aerobic Collocations
aerobic activity1) Running is obviously an aerobic activity while weightlifting is anaerobic.
2) aerobic activity is known to improve mental health.
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aerobic anaerobic1) This process can either be aerobic or anaerobic .
2) A microorganism that lives under either aerobic or anaerobic conditions.
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aerobic bacteria1) Some aerobic bacteria , which need oxygen to live, increased.
2) aerobic bacteria need oxygen, while anaerobic bacteria don't.
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aerobic bacterium1) Some aerobic bacteria , which need oxygen to live, increased.
2) It has been shown to work against certain aerobic Gram-positive bacteria .
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aerobic base1) What do we need to do with this aerobic base ?
2) One of them is an aerobic base which is longer, slower swimming.
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aerobic capacity1) Prediction of functional aerobic capacity without exercise testing.
2) High aerobic capacity , allowing sustained activity.
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aerobic class1) It's not just another aerobic dance class .
2) Participation in aerobic class is a great form of cardiovascular exercise.
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aerobic condition1) Under aerobic conditions , molecular oxygen is used for this purpose.
2) These facultatively anaerobic bacteria can also live in aerobic conditions .
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aerobic conditioning1) The aerobic conditioning alone is of great benefit in self defense.
2) Leg strength and aerobic conditioning are key to hill climbing.
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aerobic dancing1) Fit as a Fiddle-This sketch ran in the 1980s to reflect the aerobic dancing craze of that period.
2) They should support the ankle and provide cushioning for walking as well as for impact sports such as running or aerobic dancing .
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aerobic digestion1) Studies have demonstrated that GHG emissions are reduced using aerobic digestion systems.
2) Anaerobic digestion of lake sediments is a much slower process than with aerobic digestion .
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aerobic exercise1) Does aerobic exercise promote growth hormone release?
2) Each round mixes 1 strength exercise along with 1 aerobic exercise .
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aerobic fitness1) I could regain aerobic fitness doing other things .
2) Exercise should include local muscle strengthening, and general aerobic fitness .
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aerobic metabolism1) Heart muscle relies exclusively on aerobic metabolism for energy.
2) Otherwise, anaerobic metabolism occurs in addition to ongoing aerobic metabolism .
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aerobic organism1) A related problem for aerobic organisms is oxidative stress.
2) Almost all aerobic organisms carry out oxidative phosphorylation.
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aerobic physical1) Do a lot of aerobic physical exercise than anaerobic exercises.
2) aerobic physical activity should preferably be spread throughout the week.
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aerobic respiration1) This process function is essential to aerobic respiration .
2) A high calling rate requires high levels of aerobic respiration .
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aerobic training1) The aerobic training employs four main methods to target your fitness.
2) Build heart-lung capacity through aerobic training 3 .
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aerobic walking1) Brisk fitness walking - aerobic walking - is an exhilarating experience.
2) aerobic walking will help change your body composition by increasing the amount of muscle tissue compared with fat tissue.
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aerobic workout1) The effectiveness of aerobic workouts depends on intensity and duration.
2) Low-impact aerobic workouts help stabilize and support the joints.
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do aerobic1) I was working there, and she was doing aerobics .
2) I do aerobics and basically just run around a lot!
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intense aerobic1) Oddly enough, participating in intense aerobic exercise can also cause an increase in growth hormone release.
2) With 3-minute rounds of intense aerobic and anaerobic activity, participants are sure to feel the burn.
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regular aerobic1) The effect of regular aerobic exercise on body fat is negligible.
2) Exercise - regular aerobic exercise can reduce the symptoms of PMDD.
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water aerobic1) water aerobics could reduce the risk of injuries during workouts.
2) Tai chi and water aerobics are also good.
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