advertisement Collocations
TV advertisement1) She has appeared in their latest TV advertisements .
2) In total, Disney commissioned 28 TV advertisements .
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advertisement1) Understanding advertising techniques helps students evaluate tobacco advertisements .
2) These front cover advertisements are often simply subscription offers.
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advertisement announce1) The LBSCR itself distributed advertisements announcing the Opening to Tunbridge Wells.
2) Meanwhile in 1786 his first advertisement had announced A Dictionary English and Hindoostanee.
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advertisement appear1) This advertisement appeared without our knowledge or permission.
2) The gaps are evidently where advertisements appeared in the original.
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advertisement claim1) His advertisements claimed that spinal misalignment caused various illnesses.
2) Recent advertisements claiming figures for cattle populations in the Provinces invite scepticism.
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advertisement feature1) All content is editorially independent except for pieces labelled advertisement feature .
2) advertisements featured the trademark banana character wearing a fruit hat.
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advertisement for1) The posted a tobacco advertisement for six weeks.
2) Students create advertisements for their dating service.
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advertisement make1) They said the advertisements made clear that the quoted fares excluded taxes.
2) The first step in a deception analysis is to identify representations made by an advertisement .
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advertisement mislead1) He objected that the advertisement was misleading .
2) The Authority concluded that the advertisement was not misleading .
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advertisement say1) The advertisement says this object is available now.
2) Another advertisement said , One stop shopping.
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advertisement show1) The advertisements show healthy, happy families.
2) The advertisement showed women using various make-up and cosmetic products.
2) The advertisements showed a married lesbian couple with their son.
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advertisement state1) The advertisement states that the McMuffin belongs in 1984.
2) As an example, their 1975 print advertisement states : Scirocco.
2) advertisements stated : This film covers the full spectrum of sexual experiences.
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advertisements1) Understanding advertising techniques helps students evaluate tobacco advertisements .
2) These front cover advertisements are often simply subscription offers.
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air advertisement1) The advertisement aired during game four of the 2006 World Series.
2) Show members also read aired advertisements for businesses local to the Seattle-Tacoma area.
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answer advertisement1) He answered the advertisement , inspected the car and bought it.
2) Looking for a change, she answered a newspaper advertisement .
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anti advertisement1) In one study, an anti-smoking advertisement was shown before a feature film.
2) Anti-smoking advertisements have the capability to significantly reduce the prevalence of youth smoking.
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ban advertisement1) This brought forth calls for banning such cigarette advertisements in future films.
2) Its first television advertisement was banned for being exploitative and degrading .
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banner advertisement1) Don't overrun your web site with banner advertisements .
2) For example, if you click on a banner advertisement .
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billboard advertisement1) Gordon mentions a billboard advertisement for the series.
2) The billboard advertisements currently on our streets may have confused you.
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broadcast advertisement1) Spanish advertisements are broadcast on the Portuguese feed, non-subtitled or dubbed.
2) He said that no television channel could broadcast advertisements for over 12 -and-a-half minutes per hour.
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car advertisement1) They similarly interpreted a movement from each season for Peugeot car advertisements (2009).
2) The majority of car advertisements are not complying with the EU Directive for fuel consumption and CO2 labeling.
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carry advertisement1) The site carries advertisements that generate the site's revenue.
2) Tourist publications carry advertisements , photographs and information for the 4 gardens.
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cigarette advertisement1) This brought forth calls for banning such cigarette advertisements in future films.
2) Interpretations of cigarette advertisement warning labels by Philadelphia Puerto Ricans.
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classified advertisement1) Read the classified advertisements in your local newspaper.
2) All display advertisements are covered but only boxed trader classified advertisements are included.
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commercial advertisement1) The commercial and print advertisements were launched on June 17.
2) OH, AND you dont need commercials or any advertisement .
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discreet advertisement1) It was a very small launch a few discreet advertisements headed 'Licensing of closed collieries' and listing five of them.
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display advertisement1) Pop-under windows are commonly used to display advertisements .
2) Those fees are your responsibility, including fees related to displaying advertisements .
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film advertisement1) In 1968, DalĂ­ filmed a humorous television advertisement for Lanvin chocolates.
2) Khan filmed a second advertisement in 2011, titled Tony Changed My Life.
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find advertisement1) Here they find advertisements , shouts and constant noise of the big city.
2) You can find advertisements for lead loan creditors on the internet, throughout newspapers, and also on billboards.
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full advertisement1) Full-page advertisements depicting bloodshed and carnage were published in major national newspapers.
2) At times, the middle pages are occupied by a full-page advertisement .
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full page advertisement1) full-page advertisements depicting bloodshed and carnage were published in major national newspapers.
2) At times, the middle pages are occupied by a full-page advertisement .
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good advertisement1) For it was the best advertisement yet.
2) This makes red plumage a good advertisement to prospective mates.
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internet advertisement1) And i will make many many internet advertisement of this case.
2) Think about how Google has made doing research easier, and placing internet advertisements .
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job advertisement1) Manila bulletin jobs advertisement classified ads job finder classified.
2) job requirements are usually in the job advertisement .
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magazine advertisement1) magazine advertisement , featuring a painting by Botero.
2) Illustrators or photographers are chosen for press or magazine advertisements or posters.
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mislead advertisement1) ESTATE agents have come under fire for misleading advertisements .
2) He said that there are deceptive and misleading advertisements in the market.
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misleading advertisement1) Critics commented on the film's misleading advertisement campaign.
2) ESTATE agents have come under fire for misleading advertisements .
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newspaper advertisement1) The city recruited artists through social media and newspaper advertisements .
2) A newspaper advertisement in 1816 invites enquiries from prospective visitors.
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online advertisement1) It's a bit like online advertisement .
1) I recently saw an online advertisement for a Christian university.
2) The minimal requirements for distinguishing an online advertisement from regular webpage content.
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pay advertisement1) Posters were usually placed in areas without paid advertisements .
2) Damn near every single feature feels like nothing more than a paid advertisement .
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place advertisement1) All rates are agreed on before advertisement is placed .
2) KPMG Holland are reluctant to place advertisements .
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political advertisement1) The California bill would strengthen disclosure requirements for political advertisements .
2) Do not be swayed by survey results or political advertisements .
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pop up advertisement1) In the report, a young student described a pop-up advertisement she saw as being very erotic very violent .
2) Aside from introducing the films, the clips heavily promoted the webshow with on-screen pop-up advertisements saying for more Statler & Waldorf go to movies.com .
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post advertisement1) The posted a tobacco advertisement for six weeks.
2) Their advertisements were still posted to Backpage .
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print advertisement1) The commercial and print advertisements were launched on June 17.
2) She appeared in TV and print advertisements later that month.
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publish advertisement1) The advertisements are published in local and national newspapers through DAVP.
2) Legal notice of actual foreclosure sale and advertisements published in local papers.
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put advertisement1) Like most magazines, AP was required to put advertisements in its sister publications.
2) I worked at a Newspaper, Dagblad Trouw, proofreading, at accounts and putting advertisement columns together.
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respond to advertisement1) Visitors to our website responding to advertisements should satisfy themselves that they know how their personal information will be used.
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run advertisement1) Last summer I ran a relationship advertisement for 4 months.
2) Paramount paid $3 million to run the 30-second advertisement .
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see advertisement1) Maybe you've seen advertisements for waist trimmer belts.
2) I 've linked my Twitter account and still see advertisements .
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shampoo advertisement1) McAteer was one of the first footballers to appear in hair shampoo advertisements since Kevin Keegan, and it seemed a new era was dawning.
2) As a follow-up to Abot Kamay , the band completed a song from Unilever Philippines called Let Me and was used for another shampoo advertisement .
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show advertisement1) The wide-open spaces along the highways became a basis for numerous billboards showing advertisements .
2) The other Danish television network, TV2 shows advertisements only in blocks between the programs.
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sponsor advertisement1) When is the last time you depended on sponsored advertisements to find a product?
2) By 2012, just 6 percent of all advertisements were sponsored by the political parties.
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take out advertisement1) Such firms may take out advertisements in professionals publications to announce who has made partner.
2) The company also took out advertisements in several newspapers and , last weekend, held a career showcase.
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target advertisement1) Behavioral targeting advertisement is an important revenue source for publishers and ad networks.
2) The two companies could also use their graphs to target advertisements .
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television advertisement1) Consumers have become highly adept at avoiding television advertisements .
2) Youth appeals include television advertisements and programs for promoting trendy items.
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tobacco advertisement1) Understanding advertising techniques helps students evaluate tobacco advertisements .
2) Not all tobacco advertisements are harmful though.
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unsolicited advertisement1) What is an unsolicited advertisement ?
2) We do not tolerate unsolicited advertisements in the forums and we have zero sympathy for spammers.
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walking advertisement1) Everyone wants an original T-shirt, and they are walking advertisements for your band.
2) This way, you'll receive repeat business and the happy, walking advertisements mentioned above.
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