advocacy Collocations
advocacy1) Military victims advocacy groups had similar responses .
2) It is the old advocacy versus provider status issue.
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advocacy campaign1) Experience and expertise communication and advocacy campaigns .
2) The one thing that no advocacy campaign can do without?
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advocacy coalition1) ICRW helped found two women's land rights advocacy coalitions in Uganda and Tanzania.
2) We also must have strong city and state level advocacy coalitions and a more unified national voice.
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advocacy education1) They provide important services like counselling, advice, advocacy , education and training.
2) It seeks to do this through a combination of advocacy , education , research and networking.
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advocacy effort1) These beliefs guide his advocacy efforts around systematic change.
2) They took control over advocacy efforts previously directed by citizen allies.
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advocacy group1) Military victims advocacy groups had similar responses .
2) Several episodes drew complaints from advocacy groups .
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advocacy initiative1) Her own impact stretches beyond CTD through her advocacy initiatives .
2) We collaborate with our Association Members on advocacy initiatives of mutual benefit and concern.
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advocacy of violence1) I've just read your comment, and it is clearly a veiled advocacy of violence .
2) A more impactful representation would be using someone like Sheehy's (makes me ashamed to be Irish) open advocacy of violence .
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advocacy organisation1) The organisation states it is a campaign, research and advocacy organisation .
2) People with Disability Australia is the national peak disability rights and advocacy organisation .
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advocacy organization1) Trails 2000 is our local trails advocacy organization .
2) advocacy organizations reflect their costs of organizing.
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advocacy programme1) These are delivered through our innovative global education and community and advocacy programmes .
2) CIIR has had an advocacy programme in East Timor since the 1975 Indonesian invasion.
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advocacy research1) It is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation focused on advocacy , policy research and community outreach.
2) My only concern is that the tone of this article suggests a degree of advocacy research .
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advocacy role1) The council plays a leading advocacy role for business.
2) When evidence contradicts their advocacy role , they conveniently just ignore it.
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advocacy skill1) The advocacy skills that a moot teaches are invaluable.
2) Why do you need to know advocacy skills ?
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advocacy strategy1) Media advocacy strategies must be embedded in a larger advocacy strategy.
2) Media advocacy strategies must be embedded in a larger advocacy strategy .
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advocacy tool1) One of our most effective advocacy tools is education .
2) These examples illustrate a creative and innovative approach to using mass media as an advocacy tool .
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advocacy training1) Anderson credits the media advocacy training to his improved speaking skills.
2) Advocates can acquire these skills through experience and through media advocacy training .
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advocacy work1) Our education is needed and certainly our advocacy work is needed .
2) To learn more about our advocacy work , click here .
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consumer advocacy1) To encourage the growth of consumer advocacy and self-help groups.
2) Increased choice in aged care services is an international trend, driven by demographic changes and consumer advocacy .
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court advocacy1) We continue to spread the word about our outreach counseling and court advocacy programs.
2) The Society presents this award to the authors of the best written legal brief submitted in a national, moot court advocacy competition during the academic year.
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do advocacy1) Those of you who've done some advocacy before may have used lecterns.
2) But you want to try to find a way to do stealth advocacy .
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education advocacy1) He then gravitated to a second career in education advocacy .
2) Through education , advocacy and heart we can make this happen!
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effective advocacy1) The possibilities for effective advocacy online are endless.
2) Do you have basic capacity for effective media advocacy ?
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environmental advocacy1) The green leaf represents the city's environmental advocacy .
2) In Indonesia Nonette assists environmental advocacy and social justice movements.
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grassroots advocacy1) Another tool in grassroots advocacy is Save Libraries.
2) Strong grassroots advocacy and interpersonal communications have emerged as key elements of successful national programs.
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human rights advocacy1) Massimino has a distinguished record of human rights advocacy .
2) Trains legal apprentices and new lawyers in human rights advocacy and litigation.
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include advocacy1) AVCA's activities include advocacy , events, research, training.
2) This includes advocacy to governments, setting up self-help funding and the like.
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issue advocacy1) The group will be an issue advocacy non-profit , so direct donations to politicians aren't allowed.
2) It permitted union and corporate treasury funds to be used for express, as well as, issue advocacy .
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leadership advocacy1) It recognizes King's leadership and advocacy for intercollegiate athletics.
2) Our members receive personalized training in areas such as leadership , advocacy and fundraising.
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legal advocacy1) legal advocacy does not necessarily mean going to court.
2) ARTBA is the leader in transportation market protection & legal advocacy .
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legislative advocacy1) Its key activities include education, outreach and legislative advocacy .
2) The action fund engages in public education campaigns, grassroots organizing, and legislative advocacy .
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medium advocacy1) Do you have basic capacity for effective media advocacy ?
2) Good media advocacy isn't PR.
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patient advocacy1) patient advocacy is far more interesting, satisfying and inspiring.
2) Related to informed consent and information exchange is the concept of patient advocacy .
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policy advocacy1) Advancing the policy advocacy addresses policy issues that are not easily resolved.
2) The AMS had policy advocacy as one of the top organizational goals.
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political advocacy1) Several international and national organizations exist relating to osteopathic education and political advocacy .
2) Includes information on political advocacy , products, services, and free educational materials.
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research advocacy1) Create a plan that includes research , advocacy , outreach and education.
2) This research advocacy has not yet been generally mirrored by practice, but the trend is there.
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right advocacy1) It also shows how digital rights advocacy is maturing.
2) Massimino has a distinguished record of human rights advocacy .
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trial advocacy1) During the Fall semester, students take Evidence and trial advocacy I concurrently.
2) External competitions include appellate and trial advocacy , client counseling, negotiations, and similar activities.
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