aerobatics Collocations
aerobatics1) Two pilots had been killed attempting aerobatics .
2) Often this activity includes extreme maneuvers and aerobatics .
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aerobatics team1) The Red Arrows were not the first RAF aerobatics team .
2) The aerobatics team has performed on events including the recent Singapore Airshow 2014.
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display of aerobatics1) It read Thank you for the wonderful display of aerobatics by three of your pilots.
2) Nonetheless, Ace hoped that Daak's flamboyant display of aerobatics had dislodged whatever creature had been on the hull.
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do aerobatics1) After intense problems he would relax by playing squash or by doing aerobatics in a P-1 Hawk maintained at the base.
2) I have been flying for twenty years and doing aerobatics for ten years, having been taught to fly by my celebrated husband Tim, of Nealey Air Shows, in Chicago.
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perform aerobatics1) Pilots perform aerobatics at their own risk.
2) The trio now performed aerobatics , three tight loops in close formation.
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