advisory Collocations
advisory board1) The advisory board meets four times each year.
2) The rest of the advisory board agreed .
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advisory body1) Government independent advisory body concludes nuclear risks outweigh the benefits.
2) The section conferences are a merely advisory body .
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advisory capacity1) They merely act in an advisory capacity .
2) The computer was then used simply in an advisory capacity .
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advisory client1) As an investment adviser, you are a fiduciary to your advisory clients .
2) For the advisory service clients are charged a flat rate of £250 annually and higher dealing costs.
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advisory commission1) McDonnell appointed his own bipartisan advisory commission on redistricting.
2) Encouragingly, the Government has established three advisory commissions .
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advisory committee1) The advisory committee began to bring forward key projects.
2) The advisory committee shall meet at least twice annually.
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advisory council1) Their national advisory council is full of major pharmaceutical company connections.
2) The area agency shall establish an advisory council .
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advisory firm1) State registered investment advisory firms usually have annual compliance requirements.
2) It is therefore referrals from local accountants and advisory firms .
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advisory group1) An advisory group recommended extending the closure.
2) It was supported by an expert advisory group .
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advisory opinion1) In its advisory opinion to Rule 5.
2) We cannot answer abstract questions or give advisory opinions .
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advisory panel1) The advisory panel of this movement comprises renowned celebrities.
2) A presidential advisory panel has suggested 46 changes to NSA operations.
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advisory role1) The elected Territorial Council had a purely advisory role .
2) After 1406 its advisory role may have become more prominent.
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advisory service1) There are three advisory type services provided at selected airports.
2) Such advisory services can accessed directly via the website.
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advisory team1) Thanks to all the participating farmers and project advisory team .
2) Since September, the full advisory team has met on three occasions.
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advisory vote1) The advisory vote on executive compensation carried as recommended.
2) We need advisory votes , Levine said.
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advisory warning1) ABC prefaced each episode of season five with a parental advisory warning .
2) In 2007 the Department of Health issued a consumption advisory warning against eating Puget Sound salmon.
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agricultural advisory1) After years of neglect, there is now renewed interest in agricultural advisory services in many countries.
2) Further to the north, Central Huron (Clinton) is setting up an agricultural advisory committee.
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editorial advisory1) Serve on an editorial advisory committee for one of the NCSS peer-reviewed journals.
2) McAuley persuaded him to become a member of Quadrant 's initial editorial advisory board.
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expert advisory1) It was supported by an expert advisory group.
2) The CDC convened an expert advisory panel to develop recommended treatment guidelines.
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federal advisory1) There are more than 1,000 federal advisory committees.
2) He 's also served on several federal advisory committees on Gulf War Illness.
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financial advisory1) financial advisory firms will have to re-evaluate their business models .
2) William Blair and Co. made about $4.3 million for their financial advisory services.
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independent advisory1) Government independent advisory body concludes nuclear risks outweigh the benefits.
2) The unit was to work closely with the already established Operation Trident independent advisory group .
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international advisory1) Ahern was appointed to an international advisory group on conflict resolution on 14 July 2008.
2) Also member of international advisory board of Alliance for Global Sustainability and honorary doctorate at the Chalmers University of Technology.
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legal advisory1) The American legal advisory role is expected to continue as well .
2) They also provide a legal advisory service and are linked to the Human Resource Management Portfolio.
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medical advisory1) Alcor also maintains a medical advisory board consisting of medical doctors.
2) Currently, PAGER is organizing a national medical advisory board.
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merely advisory1) The section conferences are a merely advisory body.
2) The arbitrator's ruling is binding and not merely advisory .
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only advisory1) The LGB had indeed only advisory powers over local Boards.
2) At that time, US military personnel officially held only advisory capacities.
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parental advisory1) ABC prefaced each episode of season five with a parental advisory warning.
2) The album was his first album without a parental advisory sticker on it.
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presidential advisory1) A presidential advisory panel has suggested 46 changes to NSA operations.
2) A presidential advisory panel this week recommended sweeping changes to the surveillance programs .
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proxy advisory1) This year they forecast the outlook for board diversity, proxy advisory firms, and corruption risk.
2) proxy advisory firms Institutional Shareholder Services and Glass Lewis have released changes to their proxy voting policies for 2014.
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purely advisory1) It is purely advisory and alternative asset management.
2) The elected Territorial Council had a purely advisory role.
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scientific advisory1) He remains on the company 's scientific advisory board.
2) The government's scientific advisory process has been distorted by political considerations.
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strategic advisory1) AVM has opened a new division to offer strategic advisory services to its worldwide client base.
2) David Marini , vice president and head of ADP's strategic advisory services to clients, is more blunt.
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technical advisory1) He also serves in a number of technical advisory roles.
2) From such lists, the technical and advisory group referred to above will be principally recruited.
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