advertising Collocations
TV advertising1) TV advertising is too expensive for the small, independent retailer.
2) Network TV advertising has slumped in the past decade.
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accept advertising1) Hearst papers refused to accept advertising for the film.
2) Also note that I do not accept advertising !
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advertising1) Native advertising has spawned much debate within magazine publishing circles.
2) The standard advertising period is six weeks.
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advertising agency1) advertising agencies have been established alongside television stations.
2) Oxford is also home to several advertising agencies .
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advertising agent1) advertising agents observe potential consumers much like an anthropologist would, though with more mercurial objectives.
2) In traditional media, advertising agents will select a spokesperson to best connect with their target market.
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advertising aim1) One obvious pressure point is to eliminate advertising aimed at children.
2) The site's advertising is aimed at well-educated women.
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advertising ban1) This rule lifts the advertising ban on private investments to accredited investors .
2) For what other reason does he oppose a blanket advertising ban on tobacco?
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advertising banner1) Some advertising banners also came loose around the circuit.
2) Additionally, our site hosts advertising banners for third parties.
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advertising blitz1) In 1986 foreign manufacturers began an advertising blitz .
2) Needless to say , you should be hearing more whenever the advertising blitz commences.
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advertising budget1) The advertising budget has been greatly reduced once again.
2) To produce an advertising budget we need positive public publicity .
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advertising campaign1) A television advertising campaign cost $5 million.
2) This theme has been reiterated in subsequent advertising campaigns .
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advertising copywriter1) We can't all be great advertising copywriters can we?
2) Many freelance advertising copywriters and musicians do slogan work at affordable prices.
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advertising direct1) It is also used to direct advertising spend.
2) Wholesalers also do not normally use advertising directed to the general public.
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advertising dollar1) More eyes mean more advertising dollars and larger future television contracts.
2) And where media interest goes , advertising dollars follow.
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advertising executive1) Roy is among the first black advertising executives .
2) advertising executives have known this for decades.
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advertising expenditure1) advertising expenditures have reached new peaks due to emphasis on value-added manufacturing.
2) How much should society view this advertising expenditure as a waste of resources?
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advertising hoarding1) It also featured large advertising hoardings above the fans.
2) Every member of the audience has effectively been transformed into an advertising hoarding .
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advertising industry1) The advertising industry was in deep recession.
2) The advertising industry gathers tonight for its annual awards ceremony.
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advertising jingle1) It included his advertising jingles , bawdy songs and a book.
2) In 1940, history was made when the first advertising jingle was broadcast nationally.
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advertising manager1) Robert M. Barker was hired as advertising manager in October 1913.
2) He will stay as editor and Lorna Cassie as advertising manager .
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advertising marketing1) Alternatively you may take a role within advertising , marketing or retail.
2) He also covers the advertising , marketing and video-game industries.
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advertising medium1) You become their advertising medium of choice.
2) By 1998, television and radio had become major advertising media .
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advertising message1) The average person views hundreds of advertising messages daily.
2) Legislation of such a threat might quickly change advertising messages .
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advertising on social media1) Find out about different methods of advertising on social media sites before you begin .
2) advertising on social media networks is generally inexpensive and targeted towards users who may like your services.
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advertising permit1) advertising is permitted with restrictions on the wording.
2) In Zimbabwe, tobacco advertising is still permitted on national television.
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advertising ploy1) Business tokens were an advertising ploy , much as green stamps were some years back and as coupons are today.
2) Was this really just a GTA advertising ploy which failed and now GS wants to sweep it under the rug ?
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advertising poster1) In 1870, the advertising poster emerged.
2) Early advertising posters proclaimed the advantages of travelling using various letter forms.
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advertising promotion1) advertising promotion included in pouch of tobacco.
2) advertising , promotion , and supplemental aspects of integrated marketing communications.
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advertising publicity1) Its campaign combined traditional advertising and publicity with more focused strategies.
2) Promotion involves advertising , publicity and personal contact.
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advertising restriction1) Without similar advertising restrictions being applied, these blocks are unhosted.
2) The advertising restrictions aim to help safeguard and promote the responsible use of veterinary medicines.
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advertising revenue1) Pandora remains heavily dependent on advertising revenue .
2) Traditional mainstream media continues to struggle with declining advertising revenue .
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advertising sale1) Internet marketing includes design, development, advertising and sales .
2) Its primary source of income is AdSense, advertising and affiliate product sales .
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advertising slogan1) This is an advertising slogan to positively present unrelated facts.
2) advertising slogans are of a transformational nature.
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advertising space1) We sell advertising space on web sites.
2) They offer classified advertising space in their employment section.
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advertising strategy1) Write press announcements and direct advertising strategy .
2) The Liberal advertising strategy was highly risky.
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advertising target1) Bus advertising targets pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
2) Your world would be custom designed with advertising targeting you .
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alcohol advertising1) alcohol advertising is expensively and meticulously researched .
2) They should also discuss alcohol advertising with them, she added.
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ban advertising1) What then is the point of banning advertising ?
2) This is why banning junk food advertising for kids is an absurdity.
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banner advertising1) There are numerous pricing models for banner advertising .
2) Or maybe you want to offer banner advertising on your site?
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billboard advertising1) The U.S. print and billboard advertising showed models wearing only the Wonderbra.
2) It does not promote marijuana use, or allow broadcast or billboard advertising .
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business to business advertising1) Marketing in the construction industry requires a detailed knowledge of business-to-business advertising .
2) BtoB has named TechTarget as one of the most powerful business-to-business advertising venues for 10 consecutive years.
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career in advertising1) He had a brilliant career in advertising .
2) Her 16year career in advertising has led to 18 prestigious industry accolades.
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carry advertising1) All three commercial stations also carry local advertising .
2) Two national television stations and 32 regional radio stations carry limited advertising .
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cigarette advertising1) Much cigarette advertising was intended to target youth.
2) An example of this contrasting approach comes from cigarette advertising .
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comparative advertising1) Although comparative advertising is fairly common, it rarely results in legal action.
2) comparative advertising has long showed that it works, and it is very memorable.
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consumer advertising1) Outline key persuasive techniques used in consumer advertising .
2) The move was designed in part to attract more consumer advertising .
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corporate advertising1) However there will be some corporate advertising in May.
2) But now look at corporate advertising .
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deceptive advertising1) But Danone has been accused of deceptive advertising .
2) CPCs have been criticized for deceptive advertising .
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digital advertising1) Around the pitch are 180 digital advertising board.
2) We're growing digital advertising revenue opportunities.
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direct advertising1) Write press announcements and direct advertising strategy.
2) It is also used to direct advertising spend.
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direct to consumer advertising1) direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs is a marketing phenomenon of two countries: USA and New Zealand.
2) The U.S. is one of two countries in the world that allows direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs.
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display advertising1) The bins display advertising that 's customized for each phone tracked.
2) In-game advertising is almost constantly displayed , however.
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false advertising1) A private institution could face legal action for false advertising .
2) Going to sue coke for false advertising .
2) Men are subjected to constant false advertising of sex by women.
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fund advertising1) Most subscription services are also funded by advertising .
2) CyBC is currently funded by advertising and government grants.
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image advertising1) We realize that, like any image advertising , the success can only be measured over the long term.
2) In addition, they wanted a piece that would relate to the current year's institutional, or image advertising .
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institutional advertising1) This successfully accomplished institutional advertising of fresh fruits and vegetables.
2) For the reasons set forth below, use of the MARKS in such institutional advertising is almost never permissible.
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issue advertising1) NOM has been involved in ballot measures, legislative elections, judicial elections, and issue advertising in various states.
2) Increasingly, the money began to be spent on issue advertising , candidate specific advertising that was being funded mostly by soft money.
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limit advertising1) Commercial advertising is limited to 12 minutes per hour.
2) However, revenue from advertising was limited .
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mass advertising1) The benefit of mass advertising to the media is clear.
2) Modern mass advertising turns Deweys philosophy inside out.
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mislead advertising1) We found all small shop vendors provide misleading airflow advertising .
2) Learn more about misleading weight loss advertising .
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mobile advertising1) mobile advertising is growing rapidly for several reasons.
2) Types of mobile advertising are expected to change rapidly.
more mobile advertising sentences
online advertising1) online advertising is widely used across virtually all industry sectors.
2) The other factor is the online advertising itself.
more online advertising sentences
outdoor advertising1) outdoor advertising display replaced with real property.
2) No amendments to the outdoor advertising control program were offered.
more outdoor advertising sentences
paid advertising1) The store was extensively promoted through paid advertising .
2) It can happen both organically or through paid advertising online.
more paid advertising sentences
pay advertising1) The store was extensively promoted through paid advertising .
2) It can happen both organically or through paid advertising online.
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print advertising1) This includes local print advertising as well as extensive internet exposure.
2) There are no restrictions on print advertising below these thresholds.
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prohibit advertising1) The Communications Act 2003 prohibits political advertising .
2) The European Parliament recently voted on the draft directive to prohibit tobacco advertising .
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radio advertising1) Television and radio advertising is a possibility.
2) He also interested himself in radio advertising .
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regulate advertising1) Tobacco advertising is also sometimes regulated to make smoking less appealing.
2) Television advertising is regulated by the Broadcasting Act.
more regulate advertising sentences
restrict advertising1) In 1977, the FTC approved rule making to significantly restrict advertising to children.
2) Protect patients against dangerous medicines by strengthening the FDA and restricting advertising of drugs.
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sell advertising1) advertising was sold and placed throughout the building.
2) A third-party vendor was utilized to sell advertising .
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spot advertising1) Universal spent $1.8 million promoting Jaws , including an unprecedented $700,000 on national television spot advertising .
2) Justice claimed that Gannett and Sander would be so closely aligned that Gannett would have dominated spot advertising in St. Louis.
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subliminal advertising1) subliminal advertising , tobacco and medication advertisements are not allowed.
2) We learned about what's called subliminal advertising .
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target advertising1) Most advertising is targeted to specific regional audiences.
2) This advertising is targeted for the maximum impact.
more target advertising sentences
targeted advertising1) The information is valuable to Facebook for targeted advertising .
2) targeted advertising bears important implications for consumers .
more targeted advertising sentences
television advertising1) television advertising was supported by press advertising.
2) Traditional advertising techniques include print and television advertising .
more television advertising sentences
tobacco advertising1) A major driver of teen smoking is tobacco advertising .
2) How much is spent on tobacco advertising ?
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