aerodynamic Collocations
aerodynamic1) Reducing aerodynamic drag was another primary design goal.
2) The aerodynamic lines are sporty and athletic.
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aerodynamic advantage1) The resulting aerodynamic advantage is currently seen as the optimum shape for rifle technology.
2) In addition to the obvious handling benefits , the low line also provided aerodynamic advantages .
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aerodynamic braking1) The pilots applied aerodynamic braking to help slow down the vehicle.
2) On top of this, it gets passive aerodynamic braking the whole way down.
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aerodynamic characteristic1) Its primary purpose is to examine the aerodynamic characteristics and flow-field structural details of free-flying aeroballistic models.
2) The aerodynamic characteristics of new configurations are investigated with an emphasis on estimating the accuracy of computational methods.
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aerodynamic design1) The basics of aerodynamic design through wind tunnel testing.
2) Real sports dont depend on aerodynamic design and engineers.
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aerodynamic diameter1) Also commonly used is the aerodynamic diameter .
2) Pharmaceutical companies typically use aerodynamic diameter , not geometric diameter, to characterize particles in inhalable drugs.
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aerodynamic downforce1) The aerodynamic downforce allowing this is typically greater than the weight of the car.
2) This mod adds aerodynamic downforce to the physics model, a feature not included in the original physics model.
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aerodynamic drag1) Reducing aerodynamic drag was another primary design goal.
2) Disc wheels are designed to minimize aerodynamic drag .
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aerodynamic efficiency1) Benefits claimed include greater comfort and aerodynamic efficiency .
2) The aerodynamic efficiency is improved by two percent.
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aerodynamic fairing1) Later loop antenna designs were enclosed in an aerodynamic , teardrop-shaped fairing .
2) Drag can also be reduced by covering the bicycle with an aerodynamic fairing .
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aerodynamic flow1) Upwind second-order difference schemes and applications in unsteady aerodynamic flows .
2) The applications of these theories to aerodynamic flows have been agreed upon by the scientific and engineering communities since the early 20th century.
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aerodynamic improvement1) Design modifications have been driven by aerodynamic improvement .
2) Some aerodynamic improvements were also made to the front bodywork.
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aerodynamic kit1) Hamann Motorsport GmbH: car tuning and aerodynamic body kits .
2) So, the German tuning company designed a full clear-coated carbon fiber aerodynamic kit .
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aerodynamic lift1) The sails, when correctly adjusted, will generate aerodynamic lift .
2) During re-entry, the wings provided little or no aerodynamic lift .
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aerodynamic load1) The aerodynamic loads sheared both engines from the aircraft seconds before impact.
2) The structural deformation in turn changes the shape of the wing and the aerodynamic loads .
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aerodynamic package1) An aggressive rear spoiler and functional diffuser complete the aerodynamic package .
2) The revised aerodynamic package included a higher nose and new sidepods.
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aerodynamic shape1) This resulted in a better aerodynamic shape and modern optics.
2) Drag has also been minimized by more aerodynamic shapes and retractable undercarriages.
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aerodynamic stability1) The re-entry cone probably has ballast in the nose for aerodynamic stability .
2) aerodynamic stability and maneuverability of the gliding frog Polypedates dennysi.
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aerodynamic styling1) From the NASCAR circuit came the aerodynamic styling and duck tail spoiler.
2) As other manufacturers adopted similar aerodynamic styling , the Sierra looked more normal.
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aerodynamic surface1) Aircraft may have additional minor aerodynamic surfaces .
2) All aircraft utilize aerodynamic surfaces in order to generate lift.
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new aerodynamic1) A new aerodynamic model of a golf ball in flight.
2) Ridley had to rise to meet unexpected problems and new aerodynamic principles.
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