age Collocations
Age Concern1) No wonder Age Concern is talking about digital exclusion.
2) The charity Age Concern welcomed the tough sentence.
more Age Concern sentences
Age of Aquarius1) This milestone is called the Age of Aquarius .
2) The Age of Aquarius is about to commence!
more Age of Aquarius sentences
Age of Reason1) The Age of Reason seems long past.
2) Also known as the Age of Reason .
more Age of Reason sentences
At your age1) At your age one is bursting with ideals.
2) I was one At your age , though.
more At your age sentences
Bronze age1) Bronze age archaeology is also present in the area.
2) The bit is a Bronze age invention.
more Bronze age sentences

Elizabethan age1) The second Elizabethan age had slumped into depression.
2) The Restoration lacked the spontaneity of the Elizabethan age .
more Elizabethan age sentences
Iron Age0) God is a delusion created by Iron Age men.
1) This was a tribal Celtic Iron Age kingdom.
2) The Iron Age provides numerous substantial building remains.
more Iron Age sentences
Jazz Age1) It was like a Jazz Age boot camp !
2) Greater independence for women was also part of the Jazz Age .
more Jazz Age sentences
New Age1) The music is neither New Age nor pop.
2) He enjoys quiet evenings playing classical and New Age piano.
more New Age sentences
New Age traveller1) New Age travellers expelled after clash with police.
2) Land may be occupied by New Age travellers .
more New Age traveller sentences
Stone age1) Taxes have begun trade since the Stone age .
2) The cave was inhabited at least during the Stone age .
more Stone age sentences
Victorian age1) Such settlements were profoundly characteristic of the Victorian age .
2) The Victorian age saw an explosion of experimentation.
more Victorian age sentences

When I was your age1) I remember When I was your age .
2) Dean, When I was your age I was a Democrat.
more When I was your age sentences
a certain age1) Does the advertisement specify a certain age range?
2) Such jolly fun at a certain age .
more a certain age sentences
act your age1) Tip 7: act your age .
2) So step up your game and act your age .
more act your age sentences
advance age1) AMD and AD are diseases strongly associated with advancing age .
2) Immune function declines significantly with advancing age .
more advance age sentences
advanced age1) The risk is greater for advanced paternal age .
2) Administration of melatonin may improve temporal organization in advanced age .
more advanced age sentences
advancing age1) AMD and AD are diseases strongly associated with advancing age .
2) Immune function declines significantly with advancing age .
more advancing age sentences
age1) All children ages 4 - 12 are invited.
2) Amy has been playing piano since age five.
more age sentences

age allowance1) age allowances go up taking sixteen thousand senior citizens out of the tax bracket altogether.
2) In Haryana , over 12.86 lakh aged men and women are given old age allowance of Rs.
more age allowance sentences
age appropriate1) Guns int he house = age appropriate gun safety.
2) Set age appropriate limits to gaming interactions with others online.
more age appropriate sentences
age badly1) Originally awarded 57% in Issue 29, it's aged badly .
2) It also ages badly , always seems damp and looks like winter - totally grey.
more age badly sentences
age beautifully1) Sure enough and by golly, Sirks movies age beautifully .
2) There are many requisite variables for a pu'er tea to age beautifully .
more age beautifully sentences
age bracket1) Shaun may third age bracket armed forces.
2) The benefit continues through subsequent age brackets as well.
more age bracket sentences
age category1) A number of age categories are available.
2) Medals are awarded for each age category .
more age category sentences
age cohort1) age cohort - 2 - 5 years.
2) So how about three pens each taking two age cohorts ?
2) METHOD Sample sizes are set in five-year age cohorts of each sex.
2) The ILO gives activity rates by sex and by five-year age cohort .
more age cohort sentences

age difference1) And is our age difference too big?
2) Research has noted age differences in conformity.
more age difference sentences
age discrimination1) Real estate news and advice age discrimination .
2) age discrimination is not old age discrimination.
more age discrimination sentences
age gap1) And is 9 years a big age gap ?
2) The age gap is far from an issue.
more age gap sentences
age gender1) These variables include age , gender and race.
2) Regarding demographics, age , gender and race may be factors.
more age gender sentences
age group1) There are three age group cycling development platforms.
2) Higher age groups had lower residual risks.
more age group sentences
age hardening1) Typically a slow process, depending on temperature, this is often referred to as age hardening .
2) They are however, essential when investigating molecular or atomic effects, such as age hardening in aluminium alloys, or the microstructure of polymers.
more age hardening sentences
age limit1) Laws also set age limits restricting marriage without parental consent.
2) There is no recommended upper age limit .
more age limit sentences
age mate1) A child might go to school with age mates only in the morning or only in the afternoon.
2) When an adolescent has advanced cognitive development and maturity they tend to resolve identity issues more so than age mates that are less cognitively developed.
2) They were loners, with few age mates of either sex, and they had feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.
more age mate sentences
age of chivalry1) age of chivalry felt ridiculously fake and difficult to play .
2) Burke, Edmund The age of chivalry is gone.
more age of chivalry sentences
age of consent1) A special issue is age of consent .
2) The age of consent has changed several times during recent years.
more age of consent sentences
age of dinosaurs1) The age of dinosaurs ended about 66 million years ago .
2) I study the land plants of the early part of the age of dinosaurs .
more age of dinosaurs sentences
age of discretion1) Not long afterwards, Prince Dighavu reached the age of discretion .
2) Each of the faithful who has reached the age of discretion is bound to confess his or her mortal sins at least once a year and always before receiving Holy Communion.
more age of discretion sentences
age of enlightenment1) Century was also the age of enlightenment and nationalism.
2) The age of enlightenment was a European affair.
more age of enlightenment sentences
age of exploration1) The age of exploration owed everything to the power of sail.
2) The latter advances made possible the dawn of the age of exploration .
more age of exploration sentences
age of globalization1) Governance and food security in an age of globalization .
2) At World Growth we embrace and celebrate this new age of globalization .
more age of globalization sentences
age of innocence1) In 1993, he directed The age of innocence .
2) Is there any return to the lost paradise, to the age of innocence ?
more age of innocence sentences
age of maturity1) The age of maturity is to be defined by the citizen body itself.
2) Who decided that children must accomplish the impossible before they reach the age of maturity ?
more age of maturity sentences
age of onset1) The average age of onset is 7 years old.
2) The median age of onset is 37 years.
more age of onset sentences
age old1) She gives practical solutions to age old problems.
2) Inventory turnover is an age old retail inventory metric.
more age old sentences
age old custom1) Placing candles in windows is an age old custom which has been used for centuries to greet friends and welcome visitors.
2) Following protests by Buddhist monks and animal rights activist, the government banned the age old custom of animal sacrifices at the Kali temple in 2011.
more age old custom sentences
age old debate1) What is essencially the nature vs nurture debate, is an age old debate .
2) Each episode gives historic depth to the speculations, provocative controversies, grounded theories surrounding this age old debate .
more age old debate sentences
age old problem1) She gives practical solutions to age old problems .
2) Sparse allocation is an elegant solution to an age old problem .
more age old problem sentences
age old question1) It's an age old question that every parent must face.
2) So, back to the age old question .
more age old question sentences
age old tradition1) It is an age old tradition of growing vegetables where the emphasis lies on freshness .
2) The practice is an age old tradition and of enormous economic value in terms of agricultural production.
more age old tradition sentences
age pension1) Government programmes such as old age pensions .
2) Even old age pensions were discussed - but no action taken.
more age pension sentences
age prematurely1) They will age prematurely ; they will shortening their own lives; and by their own choices.
2) Do people in industrialized countries have lower Dhea levels and therefore age prematurely and have aged related diseases earlier?
more age prematurely sentences
age profile1) The increasing age profile is more pronounced in the manual workforce.
2) These trends are reflected in the country's age profile .
more age profile sentences
age proof1) age proof :, Partnership deed.
2) Some critics have seen in Swift's reluctance to praise mankind in any age proof of his misanthropy, and others have detected in it an overarching hatred of pride.
more age proof sentences
age range1) The age range is very solid between 7 and 15.
2) And this age range is recognized worldwide.
more age range sentences
age rapidly1) The biomedical workforce is aging rapidly , she said.
2) Ralph and George start to age rapidly .
more age rapidly sentences
age restriction1) The age restriction was eliminated in 1970.
2) And surprisingly the sport has no age restrictions .
more age restriction sentences
age spot1) He also has age spots and trouble navigating steps.
2) Brown spots on the skin, age spots ?
more age spot sentences
another age1) In another age he would have been a farmer.
2) This is factory-style government from another age .
more another age sentences
approach age1) The patient was a male approaching late middle age .
2) I was approaching middle age when my husband passed away.
more approach age sentences
at an early age1) I started school at an early age .
2) Training should begin at an early age .
more at an early age sentences
at the age of1) Her powers manifested at the age of eleven.
2) He died at the age of 35.
more at the age of sentences
attain age1) White pine is capable of attaining ages of 200 years.
2) The olive tree grows slowly and attains a great age .
more attain age sentences
average age1) Their average age was 36 years old.
2) The average death age is around fifty.
more average age sentences
awkward age1) He was approaching the awkward age in a professional golfer's career.
2) Pam : Well you know, at that time it was an awkward age .
more awkward age sentences
between the ages1) This is usually due between the ages of 14-16.
2) Be between the ages of 18 and 28.
more between the ages sentences
by the age1) the danger posed by the aging chemical weapons stockpile has ceased.
2) He had gone deaf by the age of 46.
more by the age sentences
bygone age1) The building underwent alterations in bygone ages .
2) The hill is replete with relics of bygone ages .
more bygone age sentences
childbearing age1) FM mainly occurs in women of childbearing age .
2) In women of childbearing age before pregnancy ought to be excluded.
more childbearing age sentences
chronological age1) Physical age is now 53, while chronological age is 61.
2) His chronological age is 61, and physical age shows 63.
more chronological age sentences
come of age1) Online journals are definitely coming of age .
2) Is content marketing coming of age down under?
more come of age sentences
coming of age1) Online journals are definitely coming of age .
2) Is content marketing coming of age down under?
more coming of age sentences
computer age1) This analyzer lead breath testing into the computer age .
2) The computer age has changed the entire workflow for music editors.
more computer age sentences
determine age1) This measurement is used to determine fetal age .
2) France has inadequate procedures for determining age .
more determine age sentences
different age1) Does the pulse rate vary among different age groups?
2) The different ages required different styles of management change techniques.
more different age sentences
digital age1) The seasonal climate outlook has entered the digital age .
2) But the digital age is looming large .
more digital age sentences
drinking age1) Legal drinking age : 18 years old.
2) Missouri's drinking age has been 21 since 1945.
more drinking age sentences
early age1) Price has loved horses since an early age .
2) early downfall age 60% ~ 80% memorably age 20.
more early age sentences
enter age1) Hence far more people enter old age .
1) Evolutionary theory is entering the space age .
2) The seasonal climate outlook has entered the digital age .
more enter age sentences
estimate age1) Its age is estimated at 450 years.
2) Its age is estimated at less than a billion years.
more estimate age sentences
feel your age1) Other times you don't feel your age at all.
2) What a pity you can't feel your age , she thought.
more feel your age sentences
for your age1) You're not getting turned down for your age .
2) Well you just sound very mature for your age .
more for your age sentences
from the age of1) She wore hearing devices from the age of five.
2) Mozart composed from the age of 5.
more from the age of sentences
gestational age1) Birth weight and gestational age were included as continuous variables.
2) gestational age was assessed as the last completed week of pregnancy.
more gestational age sentences
golden age1) The golden age of physical culture had truly arrived.
2) There has never been an ecological golden age .
more golden age sentences
grand age0) For good measure I will reach the grand age of 60 before Christmas gets here.
1) And dear Papa passed away peacefully in his sleep two years ago at the grand age of 80.
2) As part of the Plan solidarite grand age home nursing care capacity is planned to number 232,000 places in 2025.
more grand age sentences
grand old age1) In 1989 the Society reached the grand old age of 100 years.
2) She 'd reached the grand old age of 19 years and four months.
more grand old age sentences
great age1) However, anecdotal reports describe birds of much greater ages .
2) Therefore, they are always seeking indicators of great age .
more great age sentences
herald age1) The 12th century heralded an age of peace and prosperity.
2) Research conducted in the university contributed to heralding the space age .
more herald age sentences
ice age1) The second major ice age began 580 million years ago .
2) Those quotes around ice age are hers.
more ice age sentences
in this day and age1) in this day and age , anything is possible.
2) in this day and age having emotions is a pathology.
more in this day and age sentences
increase age1) The benefit becomes more expensive with increasing age .
2) increased age is associated with decreased tearing.
more increase age sentences
increasing age1) The benefit becomes more expensive with increasing age .
2) Why does fertility decline with increasing age ?
more increasing age sentences
industrial age1) The industrial age was all about conformity.
2) With the industrial age all this changed.
more industrial age sentences
information age1) Children's journeys through the information age .
2) In the information age , more is better.
more information age sentences
legal age1) May include people under legal age ).
2) What is the legal age to drink alcohol and gamble?
2) What is the legal age to have sex?
more legal age sentences
live to the age1) Secretary Charles Thomson lived to the age of 94.
2) He is claimed to have lived to the age of 206.
more live to the age sentences
look your age1) You don't look your age .
2) He didn't look his age when he died.
more look your age sentences
lower age1) Most states lowered the legal drinking age to 18.
2) The voting age was lowered to 21 for married men.
more lower age sentences
marrying age1) The Guild keeps boys and girls segregated until they reach marrying age .
1) Dowry is handed over when bethrothed are of marrying age , followed by a Christian wedding.
2) Where pure friendship underlined the bondage, dowry was not sometimes involved until the two betrotheds reach marrying ages .
more marrying age sentences
mean age1) The mean patient age was 62 years old.
2) mean age at baseline was 46 years.
more mean age sentences
median age1) The median patient age was 49 years.
2) The median patient age was 58 years.
more median age sentences
mental age1) Most of the boys' mental age is about eleven.
2) The mental age of his wife was not much older than his.
more mental age sentences
middle age1) The patient was a male approaching late middle age .
2) It is especially common around middle age or whenever hormones change.
more middle age sentences
minimum age1) The minimum legal working age is 15 years.
2) The minimum age requested is 16 years old.
2) The minimum age for consensual sex was 18.
more minimum age sentences
modern age1) The modern age is the age of information explosion.
2) The oasis provided water for early farms until the modern age .
more modern age sentences
near age1) He says many are nearing retirement age .
2) I took over in 1996 and am nearing retirement age .
more near age sentences
nuclear age1) The nuclear age is still with us.
2) That saves timea precious commodity in this nuclear age .
more nuclear age sentences
of all ages1) The competition is open amateur photographers of all ages .
1) Women of all ages are potential rape victims.
2) Children of all ages are welcome here.
more of all ages sentences
old age1) Your love should daily increase through old age .
2) It is a disease skewed towards old age .
more old age sentences
old age pension1) Government programmes such as old age pensions .
2) Even old age pensions were discussed - but no action taken.
more old age pension sentences
old age pensioner1) Yes of old age pensioners coming down!
2) Mostly old age pensioners , mostly women.
more old age pensioner sentences
over age1) CAD patients are usually men over age 65.
2) One in five adults over age 65 has diabetes.
more over age sentences
over the age1) over the age of 2 and four.
1) This church was continuously built and renovated over the ages .
2) the youth is over the age of 16.
more over the age sentences
own age1) Peer - someone in your own age group.
2) And she has made friends her own age .
more own age sentences
pensionable age1) Economic activity rates are low among those of pensionable age .
2) The scheme also spoke of raising the pensionable age .
more pensionable age sentences
raise age1) Minimum working age is raised to 12.
2) Collins herself voted to raise the purchase age .
more raise age sentences
range in age1) The dance campers range in age from 4 through adult.
2) Her patients range in age from eighteen months through fifteen years.
more range in age sentences
reach age1) Nine of every ten smokers became addicted before reaching age 19.
2) Education programs before reaching school age may be useful.
more reach age sentences
reading age1) A reading scheme novel is aimed at a particular reading age .
2) Reflection on impact of guided reading program though assessment of reading ages .
more reading age sentences
retirement age1) He says many are nearing retirement age .
2) Only 37% are at retirement age .
more retirement age sentences
ripe age1) She passed at the ripe age of 107.
2) He made it to the ripe age of 18.
more ripe age sentences
ripe old age1) Bone minerals begin declining by the ripe old age of 35.
2) He enjoyed excellent health to the ripe old age of 18.
more ripe old age sentences
school age1) Many towns are charged per school age child.
2) The program services elementary and middle school aged children.
more school age sentences
school leaving age1) In 1893 the school leaving age was raised to 11 years.
2) The school leaving age at that time was 10 years.
more school leaving age sentences
seem age1) It seemed ages since he'd had anything to eat.
2) It seems ages since we've driven down this road.
more seem age sentences
space age0) Evolutionary theory is entering the space age .
1) A space age gel saddle is the ultimate in silky comfort.
2) Early during the space age , though.
more space age sentences
take an age1) Trippy took an age to sit upright.
2) Peter Scantlebury took an age to find his range.
more take an age sentences
tender age1) Tennis players start at a more tender age these days.
2) Thomas Bromley sounds older than his tender age of 22.
more tender age sentences
the same age as1) Hugh was the same age as Edward.
2) They moved next door with kids the same age as yours .
more the same age as sentences
through the ages1) Our present character has evolved through the ages .
2) This traditional coat has been a versatile fashion through the ages .
more through the ages sentences
under age1) Such books often feature characters under age twenty.
2) Bicycle riders under age 16 must wear a helmet.
more under age sentences
under the age1) Almost 80 per cent were under the age of thirty.
2) Six patients developed cancer under the age of fifty.
more under the age sentences
vary age1) It is mainly due to menopause and varying age .
2) Their ages varied from fourteen to forty.
more vary age sentences
voting age1) The highest minimum voting age is 21 in several nations.
2) The voting age was lowered to 21 for married men.
more voting age sentences
with age1) How does ovarian reserve change with age ?
2) The blade displays wear commensurate with age .
more with age sentences
work age1) Minimum working age is raised to 12.
2) Are you currently working past age 59 1⁄2?
more work age sentences
working age1) The minimum legal working age is 15 years.
2) Minimum working age is raised to 12.
more working age sentences
years of age1) Both men are 33 years of age .
2) Kids under 3 years of age are always free.
more years of age sentences
young age1) Eating disorders may begin at very young ages .
2) It says despite his young age .
more young age sentences

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