggressive advertising1) Tom immediately began an aggressive advertising program with a distributor network.
2) Sega's marketing campaigns were now all based around speed and aggressive advertising .
more aggressive advertising sentences

aggressive approach1) The defense has taken a more aggressive approach .
2) Scheme 1 is an aggressive approach when close observation is possible.
more aggressive approach sentences
aggressive assertive1) Active, aggressive , assertive , always on the move.
2) It could also mean that you are being overly aggressive and assertive .
more aggressive assertive sentences
aggressive attitude1) This aggressive attitude is out of place.
2) Emotionally unstable, his aggressive attitude frequently culminates in violence.
more aggressive attitude sentences
aggressive behavior1) This anger turned to passive aggressive behaviors .
2) Chemical alteration of aggressive monk seal behavior .
more aggressive behavior sentences
aggressive behaviour1) Not accepting compliments is another example of aggressive behaviour .
2) Rule 201 covers aggressive behaviour and physical violence.
more aggressive behaviour sentences
aggressive campaign1) Companies have waged aggressive , successful campaigns to keep unions out.
2) BHIT just launched an aggressive marketing campaign .
more aggressive campaign sentences
aggressive campaigning1) The aggressive campaigning caused negative press coverage which reached a height in 1954.
2) Kucinich could no longer continue his aggressive campaigning against Voinovich.
more aggressive campaigning sentences

aggressive cancer1) There are more aggressive and less aggressive cancers .
2) This type of highly aggressive prostate cancer is relatively unusual .
more aggressive cancer sentences
aggressive child1) Parents are pressured into drugging aggressive children .
2) Television and the aggressive child : A cross-national comparison.
more aggressive child sentences
aggressive competitive1) His play is characterized by aggressive and competitive components.
2) Someone in the magician mode has gone beyond the aggressive and competitive mode of the warrior.
more aggressive competitive sentences
aggressive conduct1) Her aggressive conduct in conversation mirrored her methods in embroidery.
2) A study of psychological Intervention of children with aggressive conduct disorder.
2) Because broilers are relatively young and have not reached sexual maturity, they exhibit very little aggressive conduct .
more aggressive conduct sentences
aggressive dangerous1) Their fights were aggressive and hardly less dangerous than real combat.
2) These are often seriously aggressive and dangerous animals to touch .
more aggressive dangerous sentences
aggressive defence1) Nevertheless, Priscus's campaign was a remarkable act of aggressive defence .
2) RAF Regiment squadrons use aggressive defence tactics whereby they actively seek out infiltrators in a large area surrounding airfields.
more aggressive defence sentences
aggressive defensive1) How does this new aggressive defensive scheme look?
2) Because of this paranoids types tend to be aggressive and defensive .
more aggressive defensive sentences

aggressive diplomacy1) With tensions mounting, Germany turned to aggressive diplomacy as well.
2) But our first line of offense here must be sustained, direct and aggressive diplomacy .
more aggressive diplomacy sentences
aggressive display1) It has been suggested that these are used in aggressive display .
2) The aggressive display by France paid off and they won 16-3.
more aggressive display sentences
aggressive dog1) An aggressive dog can seriously injure or kill a cat.
2) There are also liability issues for aggressive dogs being adopted out.
more aggressive dog sentences
aggressive drive1) The aggressive drives meet with weak control.
2) The aggressive drives are turned outward, away from the father.
more aggressive drive sentences
aggressive driver1) Save 33 percent by being a less aggressive driver .
2) aggressive drivers put themselves and others at serious risk of injury.
more aggressive driver sentences
aggressive driving1) Let the road rage, aggressive driving and madness begin.
2) And that was running negative cambers AND aggressive driving .
more aggressive driving sentences
aggressive easing1) He favors aggressive monetary easing , and made that the centerpiece of his election campaign .
2) It has not closed below this line since mid-November , when investors started to bet Japan would pursue aggressive monetary easing .
more aggressive easing sentences

aggressive encounter1) During aggressive encounters , displays are preferred over attacks.
2) Scent marking is common during aggressive encounters .
more aggressive encounter sentences
aggressive expansion1) Iran likely would exercise aggressive territorial expansion .
2) Could ebook price-fixing ruling kill Apple 's aggressive expansion ?
more aggressive expansion sentences
aggressive expansionist1) Ideology provides the excuse for an aggressive expansionist spirit.
2) The Narn are an aggressive , expansionist race with strict codes of personal honour and fervent religious beliefs.
more aggressive expansionist sentences
aggressive foreign1) His aggressive foreign policy involved many expensive wars.
2) Critics take issue with neoconservatives' support for aggressive foreign policy.
more aggressive foreign sentences
aggressive hostile1) It may appear slightly aggressive and even hostile to foreigners .
2) Because of their family experiences, these children already are aggressive and hostile .
more aggressive hostile sentences
aggressive impulse1) How and when does the child learn to control his aggressive impulses ?
2) That you suppress your aggressive impulses ?
more aggressive impulse sentences
aggressive in1) A little too aggressive in pursuit angles.
2) The atmosphere has turned aggressive in recent years.
more aggressive in sentences
aggressive in doing1) The Ravens will be very aggressive in doing so.
2) (3) There are pollsters who do take the effects I mention into consideration somewhat; in particular, Rasmussen is very aggressive in doing so.
more aggressive in doing sentences
aggressive instinct1) Man should not pander to his aggressive instincts .
1) In Freud's view, humans are primarily driven by sexual and aggressive instincts .
2) The trouble is, our aggressive instincts seem to be encoded in our DNA.
more aggressive instinct sentences
aggressive intent1) A brief mobilisation of defence forces ensued before the lack of aggressive intent was made clear.
2) He believes UN and European observes rushed to judgment regarding the aggressive intent of the Croatian command.
more aggressive intent sentences
aggressive manner1) The man had a red face and an aggressive manner .
2) I didn't shout in an aggressive manner .
more aggressive manner sentences
aggressive marketing1) Expansion and aggressive marketing were largely responsible for the growth.
2) Many companies may be using aggressive marketing to lure in women .
more aggressive marketing sentences
aggressive military1) The situation in Gaza, under Israeli aggressive military operations, is horrific.
2) Interestingly, it seems increasingly common to find aggressive military styling among high-end motherboards.
more aggressive military sentences
aggressive monetary1) He favors aggressive monetary easing , and made that the centerpiece of his election campaign .
2) The byproduct was weak growth of aggregate demand, offset in part by aggressive monetary and fiscal measures.
more aggressive monetary sentences
aggressive move1) He's not very aggressive moving forward.
2) When Mars is retrograde, aggressive moves prove extremely costly.
more aggressive move sentences
aggressive nationalism1) His mentor was Chittaranjan Das who was a spokesman for aggressive nationalism in Bengal.
2) In foreign policy, Mussolini soon shifted from pacifist anti-imperialism to an extreme form of aggressive nationalism .
more aggressive nationalism sentences
aggressive nature1) It is well known for its aggressive nature when disturbed.
2) The aggressive nature of this defense is just really good .
more aggressive nature sentences
aggressive offensive1) His strong emphasis on rapid and aggressive offensive action proved effective.
2) The Wild are a fast, aggressive offensive team.
more aggressive offensive sentences
aggressive play1) Especially when facing aggressive play by another player.
2) aggressive play refers to betting and raising.
more aggressive play sentences
aggressive player1) Wilson is not naturally an aggressive player .
2) A I've always been an aggressive player .
more aggressive player sentences
aggressive policy1) Party militants were arguing for a more aggressive policy .
2) They pursued an aggressive policy of land expansion for white settlements.
more aggressive policy sentences
aggressive posture1) It is a much more aggressive posture .
2) But that kind of aggressive posture is impossible to maintain indefinitely.
more aggressive posture sentences
aggressive pricing1) He says they have more aggressive pricing there.
2) NCD's going after volume with the aggressive pricing .
more aggressive pricing sentences
aggressive programme1) The Government needs to follow a much more aggressive programme to promote renewable technologies.
2) From the 1880s the LNC began a more aggressive programme to maximise its income.
more aggressive programme sentences
aggressive promotion1) Encyclopædia Britannica's aggressive promotion produced solid sales.
2) After aggressive promotion , the film released worldwide on June 20, 2014.
more aggressive promotion sentences
aggressive pursuit1) Free form, patience, and aggressive pursuit are intact today.
2) Joachim Murat assumed command of the troops and began an aggressive pursuit .
more aggressive pursuit sentences
aggressive push1) My aggressive push has earned me accusation .
2) A newly aggressive push by Hollywood studios into the Asian market.
more aggressive push sentences
aggressive questioning1) Bailey had been known for his aggressive questioning of city officials.
2) Here's hoping for some aggressive questioning by the subcommittee.
more aggressive questioning sentences
aggressive response1) In non-parasitized colonies, they receive highly aggressive responses from host wasps.
2) Immediate situational factors such as frustration are also important in triggering an aggressive response .
more aggressive response sentences
aggressive stance1) His aggressive stance against terrorism kept us safe during his presidency.
2) Day and Harris took aggressive stances by forbidding public criticism.
more aggressive stance sentences
aggressive strategy1) aggressive strategy called for offensive force concentration.
2) Hear organizers out when they propose novel or aggressive strategies .
more aggressive strategy sentences
aggressive style1) He advanced towards me in aggressive style .
2) Norman had a bold and aggressive style of play.
more aggressive style sentences
aggressive successful1) Companies have waged aggressive , successful campaigns to keep unions out.
2) It retained the same defensive AI but was more aggressive and successful on offense.
more aggressive successful sentences
aggressive tactic1) They employ shady and highly aggressive tactics to win the town.
2) Some of the concerns have been the aggressive tactics .
more aggressive tactic sentences
aggressive tactics1) They employ shady and highly aggressive tactics to win the town.
2) Some of the concerns have been the aggressive tactics .
more aggressive tactics sentences
aggressive technique1) Maybe we need to use more aggressive techniques to find out.
2) Mitchell ordered that Abu Zubaydah answer questions or face a gradual increase in aggressive techniques .
more aggressive technique sentences
aggressive tendency1) Positive affect groups developed more aggressive tendencies toward Muslims.
2) The ring amplifies the aggressive tendencies of the wearer.
more aggressive tendency sentences
aggressive territorial1) Iran likely would exercise aggressive territorial expansion.
2) Male robins are noted for their highly aggressive territorial behaviour.
more aggressive territorial sentences
aggressive tone1) The US continued to soften its previously aggressive tone towards the Vatican.
2) Some of his enlisted men were encouraged by Pope's aggressive tone .
more aggressive tone sentences
aggressive toward1) We were definitely more aggressive toward batters.
2) The dogs were also aggressive toward park rangers.
more aggressive toward sentences
aggressive towards1) They are known to be highly aggressive towards intruders.
2) Adult males are highly territorial and are aggressive towards other males.
more aggressive towards sentences
aggressive treatment1) Some patients select supportive care instead of aggressive treatment .
2) But aggressive treatment can lower the risks.
more aggressive treatment sentences
aggressive tumour1) High-grade tumours are sometimes called aggressive tumours .
2) Children with NHL nearly always have aggressive tumours .
more aggressive tumour sentences
aggressive violent1) They are often characterized as overtly aggressive and violent .
2) Their daughter was aggressive , violent , accusing.
more aggressive violent sentences
aggressive with1) We are pretty aggressive with the truck.
2) The lid itself looks aggressive with sharp, unusual lines.
more aggressive with sentences
aggressive young1) aggressive , young , and low mileage is just what we need in our backfield.
2) He was apparently an aggressive young man who found outlet for a lot of pent-up frustrations in fighting.
2) When the aggressive young males were treated with therapeutic doses of zinc, their aggressive episodes were substantially lessened.
more aggressive young sentences
be aggressive1) We were definitely more aggressive toward batters.
2) These breast cancers are typically very aggressive .
more be aggressive sentences
become aggressive1) An abused dog has trust issues and may become overly aggressive .
2) Some bees become more aggressive after consuming alcohol.
more become aggressive sentences
extremely aggressive1) Group members are extremely aggressive towards individuals from other logs.
2) The banded grunter is an extremely aggressive small native fish species.
more extremely aggressive sentences
fairly aggressive1) These are fairly aggressive plants , spreading out runners readily.
2) I have fairly mild Ps but fairly aggressive PsA.
more fairly aggressive sentences
get aggressive1) The red devils also got pretty aggressive .
2) A few days ago he suddenly got very aggressive .
more get aggressive sentences
grow aggressive1) LinkedIn growing aggressive in India and competitive threat from Monster.
2) As a result they, they grow large, they grow aggressive , and they're highly coloured and they fight each other for access to males.
more grow aggressive sentences
highly aggressive1) This type of highly aggressive prostate cancer is relatively unusual .
2) They are known to be highly aggressive towards intruders.
more highly aggressive sentences
increasingly aggressive1) They become increasingly aggressive , he said.
2) The North Vietnamese had become increasingly aggressive .
more increasingly aggressive sentences
look aggressive1) The lid itself looks aggressive with sharp, unusual lines.
2) From the beginning on, they looked aggressive .
more look aggressive sentences
more aggressive1) We were definitely more aggressive toward batters.
2) Some children are consistently more aggressive than others.
more more aggressive sentences
most aggressive1) Note This method is the most aggressive mode of repair.
2) Adult males are the most aggressive , and scarring is common.
more most aggressive sentences
naturally aggressive1) Kohli is a naturally aggressive batsman with strong technical skills.
2) So she other thing is you get p some people who are naturally aggressive .
more naturally aggressive sentences
openly aggressive1) Has Saddam Hussein made any such openly aggressive suggestions?
2) Their customer service is deplorable with representatives openly aggressive and rude.
more openly aggressive sentences
overly aggressive1) An abused dog has trust issues and may become overly aggressive .
2) I don't have any overly aggressive fish.
more overly aggressive sentences
overtly aggressive1) They are often characterized as overtly aggressive and violent.
2) Women's franchise: Women are less overtly aggressive than men.
more overtly aggressive sentences
particularly aggressive1) These accounts indicate the species is not particularly aggressive .
2) Washington and its municipalities have been particularly aggressive .
more particularly aggressive sentences
passive aggressive1) This anger turned to passive aggressive behaviors.
2) Unfortunately both parents are passive aggressive and withdrawn.
more passive aggressive sentences
physically aggressive1) Those who played a lot of violent video games became relatively more physically aggressive .
2) Furthermore, males are also ranked higher in popularity if they are physically aggressive .
more physically aggressive sentences
play aggressive1) I was playing so aggressive in every shot.
2) Rose plays fast , and Rose plays aggressive .
more play aggressive sentences
pretty aggressive1) The red devils also got pretty aggressive .
2) We are pretty aggressive with the truck.
more pretty aggressive sentences
really aggressive1) I played soccer for years and was always really aggressive .
2) So a very skilled and really aggressive team .
more really aggressive sentences
remain aggressive1) One contact also notes that pricing pressure from competitors remains aggressive .
2) Irvine would remain aggressive on the offensive side.
more remain aggressive sentences
seem aggressive1) But some pop music seems so aggressive .
2) If 45 days seems too aggressive , set a higher threshold.
more seem aggressive sentences
sound aggressive1) sounding aggressive and hostile she criticized her father for messing up the food program and of giving food of low quality.
1) Back The Fuck Up sounds aggressive but, in reality, it is yet again merely focused on what other people should do.
2) As far as the tired aspect of their work, Mille does not sound aggressive enough in thrashy parts nor is he melodic enough where it is called for.
more sound aggressive sentences
stay aggressive1) Vera said: I always had to stay aggressive .
2) He stayed aggressive even through misses.
more stay aggressive sentences
too aggressive1) A little too aggressive in pursuit angles.
2) Others were too aggressive and awkwardly angry.
more too aggressive sentences
turn aggressive1) The atmosphere has turned aggressive in recent years.
2) Nitro marketing and pricing turned notably more aggressive over the past 6 months.
more turn aggressive sentences
unusually aggressive1) Remember, abused horses may be unusually aggressive , fearful or listless.
2) Any animal acting strange or unusually aggressive would have to be shot for safety's sake.
more unusually aggressive sentences
verbally aggressive1) Boys are allowed to be more physically and verbally aggressive than girls.
2) If they are verbally aggressive to staff they will be dumped unceremoniously in this room.
more verbally aggressive sentences
very aggressive1) These breast cancers are typically very aggressive .
2) A few days ago he suddenly got very aggressive .
more very aggressive sentences

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