agency Collocations
Agency for International Development1) The U.S. Agency for International Development is among the groups trying to speed progress.
2) The United States Agency for International Development has created a Foreign Assistance Dashboard.
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Federal agency1) The coordinating agency may request assistance from other Federal agencies .
2) The Federal agency will provide any necessary special instruction.
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State agency1) The grantee shall submit each application through the State agency .
2) NASA is the United State's official space agency .
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UN agency1) UN agencies prefer to see urban infrastructure installed before urbanization occurs.
2) UN agencies have begun to take note.
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ad agency1) His clients included ad agencies and film houses.
2) Maybe this ad agency missed the memo.
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adoption agency1) adoption agencies are licensed as any business.
2) Instead, they signed legal papers drafted by adoption agency attorneys.
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advertising agency1) advertising agencies have been established alongside television stations.
2) Oxford is also home to several advertising agencies .
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agency1) The program is administered through existing agencies .
2) Such decentralization should encourage competition between agencies .
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agency agreement1) Must he sign another agency agreement ?
2) For more details about estate agency agreement for vendor, please click here .
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agency employee1) Strong working relationships with agency employees are key to effective regulatory advocacy.
2) The responses came from permanent and agency employees throughout the UK .
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agency employs1) The Environment agency employs around 11,200 staff.
2) The agency employs 534 full-time equivalent persons, divided into eight departments.
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agency executive1) Of the 22 departments participating, 20 agency executives completed focus interviews.
2) Jay Chiat (1931-2002), advertising agency executive .
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agency fee1) A significant savings over the outside agency fee structures.
2) The issue of agency fee payments was a national and serious one.
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agency investigates1) A government environmental agency investigates many environmental problems such as conservation and pollution.
2) Which government agency investigates mortgage fraud?
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agency nurse1) Many hospitals have brought in agency nurses .
2) I'm a critical care agency nurse .
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agency official1) An authorized agency official must review and approve each written determination.
2) Contact with former agency officials began the previous summer.
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agency operates1) The Highways agency operates within a complex external environment.
2) The agency operates ten regional offices besides its head office in Accra.
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agency oversees1) The country's unified financial regulatory agency oversees and regulates the pension funds.
2) The agency oversees the implementation of the National Environment Policy.
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agency responsible for1) OSHA is the federal agency responsible for enforcing construction site safety.
2) Currently nine government agencies are the key agencies responsible for regulation.
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agency shop1) Right-to-work statutes forbid unions from negotiating agency shops .
2) B) Union members agree to the agency shop form of union security.
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agency spokesperson1) An agency spokesperson said there were no plans to close the cases anytime soon.
2) Now the MTA has agreed to undertake the review , an agency spokesperson confirmed.
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agency staff1) agency staff has no formal PM experience.
2) An agency staff person will help you complete the application.
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aid agency1) aid agencies are having difficulties delivering food because of insecurity.
2) aid agencies are warning they should not become permanent fixtures.
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appropriate agency1) Those who predict money are increasingly increased by appropriate agencies .
2) appropriate agencies and organizations to provide SAR service.
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by the agency of1) It is then enforced and upheld by the agencies of the state.
2) This is done chiefly by the agency of the wind, water, and animals.
2) Traditionally, Christians believe that she conceived her son miraculously by the agency of the Holy Spirit.
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collection agency1) There are many types of collection agencies .
2) How long can collection agency charge interest.
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commercial agency1) Standard principles of commercial agency apply ( apparent authority ).
2) This aspect distinguishes the arrangement from the typical commercial agency of municipal law.
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credit agency1) The credit agency is required to respond within 30 days.
2) Can information be given to credit agencies ?
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dating agency1) The contestants shot a television commercial for an online dating agency .
2) Choose and join executive dating agency .
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employment agency1) Other changing roles involved state employment agencies .
2) Commercial employment agencies charged 20% to 30%.
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enforcement agency1) The statement s requirement for appropriate law enforcement agency .
2) He said law enforcement agencies will adjust.
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estate agency1) Louie himself owns a real estate agency .
2) In 1987 they began to acquire estate agencies .
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external agency1) external agency involvement in meeting learner support needs 17 8.
2) For several specialist subjects we cooperated with external agencies .
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federal agency1) The federal agency is charged with resolving wildlife conflicts.
2) These trails are administered by several federal agencies .
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free agency1) Eight more were later signed through free agency .
2) Add veteran talent via trades and free agency .
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government agency1) Federal government agencies are facing unprecedented budget pressures.
2) He has never represented a government agency .
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governmental agency1) Law enforcement operates primarily through governmental police agencies .
2) Other definitions are used by specific governmental agencies .
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health agency1) No health agency has established a firm limit.
2) Home health agency visits are covered under my insurance plan.
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independent agency1) An independent agency regulates election and party financing.
2) He established three additional independent agencies and five independent departments.
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intelligence agency1) The report harshly criticizes American intelligence agencies .
2) For the intelligence agencies a dilemma emerges.
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international agency1) Several hold significant public sector positions in international agencies .
2) Representatives of 33 donor governments and 30 international agencies attended.
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law agency1) The statement s requirement for appropriate law enforcement agency .
2) He said law enforcement agencies will adjust.
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law enforcement agency1) The statement s requirement for appropriate law enforcement agency .
2) He said law enforcement agencies will adjust.
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local agency1) Several local agencies are planning to hire bilingual staff.
2) local agencies define various limits on vehicle noise.
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marketing agency1) marketing agencies are typically staffed solely with marketing people.
2) Are you sure you hired the right local internet marketing agency ?
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news agency1) The effort was chronicled by several nationwide news agencies .
2) International news is sourced primarily from international news agencies .
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official agency1) The official agency memes are not correct.
2) Promotors may include official agencies and authorities.
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outside agency1) A significant savings over the outside agency fee structures.
2) Program support would be provided by outside agencies .
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police agency1) Law enforcement operates primarily through governmental police agencies .
2) Each local police agency has different requirements.
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press agency1) He worked for press agencies and many journals and magazines.
2) He became the Paris correspondent of an international press agency .
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private agency1) This can occur through both public and private agencies .
2) private agencies usually cover temporary work only.
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public agency1) How are racial minorities represented in public agency programs?
2) It allows citizens to demand information held by public agencies .
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rating agency1) rating agencies used estimated figures to run calculation models?
2) The rating agencies continue to downgrade bonds.
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real estate agency1) Louie himself owns a real estate agency .
2) Would will deal mostly with banks and real estate agencies .
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recruitment agency1) recruitment agencies may also incur criminal charges.
2) Five years ago a parent company acquired a recruitment agency subsidiary.
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regulatory agency1) This is why regulatory agencies are needed.
2) The regulatory agency which oversees national banks.
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relief agency1) We are a debt relief agency under federal bankruptcy law.
2) relief agencies are exploring other ways to supply water.
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staff agency1) It should be a staff agency rather than an operating agency.
2) The remaining functions of the wing fall under the Wing staff agencies .
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state agency1) Three state agencies oversee approximately 26 early learning programs.
2) Other changing roles involved state employment agencies .
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temp agency1) I've had several temp agencies tell me different things.
2) I took a job as a secretary through a temp agency .
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temping agency1) This feature should appeal to temping agencies assessing potential employees.
2) They had temping agencies , job centres, local papers the job centre only came up with about two people.
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through an agency1) You can find and book models without going through an agency .
2) If you booked through an agency , contact your travel agent.
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travel agency1) travel agencies are losing business to online bookings.
2) His father owns a local travel agency .
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volunteer agency1) The fire department and emergency medical services are volunteer agencies .
2) Emergency Medical Service and fire protection are provided by volunteer agencies .
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welfare agency1) Colonial parishes were units of local government and social welfare agencies .
2) SJS is available to all welfare agencies in arranging above functions.
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