adviser Collocations
Scientific Adviser1) In 1993 he received the title of Scientific Adviser .
2) Professor John Taylor served as Scientific Adviser on the production.
2) At the highest level, Churchill's Scientific Adviser .
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act as an adviser1) Here, he acted as an adviser for the faculty.
2) act as an adviser or a mentor to teachers about science content.
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adviser1) Our funds are sold through financial advisers .
2) Most other financial advisers automatically keep commission.
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adviser consultant1) She will need a host of advisers and consultants on finance and protocol.
2) However , the same scrutiny is not being applied to the business advisers and consultants implicated in headline failures.
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adviser on1) His adviser on police matters dismissed the idea with vigour.
2) Dennis was also an adviser on it.
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advisers1) Our funds are sold through financial advisers .
2) Most other financial advisers automatically keep commission.
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advisers recommend1) Few financial advisers recommend the cover because it is a complex insurance .
2) So why do many financial advisers recommend averaging in instead of investing all at once ?
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advisers warn1) A number of Philip V's senior military advisers warned the King that the recapture of Gibraltar was, at the present, near impossible.
2) Thus, Napoleons military advisers warned him against this move, but he insisted on this presence of this great number of artillery.
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appoint adviser1) He also may appoint personal advisers without congressional approval.
2) S4.2 Ten lay advisers were appointed in 2009.
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become adviser1) He became Lewis's adviser on new pop music.
2) Following the Conservative victory in 1979 he became a government adviser .
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business adviser1) Does the bank have a small business adviser on staff?
2) Mark Robotham is an SME business adviser .
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campaign adviser1) Springer became a political campaign adviser to Robert F. Kennedy.
2) Kriseman campaign adviser Kevin King says Foster 's in trouble.
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careers adviser1) The drawback here is precisely the one which my careers adviser brought up.
2) You can also talk with our careers advisers and attend employers' events.
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chief adviser1) The Champion is also the chief military adviser to the Prince.
2) Chen was chief domestic policy adviser during Romney's 2008 campaign for president.
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close adviser1) She has long been one of McCain's closest advisers on education issues.
2) Liu Ju was shocked by this and forced to consult his close advisers .
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consult adviser1) Nobody thought to consult an independent adviser .
2) Gibson consulted several theological advisers during filming, including Fr.
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economic adviser1) Arnold Schwarzenegger names Warren Buffett as his economic adviser on Wednesday.
2) Friedman was an economic adviser to Republican U.S. President Ronald Reagan.
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experienced adviser1) The class will end with participants presenting their business to a panel of experienced advisers .
2) It was mentioned earlier that trainee advice workers do sometimes observe interviews carried out by experienced advisers .
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expert adviser1) expert advisers can mitigate this problem, but not solve it.
2) Speak to one of Key's expert advisers for a personalised and tailored recommendation.
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external adviser1) The governing body will appraise the head teacher, with an external adviser .
2) He is proudly Gujarati, and is likely to be an external adviser to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
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faculty adviser1) The faculty adviser must approve the two elective courses.
2) The student also met frequently with their faculty adviser .
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financial adviser1) Our funds are sold through financial advisers .
2) Most other financial advisers automatically keep commission.
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foreign adviser1) The threshold does not apply to foreign advisers .
2) Goreng went away with the foreign advisers .
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foreign policy adviser1) Elliot Abrams (R) - foreign policy adviser .
2) He was a foreign policy adviser to 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
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fund adviser1) The Commission's 2004 rulemaking was limited to hedge fund advisers .
2) It could be difficult for private fund advisers to fall within these conditions.
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government adviser1) A bureaucratic reformer within the Party and high-level government adviser .
2) Following the Conservative victory in 1979 he became a government adviser .
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have an adviser1) HF are not compelled to have an adviser .
2) The U.S. also had an adviser to Chiang Kai-shek, Joseph Stillwell.
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hire adviser1) Employers may decide to hire an investment adviser offering specific investment advice to participants.
2) Investors were spooked late Thursday after a report that it had hired financial advisers .
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independent adviser1) You may employ your own independent advisers .
2) Nobody thought to consult an independent adviser .
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investment adviser1) Some investment advisers manage portfolios of securities.
2) investment advisers owe a fiduciary duty to their clients.
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lead adviser1) But it is a view which is questioned by the leading independent adviser and actuary, .
1) Churchill appointed him the British government's leading scientific adviser with a seat in the Cabinet.
2) Marsh's Marine Practice is one of the leading advisers to the maritime industry on risk and insurance issues.
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legal adviser1) The legal adviser may meet the prisoner alone face to face.
2) The district attorney is the legal adviser for such proceedings.
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media adviser1) What McIlroy plainly requires now , apart from a full-time media adviser , are competitive rounds.
2) Hiwa Othman, Talabani's media adviser , told Reuters: The president is unhappy.
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medical adviser1) We had therefore to find our own medical adviser .
2) Interestingly, the department's medical advisers were rather less dismissive.
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military adviser1) The U.S. is sending 300 military advisers .
2) He was no soldier and lacked experienced military advisers .
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national security adviser1) The group was headed by national security adviser Duncan Lewis.
2) Gen. James Jones as a national security adviser .
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personal adviser1) He also may appoint personal advisers without congressional approval.
2) The personal adviser of Emperor Leon.
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policy adviser1) Elliot Abrams (R) - foreign policy adviser .
2) His day job comprises working as a policy adviser and development practitioner.
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political adviser1) She acted as his political adviser and actively participated in state affairs.
2) Adjacent to each commandant was his deputy and political adviser .
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presidential adviser1) Hussein Kamal Hassan, was on Feb. 12 appointed presidential adviser .
2) Joseph Edward Davies (ashes), diplomat, presidential adviser .
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principal adviser1) She is the principal adviser to the House on parliamentary procedures and practices.
2) At the same time we spoke to the director and the principal adviser .
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professional adviser1) Please consult your appropriate professional adviser as necessary.
2) Both moves would mean opportunities for professional advisers .
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public relations adviser1) Alfred Richardson, Deputy public relations adviser , Prime Minister's Office.
2) The public relations advisers will work on the press coverage to be sought for the issue.
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qualified adviser1) C16.5 The Chairman may appoint a legally qualified adviser who shall be independent of any party.
2) You should always seek individual advice based on your own circumstances from a qualified adviser before taking action based on the information here.
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registered adviser1) The requirements for California registered investment advisers can be found here .
2) Another important issue is how this change will affect state registered investment advisers .
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security adviser1) Gen. James Jones as a national security adviser .
2) John P. Hannah served as Cheney's national security adviser .
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senior adviser1) He was a senior adviser and leader in the U.S. labor movement.
2) Dowst transitioned to the role of senior adviser of the company.
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special adviser1) Both civil service and special adviser line managers were involved.
2) special advisers are not required to maintain records of deleted emails.
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spiritual adviser1) The first form is that of the spiritual adviser .
2) He serves as a spiritual adviser to President Obama.
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staff adviser1) They operate using a staff of 10 students and one staff adviser .
2) I believe that it will be absolutely necessary to have women staff advisers in future emergencies.
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strategic adviser1) This boy will be second strategic adviser to T.J. soon.
2) King will return as a strategic adviser to the party.
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tax adviser1) Discuss this rather complicated matter with a tax adviser .
2) Jonathan Bridges , senior KPMG corporate tax adviser .
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technical adviser1) Stephenson became a reassuring name rather than a cutting-edge technical adviser .
2) Former contestant Brian Bossone has also been utilized as a technical adviser .
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thesis adviser1) His thesis adviser was Nobel Laureate Simon Kuznets.
2) She was , I should say, my thesis adviser in college.
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top adviser1) Franz Joseph I finally followed the urgent counsel of his top advisers .
2) Clinton and his top advisers have uttered varying degrees of regret for those decisions.
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trusted adviser1) By 1912 Wilson had become French's most trusted adviser .
2) They became Theodore's trusted advisers .
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