agent Collocations
CIA agent1) He was supposedly meeting some CIA agents there.
2) The overthrow was forecast in exact detail by CIA agents .
more CIA agent sentences
FBI agent1) An undercover FBI agent exposed the plan.
2) The first female FBI agents are hired.
more FBI agent sentences
act as an agent1) Carrier IQ acts as an agent for the operators.
2) A. The notary acts as an agent of the employer.
more act as an agent sentences
act as your agent1) You are solely responsible for your 3.4 agent or Principal: We will act as your agent for buying, selling and generally dealing in securities for you.
2) Power of Attorney for Care of Children is used when appointing another individual to act as your agent for the care of your children.
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advertising agent1) advertising agents observe potential consumers much like an anthropologist would, though with more mercurial objectives.
2) In traditional media, advertising agents will select a spokesperson to best connect with their target market.
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agent1) Each biological agent is distinct mass hazard.
2) The human body has defenses against many toxic agents .
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agent assign1) Other agents were assigned to guard the hostages.
2) A S.H.I.E.L.D. agent assigned to guard Rogers without his knowledge.
more agent assign sentences
agent general1) Motor insurance provided by allianz cimb insurance agent general insurance company malaysia.
2) In 1927, Greenfield was appointed Alberta's agent general in London, England.
more agent general sentences
agent provocateur1) We must stay alert and stave off agent provocateurs .
2) They are especially important for preventing infiltration by agents provocateurs .
more agent provocateur sentences
agents1) The human body has defenses against many toxic agents .
2) May call external services through service agents .
more agents sentences
an agent for change1) The leader is an agent for change - questioning, challenging and seeking new ideas.
2) But the ANC as an agent for change is not a prisoner of history .
more an agent for change sentences
an agent of change1) The printing press truly became an agent of change .
2) I experienced this first hand when employed as an agent of change .
more an agent of change sentences

appoint agent0) The church asked each congregation to appoint a peace agent .
1) Then, they appoint qualified agents to handle tenders.
2) He would appoint an agent to deliver it.
more appoint agent sentences
appoint an agent1) He would appoint an agent to deliver it.
2) The owner cannot appoint an agent for an instant title transaction.
more appoint an agent sentences
authorize agent1) Only installation passport agents are authorized to call.
1) The prophets of the Old Testament were authorized agents of God.
2) Letter authorizing the real estate agent will contact the designated third party or the mortgagor.
more authorize agent sentences
average agent1) The average agent catches just 20 migrants per year .
2) Providing listing services that go far beyond what the average agent is will to offer.
more average agent sentences
bargaining agent1) But there is an exclusive bargaining agent .
2) A person may revoke their bargaining agent in writing.
more bargaining agent sentences
become agent1) He becomes a free agent next season.
2) Comprehensive guide on becoming an insurance agent .
more become agent sentences
biological agent1) Each biological agent is distinct mass hazard.
2) Many biological control agents are ecological specialists.
more biological agent sentences

bleach agent1) This atomic oxygen acts as bleaching agent through oxidation.
2) Also, prolonged exposure to bleaching agents may damage tooth enamel.
more bleach agent sentences
bond agent1) Use of a dentin bonding agent may improve bond strength.
2) Aerolite formaldehyde cement was the bonding agent .
more bond agent sentences
book agent1) The brief of booking agents has changed radically in recent years.
2) Ashley became the public relations representative & booking agent in 2002.
more book agent sentences
booking agent1) The brief of booking agents has changed radically in recent years.
2) Ashley became the public relations representative & booking agent in 2002.
more booking agent sentences
border patrol agent1) Ground sensors alert border patrol agents to illegal activity .
2) They also put many border patrol agents on furlough .
more border patrol agent sentences
business agent1) My business agent has been working with them diligently.
2) The union argued that its business agent had been on vacation.
more business agent sentences
buying agent1) A valon Textile Inc. : sourcing and inspection buying agents .
2) Listing agents and buying agents Profit From a Short Sale.
more buying agent sentences

chelate agent1) Several chelating agents are available, having different affinities for different metals.
2) An antidote chelating agent was administered.
more chelate agent sentences
chief agent1) The chief agent then buys weed from Nancy.
2) After all, he was protected by the King's chief agent .
more chief agent sentences
clean agent1) The environmental impact of cleaning agents is diverse.
2) There are usually specialized cleaning agents for different kinds of carpets.
more clean agent sentences
commercial agent1) Generally, commercial agents are easier to land than other agents.
2) Thus the commercial agents provides most of the items needed for them.
more commercial agent sentences
commission agent1) Lauritz.com acts solely as commission agent for the seller.
2) Duff emigrated to America and worked as a commission agent .
more commission agent sentences
covert agent1) She had hopes of being sent back to France as a covert agent .
2) Series of Scientology covert agent Reports About Clearwater.
more covert agent sentences
customs agent1) customs agents confiscated 24 stun guns in 2008.
2) Apparently he'd been unruly with the customs agents .
more customs agent sentences
del credere agent1) del credere agents sell their principals' goods and undertake to indemnify their principals in the event of the purchaser breaching the contract.
more del credere agent sentences
designate agent1) All will be sold through designated agents and distributors .
2) Taxes administered locally are paid directly to the County's designated agent .
more designate agent sentences
disbursing agent1) Ross' accounts are consistently higher numbers than that of the Army disbursing agents .
2) An Army disbursing agent discovered that a Cherokee named Justis Fields travelled with government funds three times under different aliases.
more disbursing agent sentences
double agent1) We have double agents everywhere.
2) For me it was splinter cell double agent .
more double agent sentences
economic agent1) Three kinds of economic agents determine these values.
2) Critics of behavioral economics typically stress the rationality of economic agents .
more economic agent sentences
effective agent1) The effective agent , prostaglandin helps alleviate symptoms of breast tenderness.
2) Bacillus anthracis is considered an effective agent for several reasons.
more effective agent sentences
election agent1) Candidates may name themselves as their own election agents .
2) His election agent was Labour activist and lifelong friend Ron Lemin.
more election agent sentences
employ an agent1) I had been told that, if the King employed an agent , it would certainly be you.
2) By September 1867 H.W. Corbett & Co. had its own office in New York City and was no longer employing an agent .
more employ an agent sentences
enemy agent1) Beware of enemy agents , treacherous nurses and mechanical mischief.
2) Switzerland was riddled with enemy agents .
more enemy agent sentences
enrolled agent1) enrolled agents often specialize and are best for complex tax situations.
2) Eva Rosenberg is an enrolled agent a tax expert.
more enrolled agent sentences
escrow agent1) The parties shall agree upon an escrow agent .
2) The title company is the escrow agent under this contract.
more escrow agent sentences
estate agent1) A young real estate agent is kidnapped during an open house.
2) His father was a real estate agent .
more estate agent sentences
extension agent1) Ask your county extension agent for help.
2) For assistance, contact your county's Cooperative extension agent .
more extension agent sentences
federal agent1) federal agents obtained a warrant two weeks later.
2) Police and federal agents from multiple law enforcement agencies responded .
more federal agent sentences
foreign agent1) The foreign agent temporarily makes the insects withdraw to safety.
2) Macrophages are adapted especially for sustained battles against foreign agents .
more foreign agent sentences
forwarding agent1) Often the forwarding agents would apply their own markings to the cover of mail.
2) Cargo Sales Act as a freight forwarding agent for all your Cargo needs.
more forwarding agent sentences
free agent1) Both veterans are impending unrestricted free agents .
2) He has made all human beings free moral agents .
more free agent sentences
get an agent1) getting an agent seems an almost impossible task.
2) Can you help me get an agent ?
more get an agent sentences
government agent1) A former congressional aide and government agent .
2) government agents brought conspiracy trials to court in 1816 and 1817.
more government agent sentences
have an agent1) Almost every professional football player has an agent .
2) He always had an agent and an accountant.
more have an agent sentences
hire agent1) His next step is hiring an agent .
2) The first female FBI agents are hired .
more hire agent sentences
hire an agent1) He was set hire an agent soon thereafter.
2) His next step is hiring an agent .
more hire an agent sentences
house agent1) He had written to house agents about putting the flat on the market.
2) The rent was collected by house agents who would evict tenants if the rent was in arrears.
more house agent sentences
human agent1) This power is not in the human agent .
2) Was it suddenly extinguished by a human agent ?
more human agent sentences
infectious agent1) Your immune system protects against many infectious agents .
2) An infectious agent is suspected although the cause is unknown.
more infectious agent sentences
insurance agent1) This program is available through your regular insurance agent .
2) The insurance agent declared my car totaled.
more insurance agent sentences
intelligence agent1) He argued that intelligence agents were often chasing scapegoats.
2) Private mercenaries and intelligence agents are involved in the prisoner abuse.
more intelligence agent sentences
land agent1) They thought of army commissions and land agents .
2) Also known as a land agent or land person.
more land agent sentences
law enforcement1) law enforcement really need been alerted exact same.
2) The department has ten law enforcement centers.
more law enforcement sentences
leasing agent1) leasing agents aggressively sought out acreages to lease mineral rights.
2) Sembler will remain the center's property manager and leasing agent .
more leasing agent sentences
letting agent1) In Scotland, letting agents fees are illegal.
2) Choose a lettings agent that you are comfortable working with.
more letting agent sentences
literary agent1) Amanda has been a literary agent for fifteen years.
2) First off, what are literary agents ?
more literary agent sentences
local agent1) Large estates owned by absentee planters were managed by local agents .
2) This has allowed the company to develop sales through local agents .
more local agent sentences
main agent1) There are three main agents of vertical lift.
2) Why should physicians be expected to be the main agents of death?
more main agent sentences
managing agent1) managing agents may run more than one syndicate.
2) managing agents - and estate agents - may not .
more managing agent sentences
moral agent1) He has made all human beings free moral agents .
2) Man was created a free moral agent .
more moral agent sentences
overseas agent1) Social media is the catalyst, connecting Chinese buyers and overseas agents .
2) One-time pads for use with its overseas agents were introduced late in the war.
more overseas agent sentences
oxidize agent1) Hydrogen peroxide is both an oxidizing agent and reducing agent.
2) Hydrogen peroxide is frequently used as an oxidizing agent .
more oxidize agent sentences
parliamentary agent1) Usually, parliamentary agents specialising in Private Bills will have been employed.
2) I propose to say something now about the principal functions of a parliamentary agent in the promotion of legislation.
more parliamentary agent sentences
patent agent1) Most inventors employ the services of registered patent attorneys or patent agents .
2) It is never used to refer to patent agents or paralegals.
more patent agent sentences
paying agent1) The Trustee is hereby appointed a paying agent . 2.
2) The Holder must surrender this Note to a paying agent to collect payment of principal.
more paying agent sentences
primary agent1) The primary agent of this control is marriage .
2) It is the primary agent in soil erosion by water.
2) Chaos is the primary agent of evolution and change.
more primary agent sentences
prime agent1) Was it not his father who had been the prime agent in advocating the educational route to success?
2) The prime agent in their revival appears to have been William Paterson, later governor of New Jersey.
more prime agent sentences
publicity agent1) The agent : Tender's publicity agent .
2) He had been a musician and publicity agent in New York.
more publicity agent sentences
rational agent1) One is the idea of the rational agent of modern epistemology.
2) Accordingly, he believed that moral obligation applies only to rational agents .
more rational agent sentences
real estate agent1) A young real estate agent is kidnapped during an open house.
2) His father was a real estate agent .
more real estate agent sentences
recruit agent1) In US practice, recruiting agents are called access agents.
2) It shows how the service recruits agents and masks operations .
more recruit agent sentences
rental agent1) Present coupon required to the rental agent when you arrive.
2) All cancellations must be confirmed with a rental agent .
more rental agent sentences
secret agent1) We were sure that they were secret security agents .
2) This effect is the secret agent in many decisions.
more secret agent sentences
send agent1) Eleven Secret Service agents were sent home.
2) The FBI also sent agents to assist.
more send agent sentences
shipping agent1) shipping agents are alarmed at the consequences of any strike.
2) International Shipping: We can now ship internationally via our international shipping agent .
more shipping agent sentences
special agent1) Not all federal criminal investigators are called special agents .
2) He was a field artillery officer and special agent .
more special agent sentences
sports agent1) He currently works as a sports agent .
2) Plus he wants to be a sports agent .
more sports agent sentences
station agent1) Richard Sears had been a railroad station agent in Minnesota.
2) The Springtown station had no station agent or freight house.
more station agent sentences
talent agent1) He's a talent agent who receives international business calls nonstop.
2) It was seen by talent agents , who contacted Robertson.
more talent agent sentences
through an agent1) Sometimes slaves were purchased individually from abroad through an agent .
2) Insurance may also be purchased through an agent .
more through an agent sentences
ticket agent1) Buy your tickets through our preferred ticket agent and save money.
2) The ticket agents felt they weren't getting the full treatment.
more ticket agent sentences
transfer agent1) transfer agents were responsible for eligibility coordination years ago.
2) The consumer is solicited to act as a money transfer agent .
more transfer agent sentences
travel agent1) Your travel agent should have a copy.
2) Other travel agents may also be arranging group tours.
more travel agent sentences
undercover agent1) And outing undercover agents is definitely illegal as hell.
2) They had undercover agents everywhere in the hotel.
more undercover agent sentences
unrestricted agent1) Both veterans are impending unrestricted free agents .
2) Mayo was also an unrestricted free agent .
more unrestricted agent sentences
use an agent1) IG used an agent on only one deal we did.
2) I have found it very helpful to use an agent to find an office.
more use an agent sentences
user agent1) user agents must render highlighted phrases distinctly from plain text.
2) HTML user agents may support other document types.
more user agent sentences
wet agent1) Maybe not enough wetting agent on the final rinse?
1) White wine is also used as a wetting agent for slow cooking.
2) The urea compounds in particular may also act as wetting agents and penetration enhancers.
more wet agent sentences

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